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Putting Wholeness In Holistic Healing

{written by : David Adelson and Allura Adelson}

Article word count : 928 -- Article Id : 1408
Article active date : 2009-01-12 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
What's Missing in the Treatments You've Been Getting?

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The word ‘holistic’ has become so popular over the last few years that confusion surrounds it. Many people use it interchangeably with “alternative” or “natural” health care, and while holistic may be alternative, or natural, what is natural or alternative may not be holistic. We are left with a catch-all phrase that encompasses many small parts, but rarely contains the Wholeness it was meant to have.

What is holistic? Its considering the whole person, including the physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects of life. And it should consider the Unified Field that science tells us lies at the basis of the unfoldment of natural law.

Mind/Body/Spirit and environment are commonly considered the building blocks. But these miss an essential in true holistic healing: wholeness. Wholeness can often be found within the context of “Spiritual,” but unfortunately isn"t always. Many so-called spiritual practices consider only the outward signs, symbols, and belief systems of spirituality, and miss the basis of it. It"s like running to an outhouse and finding a pile of bricks instead of a completed, useful building.

Wholeness is oneness; the KNOWING that everything is One, together, even in the midst of differences. And this Oneness has its basis in that transcendental, unmanifest aspect of life which defies boundaries and lies at the basis of manifest creation. Whatever it is that creation is made of--or comes from--has to be before creation, before manifestation, yet underlies and supports it. THAT has to be taken into account when considering wholeness, and subsequently holistic health.

It"s difficult to explain, yet it is experienced whenever one has that deep spiritual experience of God: at the birth of a child, when you first connect with your special someone, or the profound experience that occurs when a prayer is answered. Your experience changes: all is right with the world and your place in it. Wholeness permeates us and connects us with all the parts together, in unity. We are no longer separate from any aspect of life.

Without wholeness you are not connecting with the whole being, only the parts. The Whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Most alternative health care systems have some value, but are they holistic? Some health systems contain more wholeness than others. Ayurveda, whose basis is in the Vedas, the oldest spiritual text on earth, should be dripping with it. But not all Ayurvedic systems are equal. Dr. B.D. Triguna, former physician to the Indian Prime Minister and President of the All India Ayurveda Congress - the authority on Ayurveda in India, aligned himself with Maharishi Ayurveda because he said Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (founder of the Transcendental Meditation program) put wholeness back into Ayurveda. Over thousands of years wholeness was lost, even from the Vedas. (Incidentally, Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi is an excellent way to build wholeness within yourself.)

It"s nice if a healing modality fixes the problem, but if it only fixes the problem and doesn"t give you wholeness, you can do better. The purpose of alternative healing is to provide safe medicine or treatment. “Alternative” doesn"t violate laws that govern the human system as much as allopathic medicine, which unfortunately has only recently begun to move from the intechangeable-car-parts mentality of the human body to something that takes into account the whole person, but alternative still may not reach the level of complete wholeness, connectedness, your soul craves when you want to reach your full potential, spiritually and in the world.

Look deeper. We"re raising the bar on quality holistic health care. It should not only be natural and fix the problem, it should help you develop your spiritual self as well. Wouldn"t Mother Earth be better served if every form of healing were based in wholeness?

How can you tell the difference in health systems? The key is, “Do they contain wholeness?” How can you tell? There are several criteria:

• What"s your gut feeling? If something feels bad, keep looking.
• What has been proven to be Whole or has its basis in something proven to be Whole?
• What is others’ experience? Have others who have done it felt more wholeness?
• Get Divine Guidance. Ask, listen, and Trust.

The good news is that anyone can grow in wholeness. Just intend to, and ask that you be led. Then open and allow. You may be led to meditate. Or practice another ancient systems, such as Tai Chi or some forms of Qi Gong. Often wholeness is a part of them. If you seek, you will find. Open your heart in a directed manner, and see where you are led.

You can open in wholeness with products that have originated in wholeness and are infused with it. That is our area of expertise. Every Grace Healing Arts product (and service) we offer is based in wholeness. Whether you use a tincture designed to ease joint pain, or develop intuition, or a pendant to help you win the love you deserve, whether a healing session by phone or in person, you always get wholeness along with it.

The surest way to put the wholeness back into holistic, and to keep it there, is to allow that wholeness to grow within each of us, within every health practitioner, every client, every person, and allow that wholeness to spread to others. Not only will that make each of us more effective in life and help Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, it will lift us to a new level of growth, happiness and fulfillment.

Author Bio :
David Adelson and Allura Adelson and other associates at Grace Healing Arts in West Stockbridge, MA specialize in helping others to grow in wholeness through their products, as well as other offered readings, healings, and treatments. For more information go to © 2007 Grace Healing Arts.

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