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False and superseded teachings embedded in the Bible

{written by : Angel Luz }

Article word count : 573 -- Article Id : 1447
Article active date : 2009-01-21 -- Article views : 9092

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Article is about :
Jesus upgrades the Old Testament teachings

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In most all cases when asked as to their specific objections to religion, critics and non-believers cite false, obsolete and superseded teachings found in the Holy Scriptures of all the religions. They fail to realize that all instruction, specially divine instruction, is progressive -- beginning from the simple basic and graduating to the more complex and advanced.

So did Jesus refute most all of the objectionable Old Testament teachings. Just to mention a few to give everyone a clearer idea, but there are many:

1. In place of the tribal god Jehovah, the angry and jealous god of the Hebrews, Jesus revealed the One God of love, justice and mercy Who loves all His children, assuring us that there is a valid spiritual reason for everything that happens to everyone.

2. Instead of separation, isolation and the elimination of all enemies, inferior races and rival tribes, he taught that all men are brothers. We should all learn to love one another and live in harmony.

2. An eye for an eye was replaced by Forgive, Turn your other cheek and Love your enemies. This while assuring everyone that God"s exacting divine justice will be meted out to everyone.

3. Animal and human sacrifices are discouraged in favor of the living practice of love, mercy, kindness and service to our fellowmen. Even though this is still widely believed and taught by his misguided followers, Jesus should not be regarded as a human sacrifice who died as a ransom for our sins. Instead, everyone of us will have to live as he lived, following his example as best we can.

4. He simplified the 10 Commandments and converted them into just 2 -- Love God and love your neighbor as yourself, affording us more leeway in recognition of our higher stage of development from that of the ancient Hebrews.

5. Many of the over 600 Mosaic Laws were revealed as worthless and useless traditions that even ran contrary to the true laws of God. The prohibitions against eating non-kosher foods and the detailed procedures for washing pots, pans, and other worldly rules and practices, etc. -- all man-made laws. God"s laws relate to Spirit and are not so much concerned with material and physical considerations.
6. He clarified the many integral parts of love. Do not judge or criticize. Forgive. We should mind our own business -- the board in our own eye -- and not interfere with someone else"s. Practice tolerance and non-violence. Serve rather than seek to be served -- the greatest of all is the servant of all. Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.

7. He also provided us with clearer insights regarding the things of heaven and the goings on there. He enjoins us to study and prepare for the True Life that comes after earth life. Our fate depends on us, entirely -- what we think and do. And our enjoyment of everything in life is based on merit.

8. Before he left us, he told us that God would send the Holy Spirits in his name to guide us to "all truth." He promised that he will return to teach us more, those that he wasn"t able to tell us before, even the mysteries kept hidden since the foundation of the world. He will speak no longer in parables, but he will teach us plainly. And to those who have kept faith with him, his promises are being fulfilled even now.

Author Bio :
Written by Angel Luz for Inner Quest

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