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Awakening and Ascension

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 1426 -- Article Id : 1414
Article active date : 2009-01-13 -- Article views : 8293

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Article is about :
You may have noticed that some people seem to be asleep, their hearts may appear to be closed to you, or they may seem to prefer to ignore you or to ignore anything else that is not a part of their routine daily lives. We are all sleepers...

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AWAKENING - You may have noticed that some people seem to be asleep, their hearts may appear to be closed to you, or they may seem to prefer to ignore you or to ignore anything else that is not a part of their routine daily lives. We are all sleepers to some extent, it is time to awaken.

Awakening transforms us. The more you are awakened the better you feel about yourself and the world you live in. The more you awaken the easier life becomes because you find balance and peace within yourself.

Awakening gives you deeper access into the hearts of everyone you know or meet. Conflicts are more easily resolved. You experience a deeper appreciation for who you are and a greater sense of gratitude for everything you experience.

Awakening heightens your emotions and perceptions, you feel more, you see more deeply into the way your own mind and heart work, enabling you to change those things about yourself that may sometimes cause you terrible pain, grief or suffering.

Awakening is a joyful experience that you can share with everyone you love; helping to change their lives forever.

Together, our awakened brothers and sisters may help drive our Ascension

ASCENSION - Ascension is a personal spiritual journey with global impact. Ascension lifts your spirit and the spirits of everyone around you to a transcendent state of being.

Ascension will help us to end war and poverty so that we may live together in peace and prosperity, in balance with our planet and ourselves.

Ascension is an ongoing process that has been an integral part of our evolution as a species. It is an abiding spiritual influence that draws us closer to our self-realization as divine beings.

Ascension awakens us from our dreaming state and charges us with a mission to fully awaken ourselves so that we may share the transformational powers of spiritually awakening with everyone around us.

Ascension leaves no one behind. This is a journey we all take together, even if we may sometimes feel completely alone.

Ascension is the culmination of a long epoch of exploration and discovery, delving deep into the nature of our souls. It is the fruit of our collective ambitions to create a perfect world.

Ascension is the result of your awakening; it is the worldly reflection of your own drive to be the best person you can possibly be.

Ascension has no rules, other than to open your heart, to love yourself, and to love every part of your life and the world you live in with a deeply compassionate, universal and unconditional love.

Ascension unifies us with all of creation by awakening our conscious awareness to its fullest possible extent.

HOW CAN WE AWAKEN? - We can awaken by nurturing a deep compassionate love for ourselves. Our unconditional love for ourselves frees us from the limitations we have created for ourselves.

We can awaken by extending our love to everyone we meet. Loving and nurturing others is a way to love and nurture ourselves as well.

We can awaken by nurturing our gratitude for who we are right now. Our gratitude informs us that our love for ourselves, our world, and everyone we know is a deep, true, and abiding love.

We can awaken by nurturing compassion in our hearts and demonstrating our compassion for ourselves and all others. Our compassion informs the world of the depth of our love and our devotion to our common wellbeing.

We can awaken through many different ways. Prayer, meditation and yoga are all very useful to help us awaken. Prayer is the expression of our intention to heal ourselves and the world we live in. Meditation is a means to bring peace to our hearts and minds, to experience the world around us free from all fear. Yogas are methods to raise our personal energies, to cleanse our body and auras, and to open up our chakras.

With our intention to heal, with the peace to free us from fear, and with our bodies, auras and chakras fully energized we naturally awaken, becoming a channel to help others awaken as well.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - Love is the source, the wellspring from which all of creation flows. When we place conditions on our love for ourselves or anyone else we hold back the flow of our love and this holds us back from realizing our greatest dreams and deepest desires.

By loving ourselves unconditionally we end our karma and free ourselves from any judgments we hold against ourselves.

Unconditional love for ourselves includes loving everyone we meet unconditionally. We cannot place conditions on our love for others without also limiting our love for ourselves.

Our unconditional love sweeps away old habits of perception, thinking or feeling which may hurt ourselves or others. The seemingly endless cycles of repetitive thoughts and feelings we may habitually torment ourselves with vanish.

Unconditional love recognizes everyone equally, liberating us from the illusions of status and power so that we clearly see that no one is either above us or beneath us, and that we can never be above or below anyone else.

We can learn to love ourselves and others unconditionally by observing the nature of our interactions with ourselves and others.

Wherever we find pain or conflict we have discovered a lesson that will help us heal our hearts and minds and develop a more universal and unconditional love for ourselves and all others.

We learn to love ourselves and others unconditionally by choosing to love in response to pain, fear or anger.


When we face frequent disappointments, anger or pain we have an opportunity to learn, to grow and to heal ourselves, and to help others to learn, grow and heal as well. These are our lessons. Our lessons will constantly return to us until we master them. No matter how hard we may try to run away from our lessons our lessons will always find us.

Many lessons include experiences of hardships such as sickness, poverty or loneliness. We must learn to recognize our lessons and respond by changing our personal behavior. All lessons can be mastered, and with mastery of each lesson we free ourselves from old habits that caused us to feel pain, confusion, frustration or despair.

We cannot solve any problem in our lives by trying to change or control other people. The only person we have any hope of changing or controlling is ourselves. This means that no one has any power over us. If we see ourselves as victims in the power of someone other than ourselves then we have given away our power and must learn to take it back.

At the core of every lesson lies one vital question, “What have I done to deserve this?” (Emphasis on our personal responsibility) When we accept our responsibility for creating our own pain, grief or misery in our lives we empower ourselves to heal.

Once learned, this empowering process can be applied to every problem and we become better and better at nurturing ourselves and everyone we love.

NURTURE - Nurturing is the easiest way to improve our lives and the lives of everyone we love. Nurture means making healthier choices for ourselves. When we choose to nurture ourselves we improve every aspect of our lives to the best of our current abilities. In the process of learning to nurture ourselves and improve our own lives we discover that nurturing others also nurtures ourselves and we learn to nurture everyone around us with more love, joy and compassion.

Feeling love, joy and compassion through our efforts to nurture others is a good way to nurture ourselves. Feeling love, joy and compassion as a result of our efforts to nurture ourselves is a good way to nurture others.

Nurture is all about creating more love and joy for ourselves and everyone we meet.

Nurture is its own reward. When we nurture we feel love in response every time. When we feel love in our hearts we grow stronger and healthier in response; this empowers us to become even more loving, nurturing and compassionate.

As we become more loving, nurturing and compassionate we become better able to heal ourselves and the world we share with those we love. By constantly devoting ourselves to the loving work of nurturing we help others empower themselves to be more loving, nurturing and compassionate; nurture is a mutually gratifying vocation.

The joyful positive feedback loops created by compassion, nurture and love help us all to awaken and ascend together.

Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is a member of Gharveyn, a collective of people sharing one body. Gharveyn's members have many different skills and personalities. We tell many strange tales regarding our spiritual journeys. Greg is our best writer.Our experience includes working as a psychic reader. We teach Metaphysics & Parapsychology, Sociology, Psychology, Tarot and Alchemy, and more… Our Spiritual Counseling work specializes in helping people disoriented by Spiritual Awakenings. We promote Love, Peace, Compassion and Nurture. Namaste, Blog:, Home:

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