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The Star Within

{written by : Joseph Schwartzman}

Article word count : 1013 -- Article Id : 1485
Article active date : 2009-01-29 -- Article views : 8098

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Article is about :
We each have a star within, a light of consciousness. In this beautiful meditation we experience being a part of the one consciousness. We unite with higher consciousness.

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A guided meditation from Hethball

This is Hethball speaking. Let us be together. Let us now have peace between us. Be calm and light. There is a star in the heavens. It is a glorious star. The light that shines from it is a glorious light. This light has a consciousness, an awareness. Inside this awareness is a Being. This Being has characteristics; its characteristics are your characteristics. Your Beingness follows the path of this light. What you are finds its nature in this Being – that is why what you are is important in the universe, because you are like other Beings in the universe. When you are most yourself, the light of what you are shines with the same light as the stars above you. Your Beingness expresses its Beingness. Come to understand that your Beingness has importance.

Now consider something else. There is a light that travels from afar, and it reaches you, and it fills you. When you are expressing yourself most clearly, you are expressing a heavenly light that has come to you from afar. When you come to understand what you are, you discover this light inside you. It is the unique experience of each individual to find this light within his or her self. It is your experience to find your light: the truth about yourself is in this light, the things that you’re missing, that you need to find when you open yourself up widely. Then you are allowing yourself to experience a transmission from beyond. What you seek is there, so concentrate on it. Find a comfortable position, let peace flow into you, and relax for a bit. Feel warmth pervading you, pervading your Being.

Now concentrate, and see what happens when you create a warming, a warmth in your heart area, sending warm energy into your chest and lungs. Let your chest area become hot. Let it become a flame, a fire that sends heat to the rest of your body. As you focus on this warm energy, your whole chest area becomes warm. Your shoulders become hot. The back of your spine heats up intensely. Energy is building up, so much you can hardly stand it. You’re now beginning to feel what it’s like to focus on your heart energy.

Notice that there is a light building up here also. Imagine that your heart area is emitting flashes of light. Don’t try to control them: just observe them, letting them go here and there. This is not something you can focus on specifically: rather, it happens without your willing it or worrying about it – it is just there, flashing, energy. You are becoming a light-filled Being. The light that you really are begins here, and this is the beginning of your consciousness, of the larger universe within. You join yourself to the higher lights when you begin to focus inwardly in this area.

Now focus on the warmth itself. Imagine it becoming red-hot, like a furnace. Heat is being generated, there is burning, a fire, even flames. See if you can visualize the burning from all around itself. How would it look if you were to stand at a distance, far away from yourself, seeing the burning on your chest?

Now focus this energy more specifically. Find the tunnels of energy within the light itself, within the burning. There are channels here, patterns of light going in different directions. The light tends to follow certain paths. By creating new pathways for this light to follow, you will find freedom from the restrictions of the past. You create new pathways to follow, and to travel within your own feelings and beyond yourself into other people. You can begin to express yourself outwardly though these energies by traveling along the light waves radiating outward from yourself. The heat you travel on is the heat that is you. The energy of the sun generates your energies in this life. It is who you are in the far distance, and the sun’s energy manifests itself in your heart. And you ride on these waves of light within yourself, and then you carry this outward, warming the universe.

You can use these energies to warm the circumstances around you, to find in other people a light that didn’t exist before, because you generate a little of it. You create a light that manifests within them when you ignite it with your fire. What you are comes from a distant light, and what you can be, where you are going in life, depends upon how you use this energy to further create yourself. That’s why we must always remember to keep in touch with these lights, to remember how we are being drawn in a certain direction, toward a particular point in space. And there is an immensity of love in the warmth generated by this sunlight. Who you are is created in this love. It is a powerful, warm force of creation, of recreation, of regeneration. The healing we look for is simply a matter of reexamining ourselves. When we expose ourselves more openly to this light, we find our healing is generated here. We are capable of creating this glow; we include others in ourselves and we find peace within ourselves when we generate this glow. Who we are forms from this space. That’s why we must keep it alight, because we keep our own consciousness as if on a fire, a light burning, and we create a wealth of understanding for ourselves and for others because we generate the light.

And now, prepare to come back to yourself, to come back to being inside who you are normally. As you go about your daily life, try to maintain some of the light within you, and keep it going. There will be a tendency to cool off, but remember what it was like to be there. Try to feel it more completely than you did before, and savor how it melts you within.

Now we will let you go.

Author Bio :
Joseph Schwartzman was born and lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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