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Create Your Right Work Right Now!

{written by : Satina M. Scott}

Article word count : 651 -- Article Id : 1400
Article active date : 2009-01-10 -- Article views : 9089

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Article is about :
Do you LOVE what you do? Does it energize you even when you've had nothing to eat and no sleep? Do you look forward to waking up every morning so you can do it some more?

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Do you LOVE what you do? Does it energize you even when you"ve had nothing to eat and no sleep? Do you look forward to waking up every morning so you can do it some more?

If not, why not?

We ALL have something that, when we"re doing it, we are instantly placed directly into the abundant flow of the GOOD the Universe has for us. And until we"re doing it, we will struggle. We will suffer. We will feel empty, unfulfilled, frustrated, even severely depressed. Our lives will simply NOT WORK.

And guess what? We planned it that way! We knew it would be easy to get bogged down in the struggle for survival, the societal programming about what we "should" do, and the distractions that keep us from hearing the voice of our inner guidance, so we made sure we programmed in a failsafe. That until we got everything out of the way of doing what we were born to do, we would feel increasingly uncomfortable and unfulfilled, and the other parts of our lives would never quite fall into balance.

Why would we do such a thing?

Because doing our Right Work is absolutely critical to the creation of The New Earth!

You see, there is a piece missing whenever you are not doing your Right Work. A piece of the Divine Plan for World Peace that is unable to be manifested because YOU are the one intended to manifest it! No one else can fill the void left by your absence!

Do you hear what I"m telling you? YOU ARE *ESSENTIAL*!

And the really fantastic thing is, you are NOT alone!

Your nonphysical supports are here! They are waiting! They want nothing more than to help you step into your Divine and Glorious Service to this planet!

Those on the other side of the veil will do everything in their power to support you in doing your Right Work, for it is their work to support the manifestation of this New Earth also, but it is YOU who has to set the intention to step into that flow! Until that time, all they can bring to you is what you"ve agreed to settle for!

If you look around you and do not see the way to do your work, it is because the way is NOT outside of you! It is INside of you! And it is only when you look there that the way will be found!

So ask yourself, if you had NO obligations to anyone, and all the money you could want, how would you spend your time? What activities would fill your days? What would you do to bring joy into your life?

THAT is what you"re here to do. I"m serious. That"s it.

Can"t figure out how that will make you money or serve the planet?

Guess what? You don"t have to! All you have to do is get clear on what you want, and ask for it!

And the best way to ask is to write it down on paper. Why? Writing something down brings the nonphysical into the physical and accelerates the manifestation process even more than speaking it aloud.

Still skeptical? That"s okay. It will work even if you"re not sure it will, as long as you believe it *might*.

Or in other words, as long as you keep the attitude of, "Hey, it could happen!"

So, just to see what happens, give this a shot:

Write down how much money you want coming in.
Write down what you want to spend your days doing.

Then WATCH, and LISTEN, and ACT ON the opportunities your nonphysical support team rushes to put before you.

I guarantee they"re just waiting to blow your mind.

The New Earth is waiting to be born...what"s your part in it?

Author Bio :
~Satina M. Scott Dharma Work Spiritual Empowerment Services 503-608-7187

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