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Aquarian Conspiracy

{written by : Angel Luz}

Article word count : 2373 -- Article Id : 1329
Article active date : 2008-12-25 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
Understand world events. Political upheavals, social conflicts, environmental concerns, scientific discoveries, religious movements and the Internet are all part of the New Age Movement

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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According to the ‘Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ’ which was transcribed directly from the Akashic Records by Levi, just as our Earth revolves around the sun, the whole solar system itself revolves around a much larger and central star-sun which is millions of miles distant. This orbit takes about 26,000 Earth years and is divided into twelve signs of the Zodiac, each age (sign) lasting about 2,100 years.

The start of the Age of Aries coincided with the appearance of Abraham whose central message was the certain existence of the One God of all. The Age of Pisces brought Jesus, who clarified and upgraded the Mosaic and Jewish laws and provided us with true insights pertaining to Heaven from whence he came and to which he returned. And now in the Age of Aquarius, it is widely believed that Christ will come again to continue our spiritual education. Every new age brings with it its own progressive teachings.

Already, in preparation for the coming of the New Age, modern scientific discoveries in just the last two hundred years have very drastically changed the way we live. The electric light has turned night into day and electric gadgets and appliances have freed us from the routine drudgery of daily living affording us more time to engage in more important work and recreation. The radio, telegraph, telephone and satellite communications have made possible the instant exchange of information and technology with any receiver or terminal anywhere in the world. The development of the printing press has produced additional millions of volumes of books, newspapers and magazines for easy and efficient dissemination of all kinds of knowledge. Automobiles, ships and airplanes have speeded up travel and commerce. What before took months can now be accomplished in less than a day.

The invention of the camera led to the development of motion pictures. Today, the Book of Life is rendered obsolete. In its place, we can now appreciate the existence of the Akashic Records where pictures, sound and even our most intimate, secret thoughts and feelings can be captured in 3D and accessed.

Computers have made the most complicated series of operations performed in record speed almost automatically or activated by a well thought out computer program. Probes and androids are replacing humans in the workplace. Computers and telecommunications combining, the Internet has turned different races and peoples in far-flung countries into one inter-active global community.

Submarines and submersibles have explored the ocean bottoms. Our space probes have mapped the outer planets. Our astronauts have walked on the moon. And now, many claim to have ongoing encounters with extra-terrestrials. Evidently, we are not alone.

At the cost of many lives from Lincoln and the sex slaves from the Orient to Black workers from Africa, slavery has been abolished in most places. Through the successes of Sidney Poitier, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey and others in every field of endeavor, Blacks now are no longer regarded as inferior to Whites. With role models like Golda Meier, Margaret Thatcher, Cory Aquino, Mother Teresa and Princess Di, women are attaining equal status with men. Gay and lesbian rights are likewise being recognized. All these are simply meant to teach us on a grand scale that all men, regardless of their sex, color, creed or whatever difference, are brothers, equally loved by God. So also are we to love one another and love everyone as we love ourselves.

To provide an effective counterbalance to the puritanical and socially acceptable but repressive and often absurd teachings on sex, Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint publicly lived out their alternative lifestyles. The Hippie Movement from America, the Free Love Revolution from Europe and the epidemic addiction to drugs together awakened us to the harmful possibilities of too much freedom enjoyed too soon. Later, the high incidence of AIDS would accentuate the need for everyone to get back to sanity and moderation. The best is not in embracing the extremes but in opting for somewhere in between within reason.

Russia converted back to Christianity. To his credit, Mikhail Gorbachev pushed for reforms that resulted in the oppressive Communist regime relinquishing much of its power and territory and the end of the Cold War. The murders at Tiananmen Square awakened the Chinese conscience. Without the active support of the leader nations, Communism and the threat of Communist aggression have waned. Soon, even the War on Terrorism will be won. And world peace will be nearer our grasp.

Worldwide problems of the environment involving nuclear fallout and waste disposal, environmental pollution and global warming caused by hothouse gases depleting the ozone layer have made real to most countries their interdependence and the need for them to mount a concerted action to resolve the threats to Mother Earth.

The mass migrations, inter-racial marriages and the global expansion of multinational business concerns have provided great opportunities for cultural exchange and deeper understanding among the nations. Soon, we will come to a greater realization that all of us inhabit just one solitary spaceship, the Earth. All things that harm it also adversely impact every living being on the planet. We need to be more responsible and avoid doing harm, and we need to do it together.

Geologic changes are also predicted to occur. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are expected to continue. Some old and contemporary psychics and seers insist that the California coastline and many parts of Japan will be reclaimed by the sea, while other lands will rise. Whether true or not, we need to be better prepared for any and all such eventualities. What affects any part of the world affects the whole, as well.

The old Eastern teachings have resurfaced affording us another opportunity to understand them better. Yoga physical disciplines hone the body and make it more easily responsive to the will of the spirit. Yoga practices relating to doing the right thing and serving our brothers directly develop our spirituality. Meditation, like praying the rosary, clears and focuses the mind and opens it to divine inspiration. Reincarnation, the doctrine of successive lives, together with Karma, the law of cause and effect, sowing and reaping, are the twin principles the operation of which guarantees our continued evolution and spiritual perfection through individual merit.

Questions and objections regarding Papal infallibility, celibacy, veneration of images, saintly interventions, birth control, abortion, euthanasia and others are being disputed by Catholics and Protestants, even among their own ranks. Eventually, all that are false will be discarded and only those that are true will remain.

Miracles, supernatural healings and apparitions amaze everyone and new explanations are offered. At about 1850, to call our attention to the more spiritual aspects of our being and commence the necessary preparations for the coming new age, two important major movements drawing extensively from supernatural sources were initiated, one by the Great White Brotherhood, the other by the Spirits of Truth. Eastern and Western, these constitute two seemingly different approaches, but each complements the other and both are working for the same goals. There is only One God and one Truth.

By 1875, the great libraries had all been razed to the ground or ravaged by war and almost all of the old sacred books and records were destroyed. To reintroduce the Wisdom Teachings of the ancients, the Great White Brotherhood commissioned the services of their "chela," Madame Helena P. Blavatsky. With the use of her spiritual faculties highly developed from past incarnations, she clairvoyantly accessed the lost information from the Akashic Records and compiled them all in ‘The Secret Doctrine.’ She also founded the Theosophical Society to oversee the dissemination of these ancient teachings and prepare candidates for "chelahood," a state where candidates have qualified for acceptance as a student of the Masters, henceforth meriting direct and personalized guidance and instruction. Theosophical studies cover the origin and development of the cosmos and human development in all the planes of being from its beginning to its end.

Following in this tradition a century later, the Tibetan lama, Lobsang Rampa, was tasked to further simplify, clarify and upgrade the Eastern teachings. Adept at soul traveling, highly clairvoyant and telepathic, he recounts his experiences and provides us with startling revelations relating to the Unseen World. Highly evolved himself, he understands the divine teachings more completely and he teaches and explains them in his books which became bestsellers.

As early as 1850, the Spirits of Truth with the spirit guides and guardian angels had already initiated their own work in the Christian context. Their primary objective then was to provide proofs of the survival of the spirit. Countless Spiritualist mediums in Europe and America now began to manifest all sorts of magical and highly entertaining phenomena. Tables rapped messages, so did ouija boards convey information from beyond. Ghosts and apparitions regaled and frightened. Objects flying all over the place appeared and disappeared from view. Much of these manifestations were subsequently proven to be false, but enough of the genuine articles convinced those with open minds that there is a greater reality, another world beyond ours.

After the more thoughtful among the people got over their fascination and wonder, they began to question why all the fuss, what does it all mean. This time, the Spirits chose a Frenchman, Leon-Denizarth-Hippolyte Rivail, a member of several learned societies and a scientist-researcher well known in scientific circles to disseminate their explanations and teachings. Through various mediums and countless seances, a special team of Spirit teachers, among them the Apostle John and St. Augustine, communicated to Rivail the beginning basis of the promised revelations, the All Truth referred to by Jesus, the many things kept hidden since the foundation of the world, which in Jesus’ time, the people would not have been able to understand.

Rivail included all these revelations in his books, ‘The Spirits’ Book’ and others under the penname of Allan Kardec, according to the instructions of the Guides. They later formed the underlying teachings of Spiritism, which term simply means guidance by the Holy Spirit. In the Philippines and in Brazil in the mid-1900s, psychic surgeons belonging to this school performed their barehanded and painless operations and attracted large followings. In the United States today, Channeling has taken over from Spiritualism. Each addition to the series brings in new insights and reveals deeper aspects of the same eternal Truths.

To provide Scriptural support to the New Teachings, the Spirits of Truth allowed an American, Levi (Levi H. Dowling), to transcribe directly from the Akashic Records. The fifth gospel account, ‘The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ,’ provides us with a fuller account of the life and teachings of the Lord, which includes reincarnation and contains a complete record of the lost eighteen years so strangely silent in the New Testament.

In the early 1900s under the control of the same Spirits of Truth, one of America’s greatest prophets, the sleeping Edgar Cayce, revealed useful information during his sleep. Initially, the readings addressed physical complaints and ailments and detailed unorthodox and unknown cures which proved very effective. Soon after, the life readings which over time numbered some 2,500 turned to more important spiritual concerns with reincarnation as their central theme. From the details of past lives bearing on the present situations, invaluable guidance was provided and the increased understanding enabled many to resolve their most difficult and pressing problems.

The Catholic Church has its own important contributions to the coming New Age. At Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, Medjugorje, in Egypt and Africa, Mary asked for prayers and enjoined the people to live holy lives. Padre Pio and many lesser-known saints and healers effected miraculous healings. Cursillos, life in the spirit seminars, couples for Christ outreaches, youth mobilizations and mass prayer rallies continue to sustain the interest and devotion of the faithful. To revitalize and prepare the Church for the advent of the Third Millenium and reverse the trend of Protestant conversions, a New Catechism was just recently promulgated.

Revival has erupted everywhere. Protestant preachers and televangelists, the likes of Billy Graham, Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson, with his unique long distance healing by "word of knowledge" over the airwaves, are actively targeting all the nations of the world for evangelization. The lame walk, the deaf hear and the blind now see. And the old Gospel message is preached to all nations.

New Age schools are raising the consciousness of many. Thoughts are things and thought creates. We are what we think we are. It is possible if we think that it is possible. What we can visualize, we can materialize into being. Therefore, we should concentrate only on what is good and think positive.

Psychic development courses are well attended. These being our natural and inherent properties, we can if we so choose begin to develop our faculties of clairvoyance, psychometry, astral travel, telekinesis and healing. They will afford us true insights and personal, undeniable proofs of spiritual realities. In the Age of Aquarius, we are no longer to be limited to our five physical senses. Alternative healing classes teach vegetarianism and proper dieting, stress control, herbal medicine, pyramid and crystal powers, and magnetic and pranic healing.

For the scientific minded, more recent researches done by Dr. Raymond Moody on persons who suffered near death experiences tend to prove survival. Dr. Ian Stevenson’s 2,000 researched cases and the hypnotic regressions conducted by Dr. Helen Wambach support reincarnation.

But all these did not come easily. There were massive opposition every step of the way and they are not expected to dissipate anytime, soon. After all, we really need to ferret out mistakes and weed out false concepts before we can arrive at the correct conclusions. Hence, opposition to new ideas should be considered healthy and necessary, and to be expected.

In addition, the upgrading of previous instruction is ever continuing. To spirits, there is infinite progress and no end to learning. Therefore, any new knowledge is not to be feared, instead, this should be scrutinized, analyzed and tested with our minds open. How else can we go forward? So let us be more courageous. Let us venture out into uncharted territories and learn new things. Further down the road, our trust in God will ensure that the Truth will triumph in the end.

Author Bio :
Written by Angel Luz for Inner Quest

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