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The 7 dimensions of spiritual thought

{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

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Article active date : 2009-01-22 -- Article views : 9654

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Article is about :
What is important to realize, is that whilst we all live, learn and progress spiritually, we operate within the realms of essentially seven dimensions of spiritual thought. Each not only existing on its own, but also essentially combining to form THE ONE.

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We all suffer from that very amazing human condition which continually drives us to explore our spiritual selves. Admittedly some more than others. 

Not important…. 

What is important to realize, is that whilst we all live, learn and progress spiritually, we operate within the realms of essentially seven dimensions of spiritual thought. Each not only existing on its own, but also essentially combining to form THE ONE.

Here are the 7, as I have found them to exist. 

Though please keep in mind that in reality we only have language to truly describe the 2nd and 3rd dimensions. (So forgive my linguistically clumsy attempts to explain the others).  The 1st dimension is in terms which we, as humans, have not thought in since the beginning of consciousness, though well within the parameters of potentially 2nd and 3rd dimensional (normal) understanding. Though since it essentially originates from the 7th dimension, there are some challenges in expressing this one which I will attempt to overcome.

I would also like to highlight that when you think about this, there be made a distinctive difference between the terms “Understand” and “Comprehend”.

  • Understanding this in principle is fairly simple.  Draw a picture and you can figure out the mechanics, the rules and the universal laws that drives this.
  • Comprehending this not only requires you understand this fully but that you think in these terms. 

Allow me to offer a simple example of what I mean:

-                     When you draw a picture of a dog on a piece of paper, the picture exists in 2 dimensions (flat) (the 2nd dimension) only.  It is possible to draw that picture so it creates an illusion that the image has three dimensional qualities.  However remember the picture still only exists in 2 dimensions, even if it appears to have three.  This equates to understanding the 3rd dimension

-                     Now take the dog off the paper and see it as it exists in our physical world.  It is now in physical reality, in the 3rd dimension, and when you think about it, this is the frame of reference you are using.  Thus you are thinking in 3 dimensions. (ie. Comprehending the 3rd)

And just to confuse matters a little more.  Just because these dimensions are listed in number order, does not mean that there is a direct linear (straight line) correlation between these dimensions.  This method of notation is merely to help with the understanding mode.  When viewing this in comprehension mode you will find this to operate without the confines of linear correlation.

1st dimension

The dimension of Existence and creation thought.  Note that this is not conscious thought in any way, though to explain this I would suggest you think in terms of the basic building blocks of our universe, i.e. ENERGY.  It exists, it creates, it is. This dimension is also responsible for (as one of many things) the existence of all that is primal in thought.  So let’s call this our (and for all that lives) instinct.

2nd dimension

The beginning and level of conscious, rational thought. For a clearer understanding think of this in terms of what you are able to express on a flat piece of paper.  Yes you can draw a picture, yes you can calculate the answer to a formula. Add 1+1 in your head?...  As humans this is one of the primary dimensions in which we function, and think.

3rd dimension

This is the dimension of Perception, and essentially refers to the physical place in which we live I.e the physical universe as we can feel, see, touch, smell etc. it.  It is a multidirectional environment and direction exists.  This is also a dimension where space (places) and time exist.  You are able to go somewhere else, and be there at a specific time.  As humans this is one of the primary dimensions in which we function, and think.

4th dimension

For lack of a better description this is essentially the spirit world.  The place where our, and all, spirits reside.  In this dimension there is no direction (or space) or time, yet these concepts do appear to exist, for our interpretation of them.  Most self aware species, in the 2nd and 3rd dimension, have awareness of this dimension, and spiritual growth increases awareness, as well as our ability to consciously function in this dimension. 

Examples of this include meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming.   Full functioning and awareness appears to be only likely when we are not attached to a body, residing in the 2nd and 3rd dimension.  Thinking in terms of this dimension (comprehension) is fully possible, but remains challenging at best. This since one has to wonder if conscious functioning does not simply constitute 2nd dimensional understanding, rather than actual comprehension of the 4th.

5th dimension

Parallel universes.  The universal balancing act.  Though from all definitions the 5th dimension here operates on the same principles as the 3rd dimension. However it gains its presence from being the balancing act for the 3rd dimension (described above), and derives, in multiplicity, from the 4th.  Fully understanding this is extremely challenging, except when one considers the key.  These exist as an alternate 3rd dimensional existence, which only exist in parallel to the 3rd described above. I repeat the key, “parallel”. To help you further understand this I would suggest this, though regrettably this remains an extremely simplified explanation : “For every choice you make, consciously or not, there is an alternate you out there, that are making the opposite choice you have made.  This to ensure universal 100% balance”.  Well, of course you have to wonder if that choice was really yours?….  Hmmm….

6th dimension

Time or not? This dimension is not so much a dimension that can be perceived from within the confines of the typical human mind, which typically operates within the confines of the 2nd and 3rd dimension.  In fact it can not be interpreted in those terms at all.  The comprehension of this dimension requires the application of this dimension to all others in existence.

In this dimension it states that time does not exist.  That does not mean everything is forever.  It means everything is NOW.  A subtle but very distinctive difference.  And even thinking of this in this way, offers merely an understanding of this dimension.  Not a comprehension

Allow me to try to illustrate:

-                     There are 2 souls, one (call it A) died in the year 2007.  The second (call it B) died in 2008.

-                     (A) decided to move on and reincarnate into a next body immediately.  That means that when (B) arrives in the spirit world (A) is no longer there, right?...

-                     WRONG.  The spirit world has no time and because there is no time, even though (A) has in the 3rd dimension moved on, (A) remains in the 4th at the same time as when (B) arrives there, and they both remain in the 4th dimension forever . (NOW) (where time does NOT exist).

Understand this and you have made significant progress towards comprehension. However realize that what is presented here is merely scratching the surface of comprehension.

7th dimension

Spacelessness.  Similar to the 6th this is a dimension which does not easily fit within the typical confines of our limited 2nd and 3rd dimensional minds.  However this dimensions states that space does not exist.  I.e. there is no places, anywhere. Conversely - Everywhere is Everywhere - is Nowhere - is Anywhere - is Everywhere – IS NOTHING, yet is everywhere and everything.

A little confusing, though not to much when this dimension is viewed on it’s own entirely.  The real confusion comes in when this dimension is applied to the other 6 dimensions.  And of course then one has to consider that this is the “start” of the 1st dimension.


So, next time(2nd & 3rd) when one has thoughts(2nd) of a spiritual nature(4th), realize(2nd) that you are having thoughts(2nd) of something(3rd), that has always been there(1st), thoughts(2nd) which are being balanced(5th) by your alternate(3rd), all of which is only happening right NOW(6th) and does not really exist (7th).

And now if your mind is exploding a little, that’s OK.  This is just your consciousness expanding to incorporate these totally unexpected comprehensions

Enjoy.  I assure you it just keeps on getting better.

Author Bio :
Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master with a passion for learning, and teaching. Pieter has established site called Wicca and Esoteric Library which is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the totally free distribution of the same, to anyone with an interest in topics of an Esoteric Nature. Pieter is also the founder of The Order of Perfect. which seeks to pursue objectives of spiritual growth and enlightenment, whatever this may mean.

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