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Spirits' Response to Vatican on New Age

{written by : Angel Luz}

Article word count : 6535 -- Article Id : 1347
Article active date : 2008-12-30 -- Article views : 9658

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Article is about :
This Response was first posted to a Catholic Forum but was subsequently censored and withdrawn by the Moderator. It is reproduced here for your consideration and possible discussion. Let it not be said that we did not exert efforts to share our information with everyone.

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Your Vatican has graciously issued an open invitation to dialogue on New Age issues. Please refer to Items No. 1 and 6.2. We at Inner Quest are pleased to accept. We only hope that our acceptance and sharing of information will be viewed by those of you here in the same spirit of brotherhood and cooperation in which they are given. Although everyone of us may believe and interpret the divine teachings differently, nevertheless, we all know in our hearts that there is only One God, One Truth and One Brotherhood.

Because of the length and detail of the Vatican document, our response is likewise necessarily detailed and involved for clarity and completeness, as possible within the space provided. This response although very long is posted here in its entirety so as not to break the trend of thought of the Vatican presentation.

However, the thoughts and ideas that are in the Vatican document and those that we have included in our response are all open to subsequent discussion. All views and opinions for or against are welcome.

Vatican on New Age
An invitation to dialogue

Foreword - The study is a provisional report. It is the fruit of the common reflection of the Working Group on New Religious Movements, composed of staff members of different dicasteries of the Holy See: the Pontifical Councils for Culture and for Interreligious Dialogue (which are the principal redactors for this project), the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

These reflections are offered primarily to those engaged in pastoral work so that they might be able to explain how the New Age movement differs from the Christian faith.

Teachings of the Spirits of Truth

The following explanations are here offered in the hope that they can contribute towards everyone obtaining to a better understanding of the New Age Movement and the New Divine Teachings.

While they may appear at first to digress and conflict with traditional Christian teachings in the view of some, they are nevertheless the introductory phases in the unfolding of that body of knowledge that Christ alludes to when he told us, “There is so much more I want to tell you.”

The age-old conceptions are now in the process of upgrading in recognition of our increased capacity to understand the Higher Truths. These are the Teachings of the Holy Spirit(s).

1 It (This document) is an invitation to understand the New Age and to engage in a genuine dialogue with those who are influenced by New Age thought. The document guides those involved in pastoral work in their understanding and response to New Age spirituality, both illustrating the points where this spirituality contrasts with the Catholic faith and refuting the positions espoused by New Age thinkers in opposition to Christian faith. What is indeed required of Christians is, first and foremost, a solid grounding in their faith.

Everyone should remain open-minded and be encouraged to try and understand new teachings. No one being perfect, therefore everyone has much to learn, still. To learning, there is no end.

Knowledge and Truth are not to be feared. All new information are to be embraced or rejected only after we have conducted a diligent study and evaluation, not opposed or refuted beforehand. Everyone should continue to seek in order to learn and comprehend the deeper Truths.

And where necessary, everyone should stand ready to let go of their mistaken beliefs, break down their old belief patterns and build anew.

1.3 When one examines many New Age traditions, it soon becomes clear that there is, in fact, little in the New Age that is new. The name seems to have gained currency through Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, at the time of the French and American Revolutions, but the reality it denotes is a contemporary variant of Western esotericism. This dates back to Gnostic groups which grew up in the early days of Christianity, and gained momentum at the time of the Reformation in Europe. It has grown in parallel with scientific world-views, and acquired a rational justification through the eighteenth and ninetenth centuries.

Spiritual instruction is progressive but necessary builds and expands on what were taught before.

Gnostic teachings and all old conceptions are today clarified and upgraded. Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism having been established centuries earlier are technically not part of the New Age Movement.

Only the more recent developments during the last 200 years should be considered as parts of the NAM, but only to introduce it and prepare the world for its imminent arrival in force. In fact, they provide the incontrovertible and scientific proofs that will validate the New Teachings. They are the initiatives taken by God’s Holy Spirits and the Great White Brotherhood working together to prepare for the coming of the New Age and the return of Christ.

It has involved a progressive rejection of a personal God and a focus on other entities which would often figure as intermediaries between God and humanity in traditional Christianity, with more and more original adaptations of these or additional ones.

God is too far divorced from earthly conditions. His true nature cannot be fully appreciated until we can become more like Him, perfect as Jesus intimated. Instead, He sends His Holy Spirits, our ascended brothers, to whom He has delegated the work of guiding us so we too may become holy like them.

Due recognition is given to other advanced entities that are tasked by God to guide us in our development. They act much like bishops, priests and pastors. They are our Divine Guides and Teachers, only that they are far more highly evolved and competent in the performance of this work.

A powerful trend in modern Western culture which has given space to New Age ideas is the general acceptance of Darwinist evolutionary theory; this, alongside a focus on hidden spiritual powers or forces in nature, has been the backbone of much of what is now recognised as New Age theory.

Spirit evolution and physical evolution are separate and different things and processes.

God, being Spirit, created us spirits, in His image and likeness. However, we were in the beginning, innocent and ignorant, but endowed with every potentiality to attain to perfection through our own efforts. And we are destined to attain perfection, in the end, after we undergo life after life after life (reincarnation), learning from our own personal experiences. Jesus knowing this affirmed, "You must be perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect."

Spiritual faculties or psychic powers are inherent but latent properties of every spirit entity. However, these powers are now fully explained and they can be developed by everyone, if we should so choose.

Darwin’s theories should properly be understood to refer only to physical things or bodies (forms) and not to the spirit self. Moreover, Theosophy in fact proposes a different theory, altogether. Here, the introduction of new improvements and faculties attaching to physical bodies or vehicles are designed by Higher Intelligences. Succeeding spirit-students can then avail of these new “life-forms” when they manifest in the physical worlds.

1.5 There is also a call in all of this to come closer to Jesus Christ and to be ready to follow Him, since He is the real way to happiness, the truth about God and the fulness of life for every man and woman who is prepared to respond to his love.

Similarly, the Spirits of Truth enjoin everyone to live according to Christ’s ethical teachings. God’s heaven is reserved only for the righteous who actually do His will in their everyday life.

Basic Teachings

2 Christians in many Western societies, and increasingly also in other parts of the world, frequently come into contact with different aspects of the phenomenon known as New Age. Many of them feel the need to understand how they can best approach something which is at once so alluring, complex, elusive and, at times, disturbing. These reflections are an attempt to help Christians do two things:

– to identify elements of the developing New Age tradition;

– to indicate those elements which are inconsistent with the Christian revelation.

Nevertheless, given the underlying vision of New Age religiosity, it is on the whole difficult to reconcile it with Christian doctrine and spirituality.

Through the guidance of the Spirits of Truth, the old truths are made plain and the New Teachings are advanced for our consideration. The most important principles are the following:

1 The existence of God

God may be defined as Infinite Intelligence. Imperfect as we are and still greatly influenced by matter, we are unable to completely understand the true exact nature of God. Finite minds cannot comprehend the infinite. In addition, our vocabulary is so poor that we are unable to more satisfactorily define God. While we may attribute to God certain very desirable and positive characteristics, we should never feel that God is confined to such attributes. To do so would be to limit God, Who is unlimited. However, we will be able to know and comprehend God more fully just as soon as we become totally freed from earthly influences and approach the righteousness that is God according to His ethical teachings.

2 The existence of the Spirit

God created us spirit beings in His image. However, at our creation, we were created perfect seeds, innocent and ignorant, but endowed with every potentiality to grow and develop to full maturity or perfection through our own exertions.

3 The reality of the Spirit World

There are other dimensions of being, other worlds apart from the physical worlds and the earth in which we live at the moment. There are “many mansions” in the Kingdom of God. We leave these more spiritual worlds temporarily when we are born to earth, and we return to them at physical death. And there, we will live for all eternity as soon as we prove ourselves worthy.

4 Oneness and brotherhood of all creation

At this earthly stage of our development, most humans are just beginning to curb their selfishness and selfish interests in favor of the common good. We are only now considering our planet as a single spaceship or boat in the vast sea of space. We are only now learning not to rock the boat lest we sink the ship and drown all of us, together. But, eventually, gradually, we will come to learn that all are one.

5 Reincarnation

In order to further develop spiritually, we spirit beings repeatedly come to earth and other physical worlds by motivating physical bodies which will enable us to undergo all the necessary experiences that afford learning until such time that we are able to arrive at a certain prescribed standard of spiritual perfection.

6 The Law of Karma

This is the Law of Harmony that provides for the restoration of balance to all things. This is also the law of cause and effect and sowing and reaping. Relative to ethical matters, the law was not intended to punish offenders as much as to teach us right from wrong and good and evil.

7 Infinite progression of the Spirit entity

No one will be committed to suffer forever in hell. All who are not yet fully developed or perfected will continue to be given every opportunity to improve himself in the Lower Worlds. This process continues until we are able to attain to the perfection that God intended. We are destined to come live with Him in His Kingdom after we have completed our earthly studies.

8 Personal responsibility and salvation through individual effort

Having been given free will, we alone have the right to decide regarding personal matters. “We are the captain of our soul, the master of our fate.” We only need to learn the divine laws and their consequences and abide by them in order to ensure for ourselves the kind of life we desire. It follows that God won’t and Jesus cannot save us because this is in direct contravention of His divine will. Instead, Jesus having shown us the Way, we now need to save ourselves through our own personal efforts.

9 Mediumship as a means of communication with the Spirit World

By developing our higher faculties, we are able to break through the barriers between this world and the Higher Worlds thereby obtaining undeniable proofs and further divine instruction.

10 Love and service as the Way

Emphasis is given to righteousness, which is love in action, and active service to our fellowmen as the Way to obtain release from the necessity of further incarnations and the attainment of eternal life in the Spirit World, the World of Reality.

All other attendant and more worldly concepts and teachings are only corollary or supportive of these main spiritual teachings, of which there are infinite levels and aspects. Each corresponds to a specific stage in the order of evolution. Everything in its rightful place.

Emergence of Spiritism and Theosophy

2.1 The Age of Aquarius has such a high profile in the New Age movement largely because of the influence of theosophy, spiritualism and anthroposophy, and their esoteric antecedents.

At about 1850, to call our attention to the more spiritual aspects of our being and commence the necessary preparations for the coming new age, two important major movements drawing extensively from supernatural sources were initiated, one by the Great White Brotherhood, the other by the Spirits of Truth. Eastern and Western, they constitute two seemingly different approaches, but each complements the other and both are working for the same goals. There is only One God and one Truth.

By 1875, the great libraries had all been razed to the ground or ravaged by war and almost all of the old sacred books and records were destroyed. To reintroduce the Wisdom Teachings of the ancients, the Great White Brotherhood commissioned the services of their "chela," Madame Helena P. Blavatsky. With the use of her spiritual faculties highly developed from past incarnations, she clairvoyantly accessed the lost information from the Akashic Records and compiled them all in ‘The Secret Doctrine.’ She also founded the Theosophical Society to oversee the dissemination of these ancient teachings and prepare candidates for "chelahood," a state where candidates have qualified for acceptance as a student of the Masters, henceforth meriting direct and personalized guidance and instruction. Theosophical studies cover the origin and development of the cosmos and human development in all the planes of being from its beginning to its end.

Following in this tradition a century later, the Tibetan lama, Lobsang Rampa, was tasked to further simplify, clarify and upgrade the Eastern teachings. Adept at soul traveling, highly clairvoyant and telepathic, he recounts his experiences and provides us with startling revelations relating to the Unseen World. Highly evolved himself, he understands the divine teachings more completely and he teaches and explains them in his books which became bestsellers.

As early as 1850, the Spirits of Truth with the spirit guides and guardian angels had already initiated their own work in the Christian context. Their primary objective then was to provide proofs of the survival of the spirit. Countless Spiritualist mediums in Europe and America now began to manifest all sorts of magical and highly entertaining phenomena. Tables rapped messages, so did ouija boards convey information from beyond. Ghosts and apparitions regaled and frightened. Objects flying all over the place appeared and disappeared from view. Much of these manifestations were subsequently proven to be false, but enough of the genuine articles convinced those with open minds that there is a greater reality, another world beyond ours.

After the more thoughtful among the people got over their fascination and wonder, they began to question why all the fuss, what does it all mean. This time, the Spirits chose a Frenchman, Leon-Denizarth-Hippolyte Rivail, a member of several learned societies and a scientist-researcher well known in scientific circles to disseminate their explanations and teachings. Through various mediums and countless seances, a special team of Spirit teachers, among them the Apostle John and St. Augustine, communicated to Rivail the beginning basis of the promised revelations, the All Truth referred to by Jesus, the many things kept hidden since the foundation of the world, which in Jesus’ time, the people would not have been able to understand.

Rivail included all these revelations in his books, ‘The Spirits’ Book’ and others under the penname of Allan Kardec, according to the instructions of the Guides. They later formed the underlying teachings of Spiritism, which term simply means guidance by the Holy Spirit. In the Philippines and in Brazil in the mid-1900s, psychic surgeons belonging to this school performed their barehanded and painless operations and attracted large followings.

In the United States today, Channeling has taken over from Spiritualism. Each addition to the series brings in new insights and reveals deeper aspects of the same eternal Truths.

Other implied truths

Some of the traditions which flow into New Age are: ancient Egyptian occult practices, Cabbalism, early Christian gnosticism, Sufism, the lore of the Druids, Celtic Christianity, mediaeval alchemy, Renaissance hermeticism, Zen Buddhism, Yoga and so on.

There is some truth in all schools and religions. All of the Truth was not given to any one person or group, alone, but to everyone in part, in proportion to his development. To know the Whole, we must draw from each of them those parts that were entrusted to them. However, all the old conceptions should be reviewed in light of every new information.

Much of the old teachings have already been rendered obsolete by more recent findings and revelations. There is always progress in all things.

Here is what is “new” about New Age. It is a “syncretism of esoteric and secular elements”.(16) They link into a widely-held perception that the time is ripe for a fundamental change in individuals, in society and in the world. There are various expressions of the need for a shift:

– from Newtonian mechanistic physics to quantum physics;

– from modernity"s exaltation of reason to an appreciation of feeling, emotion and experience (often described as a switch from "left brain" rational thinking to "right brain" intuitive thinking):

– from a dominance of masculinity and patriarchy to a celebration of femininity, in individuals and in society.

As explained earlier, New Age concepts and teachings relate both to the things in the world and the things of the spirit and of heaven.

Newton’s physics and our physical brain functioning are worldly concerns.

Rational thinking is part of spirit development and at our present stage, we are just beginning the early phase of abstract thinking. Though largely unremembered, intuitive thinking relates to the knowledge gained from our past life experiences. Masculinity and femininity are just two different aspects of our being. In our many incarnations, we will at times be male, female, gay or lesbian until we are able to attain to a more complete and balanced development. Until such time that we are already “perfect”, every seeming abnormality or aberrant behavior is for us really a normal condition and learning experience in the spirit sense, they being within the realm of human possibility.

Perhaps the clearest example of this, in terms of the relationship between New Age and Christianity, is the total recasting of the life and significance of Jesus Christ. It is impossible to reconcile these two visions.

The “vision” of the Church in regard to Jesus is its own conception and not at all according to how Jesus introduces himself and his God in his own words. The Holy Trinity is also another of these purely Catholic conceptions. Jesus never did teach these. All thoughts and teachings by others including those of the Church that contradict his direct teachings should be rejected, outright.

We should listen instead to Jesus – To the Master who knows, not his students who don’t. His words are clear in the Gospels. Truth just needs to be more clearly understood.

2.21 One of the most common elements in New Age “spirituality” is a fascination with extraordinary manifestations, and in particular with paranormal entities. People recognised as “mediums” claim that their personality is taken over by another entity during trances in a New Age phenomenon known as “channeling”, during which the medium may lose control over his or her body and faculties.

To convince skeptics initially, the medium or psychic performs only during deep trance, receiving and delivering messages given to him word for word, in a voice not his own, secretly and privately, under cover of darkness. Upon returning to consciousness, he remembers nothing of what transpired. Usually, the communications go far beyond the extent of his personal knowledge and experience.

As acceptance grows, further proofs become unnecessary and the medium is allowed to receive and relay information consciously, interpreting pictures and thoughts during daytime and in public. He can also recall everything that happened. Finally in the advanced forms of mediumship, the medium’s eyes can be open and his body will exhibit no extra physical exertions or rigidity. Telepathy most closely approximates normal, unimpeded communication here on Earth.

As language improves and ideas are more effectively concretized, the messages become more meaningful, rational and better suited to the target audience, according to the audience’s capacity to comprehend. At this advanced stage, the rules that apply in our evaluating information coming from any and all sources, whether from an authorized source or unauthorized, confirmed or unconfirmed, should at all times be observed fully.

Other friends and counsellors from the spirit world are angels (which have become the centre of a new industry of books and paintings). Those who refer to angels in the New Age do so in an unsystematic way; in fact, distinctions in this area are sometimes described as unhelpful if they are too precise, since “there are many levels of guides, entities, energies, and beings in every octave of the universe... They are all there to pick and choose from in relation to your own attraction/repulsion mechanisms”.(22) These spiritual entities are often invoked "non-religiously" to help in relaxation aimed at better decision-making and control of one"s life and career. Fusion with some spirits who teach through particular people is another New Age experience claimed by people who refer to themselves as "mystics".

We communicate with those spirits that can offer us the information or help that we need and want. It is up to us whom we want to communicate with and what kind. Spirits are of all classes just like people on earth.

If we seek spiritual guidance, then we should invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirits. If we should need worldly advice or just want to be entertained, then we call on Familiar Spirits.

But everyone should take heed lest they be deceived. Only those who are serious and sincere merit the attention of high minded spirits. If we are frivolous and trivial, we will attract only those of our same kind.

In all of these activities, we should be open to new ideas. We should listen. But we should reserve our judgment until we are able to more thoroughly study the matter and arrive at our own conclusions. Only after should we decide on a course of action, whether to accept or reject the advice. But regardless, no harm can come to us unless we ourselves allow it.

2.22 Phenomena as diverse as the Findhorn garden and Feng Shui (23) represent a variety of ways which illustrate the importance of being in tune with nature or the cosmos. In New Age there is no distinction between good and evil. Human actions are the fruit of either illumination or ignorance. Hence we cannot condemn anyone, and nobody needs forgiveness. Believing in the existence of evil can create only negativity and fear. The answer to negativity is love. But it is not the sort which has to be translated into deeds; it is more a question of attitudes of mind. Love is energy, a high-frequency vibration, and the secret to happiness and health and success is being able to tune in, to find one"s place in the great chain of being.

New Age teachers and therapies claim to offer the key to finding the correspondences between all the elements of the universe, so that people may modulate the tone of their lives and be in absolute harmony with each other and with everything around them, although there are different theoretical backgrounds.(24)

The first rule in seeking for Truth is to first analyze, test and question everything. We are to accept only those propositions that test true in the light of our personal experience and reject all that do not.

No source in our world is 100% complete, true or accurate. Feng Shui is an art, not a science, and while some may base their recommendations on certain valid known or little known natural principles, much is superstition, nevertheless, depending on the practitioner.

Of course, there is good and evil by comparison to one another. But no one should be condemned because all of us are prone to error, we being still in the process of learning. We are still on the main innocent and ignorant spirits – many are even devilish and mischievous. Jesus said of us, “They don’t know what they are doing.” But Jesus also said, “You must be perfect as the Father is perfect.” And so we all shall in His time.

But even as we forgive, we should nonetheless exert all efforts to prevent the recurrence of harm to our self and others.

Love must be lived. Those who don’t do not know love. It is not enough to think or believe only. The proof of knowing is in the doing.

Regardless what New Age and other teachers say, we should “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto us.”

2.23 Formal (allopathic) medicine today tends to limit itself to curing particular, isolated ailments, and fails to look at the broader picture of a person"s health: this has given rise to a fair amount of understandable dissatisfaction. Alternative therapies have gained enormously in popularity because they claim to look at the whole person and are about healing rather than curing. Holistic health, as it is known, concentrates on the important role that the mind plays in physical healing. The connection between the spiritual and the physical aspects of the person is said to be in the immune system or the Indian chakra system. In a New Age perspective, illness and suffering come from working against nature; when one is in tune with nature, one can expect a much healthier life, and even material prosperity; for some New Age healers, there should actually be no need for us to die.

This is just saying that our faults and character weaknesses are the root causes of all physical diseases and for that matter all unwanted situations and circumstances that come to be part of our life.

Make ourselves right with God according to His ethical teachings and all will be well.

The influence of our character deficiencies and misdeeds committed in our past lives on our present life situations and conditions are revealed and more clearly illustrated in the life readings given by Edgar Cayce under the supervision of the Spirits of Truth.

But of course, if we are born into the world, then we must die. How else can we go back home to heaven.

Originally, reincarnation was a part of Hindu cyclical thought, based on the atman or divine kernel of personality (later the concept of jiva), which moved from body to body in a cycle of suffering (samsara), determined by the law of karma, linked to behaviour in past lives. Hope lies in the possibility of being born into a better state, or ultimately in liberation from the need to be reborn. What is different in most Buddhist traditions is that what wanders from body to body is not a soul, but a continuum of consciousness. Present life is embedded in a potentially endless cosmic process which includes even the gods. In the West, since the time of Lessing, reincarnation has been understood far more optimistically as a process of learning and progressive individual fulfilment. Spiritualism, theosophy, anthroposophy and New Age all see reincarnation as participation in cosmic evolution. This post-Christian approach to eschatology is said to answer the unresolved questions of theodicy and dispenses with the notion of hell. When the soul is separated from the body individuals can look back on their whole life up to that point, and when the soul is united to its new body there is a preview of its coming phase of life. People have access to their former lives through dreams and meditation techniques.(26)

Soul is consciousness in a physical body. But we don’t wander aimlessly. We enter into pre-planned experiences that will help us in learning what we came to earth to learn in the first place and build and refine our character.

This is similar to coming to an earthly classroom to learn our lessons. Here on earth, we are learning all about good and evil, right and wrong by undergoing the precise experiences that afford learning.

Birth is coming to class and death is returning home. After a hard day’s study, we then look back at the plan we agreed on with our guides before coming to earth to review the lessons that we learned and determine whether we accomplished our objectives. Afterwards, we can then plan for our next incarnation.

Through intuition, dreams and meditation, we may be able to obtain insights relating to our past lives and likewise receive messages and inspirations from above. But this is allowed only when such a remembrance and message will be helpful to us in our present life situations.

2.32 The essential matrix of New Age thinking is to be found in the esoteric-theosophical tradition which was fairly widely accepted in European intellectual circles in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was particularly strong in freemasonry, spiritualism, occultism and theosophy, which shared a kind of esoteric culture. In this world-view, the visible and invisible universes are linked by a series of correspondences, analogies and influences between microcosm and macrocosm, between metals and planets, between planets and the various parts of the human body, between the visible cosmos and the invisible realms of reality. Nature is a living being, shot through with networks of sympathy and antipathy, animated by a light and a secret fire which human beings seek to control. People can contact the upper or lower worlds by means of their imagination (an organ of the soul or spirit), or by using mediators (angels, spirits, devils) or rituals.

While man still on earth does not have the faculties or the sufficient experience to fully appreciate higher concepts and realities, nevertheless to some limited extent, we can relate them to everyday happenings and things here.

We could think of the cosmos as a school system for developing spirits. The earth then would be simply as a classroom.

Theosophical studies cover the origin and development of the cosmos (school premises and everything in it) and human development in all the planes of being from its beginning to its end. They include the physical facilities, teaching methodologies and all other support systems in place in the school. All that have happened in the course of our studies are likewise covered in large part, along with some previews of things yet to come.

Spiritism or Guidance by the Spirits of Truth takes up the lesson proper. The studies are directly supervised by holy spirits and it is their task to help us become holy, ourselves.

In all of these studies, there is much truth, but at the same time, there is much more that are false. It is for every student to discern for himself which is which.
"If you adhere to my teaching, you will really be my disciples; and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free."

People can be initiated into the mysteries of the cosmos, God and the self by means of a spiritual itinerary of transformation. The eventual goal is gnosis, the highest form of knowledge, the equivalent of salvation. It involves a search for the oldest and highest tradition in philosophy (what is inappropriately called philosophia perennis) and religion (primordial theology), a secret (esoteric) doctrine which is the key to all the “exoteric” traditions which are accessible to everyone. Esoteric teachings are handed down from master to disciple in a gradual program of initiation.

The eventual goal is spiritual (ethical) perfection. Knowledge is just the accompanying resulting component and is simply “added to us” automatically. Knowledge not applied is useless, just as “Faith without works is dead.”

Spiritual perfection entails our attainment of God’s divine qualities and character. And they are to be applied consistently in our daily life. Deeds are all-important.

The secret doctrine of Theosophy is God’s Divine Plan of Evolution that is now being made available to all those who desire to learn more about it.

It reached its clearest form in the ideas of Helena Blavatsky, a Russian medium who founded the Theosophical Society with Henry Olcott in New York in 1875. The Society aimed to fuse elements of Eastern and Western traditions in an evolutionary type of spiritualism. It had three main aims:

1. “To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, caste or colour.

2. “To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science.

3. “To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.

In the study of Theosophy, every student is free to make up his own mind regarding any of the teachings. Everything is open to question. There are no hidden agendas. No dogmas. No recognized authority. Not even Helena Blavatsky. Everyone on earth is merely a student. No one is perfect. Everyone is prone to error.

Guidance is provided by the Masters or the senior students that include all the spiritual masters, gurus, adepts and other advanced beings that have ever lived and studied on earth.

2.341 New Age involves a fundamental belief in the perfectibility of the human person by means of a wide variety of techniques and therapies (as opposed to the Christian view of co-operation with divine grace).

There is no other Way to God but through Righteousness, Love and Service to our fellowmen. Christ by way of his own example symbolizes this Way. However, through the application of the twin principles of Reincarnation and Karma, exacting divine justice automatically eliminates the need and exercise of divine grace.

2.342 “All is one”. This unity is monistic, pantheistic or, more precisely, panentheistic. God is the “life-principle”, the “spirit or soul of the world”, the sum total of consciousness existing in the world. In a sense, everything is God.

This was first and better known as a Hindu teaching that predates Christianity by 3000 years.

This is also essentially the exact-same divine principle that Christ teaches in his Parable of the Vine and the Branches and our being One with the Father and with him in the Book of John. And so does St. Paul elaborate on this basic principle in I Cor., the One Body of Christ.

“Christ” is a title applied to someone who has arrived at a state of consciousness where he or she perceives him- or herself to be divine and can thus claim to be a “universal Master”. Jesus of Nazareth was not the Christ, but simply one among many historical figures in whom this “Christic” nature is revealed, as is the case with Buddha and others. Every historical realisation of the Christ shows clearly that all human beings are heavenly and divine, and leads them towards this realisation.

Contrary to what the Christian Churches teach, Jesus Christ himself affirms this truth in his own words.

"Who is my mother? And who are my brothers?" Then he pointed to his disciples and said, "Look! Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does what my Father in heaven wants him to do is my brother, my sister and my mother." (MT 12)

Jesus said, "But you are to become perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect." (MT 5)

He also said, "All that I have done, you, too, can do." (JN14)

3.4 The heart of genuine Christian mysticism is not technique: it is always a gift of God; and the one who benefits from it knows himself to be unworthy”.

Except for God creating us and endowing us with eternal life and every potentiality to become like the Father, there are no free gifts. Our enjoyment of everything else is based on merit.

It is just that God and His Holy Spirits will do for us what we cannot as yet do for ourselves. But they will leave us to do for ourselves all that by virtue of our own development we are already competent and capable of doing.

Let the Light shine in

6.1 People who wonder if it is possible to believe in both Christ and Aquarius can only benefit from knowing that this is very much an “either-or” situation.

So was the Sanhedrin in Jesus’ time faced with this similar dilemma. But this hard-line position of the Church is misguided and regrettable and should not be adopted or followed.

For this Age of Aquarius is in fact the promised return of Christ. And these teachings are part of the “so much more” that he wanted to tell us but didn’t, because we would not have been able to understand them anyway, at the time.

And if it should ever come to a choice, we can all be certain that whoever positions himself against the Lord will not prevail.

All those who refuse to go forward will discover much to their regret that they will be falling behind. Their friends and classmates will advance to Higher Studies in the Higher Realms. They on the other hand will be joining the next batch of spirit-students and undertake another round of physical existence – suffering more pain and hardships - on similar material and earthly planes.

6.2 The Catholic Church has its own very effective networks, which could be better used. For example, there is a large number of pastoral centres, cultural centres and centres of spirituality. Ideally, these could also be used to address the confusion about New Age religiosity in a variety of creative ways, such as providing a forum for discussion and study. It must unfortunately be admitted that there are too many cases where Catholic centres of spirituality are actively involved in diffusing New Age religiosity in the Church. This would of course have to be corrected, not only to stop the spread of confusion and error, but also so that they might be effective in promoting true Christian spirituality. Catholic cultural centres, in particular, are not only teaching institutions but spaces for honest dialogue.

Whenever confronted by new concepts and ideas, especially those that would seem at first to disagree with our long-held beliefs, there is the normal tendency to refuse to listen, misunderstand or be confused in the beginning. But confusion is the beginning of learning.

To all those among you who are now ready, let the mysteries unfold!

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Written by Angel Luz for Inner Quest

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