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What is Faith?

{written by : Joseph Schwartzman}

Article word count : 917 -- Article Id : 1374
Article active date : 2009-01-05 -- Article views : 7962

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Article is about :
What is the nature of faith? What is the full meaning of faith in the larger perspective? Our normal ways of seeing are limited but our faith is boundless. Faith helps us see beyond suffering and helps us grow in spirit.

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We are beings who have limits in our ability to see what will come next in our lives. The future is outside of the range of our vision. So what do we do when circumstances arise that cause us to be in a complete state of discomfort or of pain?

Many people turn to religions; for that is what religions were created for. Others turn to despair. Others have not chosen which way to go. More often than not those who have chosen religion have also chosen despair.

Then so many people are left suffering. The answers to our problems have not yet been disclosed. A body poised on a single point feels the point more deeply than a body lying spread out.

As a metaphor the point means our focus is on our problem.

When we are distracted then we do not feel the pain; we often forget it. We use tools such as entertainment or alcohol as distraction. There are so many forms of distraction that we cannot cover them all here. Some of these distractions are harmful and some will be of benefit to ourselves or to others.

We are here to discuss faith. What is faith after all? The character of faith is to de-emphasize the point on which you lie while remaining undistracted. How can this be possible? Is faith a distraction or is it something else?

Why is so much emphasis given to the idea of faith? Surely it must have its roots deep within our being, as we are transformed by it. Then what is this transformation?

If faith has no physical basis, such as alcohol, or or a movie, or television, then it must exist on another level, something that cannot be touched. So we see that faith is spiritual. In order to make use of its properties then we must attain a spiritual growth which will give us this tool.

Thus we come to our experiment with spiritual practices and various forms of religion. Sooner or later we find the most suitable form of practice, or a system of belief, and it is here that, no matter what it is, we place our spiritual quality of faith, giving it the hand to reach out, and the voice with which to speak the words.

So we grow into new beings now capable of enduring the full stab of our afflictions.

Now it is time to go into the world remembering always that your growth is real. It is as tangible as any object in the room.

When you ask for strength you are given a tangible, real and solid object.

When you go from reading this remember that you are as one who has taken on a shield and a badge of protection; for you now have faith in the greater reality. (you know what is faith). You have faith that you are more than you seem to your own vision of yourself. This greater reality is the love from which you were born. It is there and you now know that it is there on your behalf.

Any thought that you are alone should be banished from your mind.

There is a fabric to all that is. It is from this that you come into the world.

Now imagine that there is a God. Imagine that this God has no boundaries. Then all that can be exists in all ways for all of time and exists in ways which we cannot describe.

Then what is left to say. You are meant to exist as fully as is possible. So what you lack will no longer be not there. What pain you have will not always trouble.

All is in flux. Rest assured that all that is above will not always seem so high and what is below will not seem lower than you are. Rivers will rise and flood the land, then rivers will dry.

So you see. Pain will pass into pleasure. Fear will dissipate into order. Crime will erase the criminal. Deeds done for good will vaporize. All acts will reverse themselves so that they are opposite, until acts of faith remove them from this cycle.

For in faith is growth and in growth is creation and in creation is purpose, so in purpose is achievement and finally in achievement is the coming of a manifestation of destiny which is the purpose of your life.

You become a greater being so you can create a greater universe.

The new universe will endure forever as a more stable place. Peace means stability. In simple terms it means that we no longer live in a state of flux, or up and down, or greater and lesser, or pain and pleasure.

We are making this universe together. That is all beings who live on all planets, who arise from time to time and in different places, who are known to one another or not. All sorts of beings, all who strive to be greater than they seem to be, in whatever form, human, not human, body, or no body that you would recognize, will participate, did participate as they are gone, or will participate because they are yet to be born.

So the final word is YES for NO has had its day.

Be now a part of it. Believe that you will overcome whatever is your trouble or your pain or your lack of belief.

What is faith? Do your best. Have some faith. You will be rewarded.

Author Bio :
Joseph Schwartzman was born and lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.His channeling remains his main focus. He has worked very hard to produce the website

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