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Safe Natural Headache Remedies: An Overview

{written by : Allura Adelson}

Article word count : 777 -- Article Id : 1489
Article active date : 2009-01-30 -- Article views : 9850

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Article is about :
Tired of relying on chemicals to ease your throbbing headache? Are you ready to explore the wide variety of natural alternative remedies for headache relief available today? I’ve compiled an overview of some of the most common and effective of these safe,..

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Tired of relying on chemicals to ease your throbbing headache? Are you ready to explore the wide variety of natural alternative remedies for headache relief available today? I’ve compiled an overview of some of the most common and effective of these safe, natural ways to stop headaches, including tinctures, herbals, homeopathics, and supplements.

You could have a tension headache, cluster headache, or a migraine. It could be caused by food or environmental sensitivities, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, dehydration, injury, a structural misalignment, or something unknown.

If you have frequent headaches, evaluate your lifestyle. Simple changes, such as eliminating dairy from your diet, can help. A little detective work can uncover the cause and solution to your head pain. Avoiding the excess chemicals in over the counter tablets, gelcaps or caplets is worth the time.

Herbals have been used for hundreds of years. They work gently in the system to ease headache pain, not necessarily as fast as chemicals, but they’re far easier on your body. Here are a few:

* Ginger or Cinnamon can be used as a paste applied to the forehead, or ginger tea taken internally. Sometimes headaches have their source in our digestive system, and the ginger is a digestive aid.

* Marjoram or Rosemary, brewed as tea, have been used for tension headaches and cold headaches respectively. Another use for Rosemary: put in boiling water, remove from heat then cover your head and the pot with a towel and inhale the steam. Ginkgo Biloba or Feverfew have been successfully used for migraines. Some combine Bay with Feverfew.

* Drinking a cup of Chamomile tea can calm you and relieve a headache. And an Ayurvedic recipe calls for Cumin and Coriander seeds brewed in a cup of hot water.

* Brigham, Burdock Root, Goldenseal Root, Lavender, Lobelia, Marshmallow, and Mint are also worth trying.

* Sinus Buster has a capsicum pepper nasal spray they say is very effective against a headache. (And it clears the sinuses, too.)

* Peppermint tea can also help a headache, and Peppermint essential oil, massaged into the temples, is recommended.

Other essential oils that many have found success with include Lavendar and Eucalyptus.

Homeopathy can be wonderful for headaches, though you must research which remedy is right for your particular ache, or consult a homeopathic physician. Some possibilities include: Bryonia, Ferrum, Gelsemium, Natrum Mur, and Sanguinaria.

Recommended vitamin supplements are: Melatonin – for cluster headaches, and Vitamin B2, B3, B6, Vitamins C and E, Calcium, and Magnesium are recommended. L-5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) has been successfully used for tension headaches.

Physical actions to take:

You’ll need help for:

* A chiropractic adjustment, or Shiatsu massage, using pressure points, other massage techniques, and acupuncture.

By yourself you can:

* Drink plenty of water to make sure you’re not dehydrated, take a warm water enema, or apply hot or cold compresses.

* Take a hot bath, or hot foot bath, perform yoga asanas, mild exercise, wear a magnetic necklace, or use acupressure.

* Apply healing ointments, such as Tiger Balm or Sen Sei Menthol Rub Ointment. These can also be used for other muscular aches.

* Head Relief can also be applied topically; simply mix a few drops of the tincture with a little lotion and rub it in. You won’t get the heat or the piercing scent but, because Divine Intelligence is the active ingredient in Head Relief it works in subtle ways not readily apparent to the scientific community. The tincture can also be taken internally - simply mix a few drops in a small amount of water and drink. I haven’t used Tylenol or Advil in ages because Head Relief does the trick. Sometimes it’s necessary to take it more than once, but that is true of all the other natural methods I’ve mentioned as well.

A relative newcomer, Head Relief has found success. One early client found it was the only thing that had ever worked to tone down or eliminate her monthly hormonal migraines. It eliminates your detective work in finding the best remedy for your particular kind of headache because it’s useful for any kind of headache, tension, migraine or cluster, as well as neck, or jaw pain.

This is only a partial list of alternatives to reach for instead of the aspirin or Tylenol. But if you keep getting headaches, examine your lifestyle. Are you getting enough rest? Eating foods that are good for you? Avoiding caffeine? Flourscent lights?

Take care of yourself. If pain persists see a doctor. But for the occasional headache, or migraine, join thousands of others who’ve found a gentler approach, and reach for a safe, more natural, non-drug based alternative.

Author Bio :
Grace Healing Arts P.O. Box 82 West Stockbridge, MA 01266 413-232-7715 © 2007 Grace Healing Arts. All rights reserved.

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