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Creating your world

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 1529 -- Article Id : 1494
Article active date : 2009-01-31 -- Article views : 7967

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Article is about :
The world you live in is your own personal creation. You are the divine creator of all that you experience. There are no gods or goddesses more exalted than you. As divine beings we are all equals.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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CREATING YOUR WORLD - The world you live in is your own personal creation. You are the divine creator of all that you experience. There are no gods or goddesses more exalted than you. As divine beings we are all equals.

You create your world with your heart and mind. Your mind directs the way your world physically manifests and what sorts of experiences you will have in it. Your heart channels your personal energy, your love. Love is the primary root energy from the source of creation. All of the physical worlds are woven from energies that have their source in love.

The more you improve the quality of your love, the more your world reflects your love back to you. Your world becomes more loving towards you as you become a more loving person.

The more you improve the quality of your thoughts the more accurately your world reflects your deepest desires. Your world is a direct manifestation of your dreams and aspirations.

By developing your heart and mind you can directly influence the world you create to make your world a place of more love, compassion, joy and abundance. You make your world a better place by making yourself a better person.

CREATING YOURSELF - You are a direct product of your divine will to exist. You create your physical bodies and the worlds your bodies inhabit. This incarnation you currently experience is an infinite being in its own right. You are distributed across space-time in infinite dimensions of parallel realities, all equally real or illusory.

Your current incarnation has many iterations each of which occupy a different alternate reality. In some iterations of this incarnation you may have different friends, a different career or vocation, different names or families, but each of them is you.

Some of your alternate reality iterations of your current incarnation are already realizations of your greatest dreams of who you might become. The difference between who you experience yourself being now, and how you might experience being yourself in one of these ideal forms is only a matter of vibration, just a subtle shift in energy.

By visualizing your aspirations of who you intend to be you alter your vibration, attuning it to those dimensions of creation where your dreams have already been realized. You then gravitate toward those realities; becoming drawn into worlds in which you manifest yourself in more harmony with your desired state of being.

You become the person you have always wanted to be by imagining yourself as you wish to be and then living it to the fullest extent to which you can reach. Little by little it all starts falling into place and you become the epitome of your greatest dreams and aspirations for yourself.

LOVING YOURSELF - Love provides the energy that drives all of creation, including how you create yourself and the world you live in. By learning to love yourself completely and unconditionally you release yourself from old thoughts and emotions that can get in the way of becoming the person you dream of being.

We often learn a lot of conflicting patterns of thoughts and emotions which can manifest in ways that lead to feelings of disappointment, anger, or frustration.

By loving yourself unconditionally in response to every situation in life you begin to heal your conflicting thoughts and emotions, bringing yourself into balance so that your thoughts and emotions evolve to reflect who you truly wish to be.

We often hold things against ourselves which we regret. We may even tell ourselves we are bad because we hurt ourselves or we hurt someone we love. It is important to let go of any judgments we hold against ourselves as these judgments prevent us from loving ourselves 100%.

Anything we do is done in context to who we are in that moment and what our resources or limitations may be.

We always do our very best in every circumstance, even when, in our own judgment, we may feel we could have done better but failed to do so.

Judging ourselves does incredible harm.

To more fully love yourself you must stop judging yourself. Accept who you are with love and gratitude and your love for yourself will grow stronger and healthier.

WHAT IF I HATE MYSELF? - Hating yourself is a good beginning point to learn how to love yourself. When you hate yourself you have strong ideals which you believe you have failed to live up to. Those ideals are something to love about yourself.

If you have sometimes failed to do the best thing in hindsight, or perhaps acted out of malice, remember that you can still choose to do better now. By making the better choices, as you see them, more often, you will learn to love yourself more.

It does not matter what anyone else’s opinions about you may be, so long as you improve your own opinions about yourself.

You are the most important person in your life, no one else can be more important. You are your own closest and most constant companion through this life, so learn to be good to yourself.

When self hatred consumes you stop a moment to breath. Anger directed against yourself can turn into depression. There is no need to be so angry with yourself.

Anger is an ephemeral emotion, it goes away on its own. Unfortunately, there are tricks we learn to use to keep our anger going. Blaming ourselves is one of our anger feeding tricks. Blaming others feeds our anger too. Blame is useless, it can only result in anger, pain or resentment.

When we accept our responsibility for creating and maintaining our anger we empower ourselves to make better choices about the emotions we feel and we can choose to love ourselves more often, until at last our hate goes away.

COPING WITH ANGER AND HATRED - Anger and hatred are some of the most powerful emotions we are capable of feeling. Part of their power is derived from how easy it is to stir them up.

We tend to collect and nurture many different ways to get ourselves angry or maintain our hatreds because when we are in pain it may give us some sense of relief from our pain if we become angry or if we express our hatred by being cruel or mean in response to our pain.

Loving ourselves is an alternative way to respond to any pain, anger or frustration we may feel.

While our anger and hate can be used to manipulate others into behaving in ways we may find more appealing such as by placating us or humoring us, using anger and hate to manipulate others is self defeating because it ultimately alienates us from the people we love most.

Another addictive property of anger and hate is that they make us feel more powerful when we feel anxious or afraid.

Fear is the root of all anger and hate.

Fear of not being loved is the ultimate fear.

By learning to be more loving in response to situations in which we feel threatened we learn to manage our fears and this reduces our need to feel anger or hate.

The less we rely on anger or hate the more love we are able to experience. The more love we choose to feel the more we release ourselves from defensive habits that rely on our anger and hate.

We ultimately free ourselves from all anger and hate by choosing to love at all times.

WORKING WITH LOVE - Love is an easy emotion to work with. Even when we feel as if no one loves us, we are still able to love ourselves. Even when we feel as if we hate ourselves it is still possible to love ourselves.

Every negative emotion has its roots in denial of love. So whenever we feel anything which hurts us or frightens us we have an opportunity to examine our circumstances in order to see where we are denying our love in our lives.

By choosing to love in response to all circumstances we open our hearts and enable ourselves to be more loving and to feel more loved in response.

No one can ever do anything so horrible that no one will love them. But we can often feel so horrible about ourselves that we deny others the opportunity to love us, or we may deny ourselves the joyful experiences of feeling loved by those who sincerely love us.

By encouraging ourselves to be more loving we break the habits that maintain our worst feelings about ourselves. We replace those terrible feelings about ourselves with more and more love.

The best way to practice being more loving is to nurture ourselves and everyone we meet. Nurture is a manifestation of love that strengthens and heals us physically, mentally and emotionally. We benefit from every compassionate act of nurture we do.

We need not wait for anyone else to love or nurture us. Nurturing ourselves and others is a choice we can make at any time. When we make the choice to nurture we are creating our world with love.

Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is a member of Gharveyn, a collective of people sharing one body. Gharveyn's members have many different skills and personalities. We tell many strange tales regarding our spiritual journeys. Greg is our best writer.Our experience includes working as a psychic reader. We teach Metaphysics & Parapsychology, Sociology, Psychology, Tarot and Alchemy, and more… Our Spiritual Counseling work specializes in helping people disoriented by Spiritual Awakenings. We promote Love, Peace, Compassion and Nurture. Namaste, Blog:, Home:

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