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The Awesome Power of Alpha

{written by : Satina M. Scott}

Article word count : 3499 -- Article Id : 1522
Article active date : 2009-02-05 -- Article views : 9653

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Article is about :
First of all, I want to make it clear that I don't expect or even want you to just sit here and unquestioningly believe everything I'm about to tell you. What I DO want you to do is to listen with the idea that it COULD be true, and then..

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First of all, I want to make it clear that I don"t expect or even want you to just sit here and unquestioningly believe everything I"m about to tell you. What I DO want you to do is to listen with the idea that it COULD be true, and then to USE IT and find out for yourself.

I say this, because what I"m about to share with you is so powerful, and yet so simple, that it seems nearly impossible to believe at first. But again, all I"m asking is that you listen, try it, and see for yourself whether it works or not.

Maybe you"ve heard the saying, "What you think about, comes about." Or maybe you"ve looked into Religious Science, or the Science of Mind, which teaches us that we create our reality with our thoughts. Some of you might have come upon the Abraham-Hicks materials, or maybe you"ve been taught to use affirmations to get what you want. Maybe you"ve even even seen the new movie called, "The Secret," which teaches The Law of Attraction, that what we put out there is what we get back. That basically we are big magnetic forces, and whatever energy we radiate out into the universe is what ends up showing up in our lives.

And I"m here to tell you that all these things are true. But knowing all about them and even using them isn"t enough. There"s a very vital piece missing from all of these other valuable pieces of the puzzle, and I"m here to give you that piece today.

Don"t worry, it"s an easy one. In fact, it"s even easier than positive thinking. And at the same time, it"s so incredibly powerful that it makes all the pieces, taught in all the major religions of the world, fall together into a beautiful work of art.

The real key to changing your life isn"t in changing your thinking, it"s in changing your programming.

And the really great thing about that is, it"s actually easier to change your programming, than it is to change your thinking! Why?

Because your thinking is the result of your programming, and if you try to change just your thinking, your programs are still running, mostly working against you. Whereas, if you change the program, the thinking and everything else follows.

You see, your brain is like a computer, and it needs programs in order to know what jobs to do. Your programs create your thoughts, your ideas, your dreams, your self-concept, your physical condition, and quantum physicists are now gathering proof that these programs even influence the outside events that occur in your life! Your programming is the key to it all. Whatever you"ve been programmed to experience, from joy to depression to great health to cancer to failed relationships to a wonderful soulmate partnership, you will experience.

So, once we understand this, the next question is, where does this programming come from?

The answer is EVERYWHERE.

It starts when you"re born and doesn"t end until you die. It comes from your parents, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community, your schools, your job, your churches, your media. It comes from every interaction you have with the world or with yourself.

You actually program yourself all the time, but most people aren"t aware of this, and they unconsciously end up putting in even more negative programming that will create more of what they don"t want. And due to most people"s lack of awareness about this, as well as the negative intentions of many who are perfectly aware of this, the negative programming in our society is at an all-time high, as we can witness by the overwhelming amount of emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual disease we are all experiencing in our lives.

I"m here to help you change that. I"m here to give you back total control over your own programming.

It starts with understanding how your brain works.

And the first thing to understand in order to take control of this awesome source of creative power is brain states.

As the brain operates, it emits electrical energy. This energy is easily measurable by an EEG (electroencephalogram).

The important thing to be aware of is that it is this energy which pulses through your body and out into the world, carrying the programs which create your reality.

This crucial energy is measured in terms of wave lengths. Frequency is the number of waves of this energy that are emitted per second, and the unit of measure used is Hertz or Hz. But what you really need to know in order to gain control over the programming that creates your reality is to make use of these different wave length frequencies.

Don"t worry, it"s much easier than it sounds.

Psychologists have measured human brain waves and determined that they vary from one-tenth of a wavelength per second to over 30 wavelengths per second. And different wavelengths lead to different outcomes in the brain. The range of human brain waves has been divided into four categories, and each category leads to its own special set of results in brain and body functioning.

The four categories of wavelengths, or brain states, are Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.


Beta is the state we function at most of the time in our daily living. It is the wide awake state in which we use our five senses, use language and math, pay attention to time and space, use logic, judge things, put things into categories, analyze things, and multi-task. It is the fastest of all the brain wave cycles, ranging from about 13 to 30 Hz, averaging between 15 and 21Hz.


Alpha is the next slowest brain wave frequency, and we cycle in and out of it throughout the day and night. Alpha is the key to our power. Alpha is the magic state of consciousness which can give us whatever we want. In this very special brain state, we are still awake and aware, but we are not limited by space and time. It is the state of relaxed but alert concentration, daydreaming, meditation, and in its deepest, slowest frequencies, light sleep. It is the state of our most powerful creativity, as well as our highest level of reception to spiritual communication. Alpha is where Thomas Edison, Nicholai Tesla, and Leonardo DaVinci received their inspirations. It is where we experience psychic awareness and lightning-fast problem-solving skills. It is where self-healing happens. It is where we stop putting things into boxes and instead see things as part of a bigger whole, and it"s where we learn to live in harmony with one another and the environment around us. It"s even where we have access to our Higher Purpose, and the Higher Guidance that is waiting to lead us there. We automatically cycle into alpha during repetetive tasks when we don"t have to pay focused attention, such as taking a walk, working on an assembly line, dancing (when we"ve learned the steps already), playing music (when we"ve learned how), chanting, weaving, painting, and even writing (when we"re not thinking but just letting it flow.) And unfortunately, we spend a lot of time in alpha when we"re watching TV, because we can zone out and not have to think. Which means we"re getting programmed the whole time we"re watching, with whatever program for reality creation that the television programming is offering us. Alpha is so incredibly special because we"re still aware enough to consciously choose what to focus on, and yet our brains are in a very receptive and programmable state. It"s powerful because the brain is open to programming, and yet we have control over what kind of programming to install. It"s both receptive and active, and it"s the key to taking back control of the creation of our reality. Alpha brainwaves range from 7 - 14 Hz, which is our magic frequency.


Theta is the next slowest brain wave frequency, and is the state of deep meditation and dreaming sleep. It"s also the state of going into a trance, which is where you lose consciousness of what"s around you. It"s very receptive and programmable, but it"s not as powerful for your everyday use as alpha, because it"s not dynamic. Theta is only receptive. It is one-pointed focus. Your awareness focuses down to one concentrated point and you cannot pay attention to anything but that one point of focus. For example, when you"re dreaming, you are not aware of what"s going on in your bedroom around you, like the temperature of the room, the softness of the sheets, the position of your body. These things might figure into your dreams, because you"re never totally unconscious of what"s around you, but you cannot consciously choose to pay attention to these things in the middle of your dream. The same thing happens in trance. You become unaware of your environment and are simply a receptive channel for whatever programming is occuring, positive or negative. That is the weakness of theta. You cannot consciously choose what to receive while you"re in theta, you simply absorb whatever is happening. This doesn"t mean you can"t use the theta state to program yourself, too. You can. You can use theta state for hypnosis and sleep-programming, and once you know how to use alpha, you can use what you know to tap into the power of theta, as well. But you can"t use theta at any time during the day that you want to. It"s too deep for that. So it"s not nearly as useful as alpha, which can be used anytime, anywhere, once you know how. Theta brainwaves range from about 3 to 7 Hz.


Delta is the slowest brain wave frequency there is, and it is the state of deep, dreamless sleep, total unconsciousness, and at its lowest range, coma. There is evidence to suggest that this state is still receptive, such as coma patients being able to later recall things that were said to them when they were unconscious, and since it"s a normal part of the sleep cycle, it probably comes into play during sleep-programming, just as theta does. Delta brain waves range from about one-tenth of a wave per second to 3.

Okay, so now you know about the four brain states and what part they play in your brain"s operation. But there is another fascinating bit of information you need to know about them in order to understand just how powerful the alpha brain state really is.


And I mean POWER. Literally. We know that the brain emits electrical pulses of varying frequencies, and that these different frequencies have differing effects on what we experience. Now we need to add to that the understanding of the intensity of these frequencies.

You see, beta brain waves, the fast ones that make up modern, stressful, rational daily life, emit the lowest electrical charge. Which means that they have the least amount of power to truly create your reality. In fact, the slower your brain waves get, the more electricity they pulse out into your body and the universe, carrying your programming to be implemented. This is actually a very good thing, because it means that the critical, negative, rational thoughts that occur while in the beta state do not have nearly the power of the programming you install for yourself during the alpha and other states.

This is very important to know, because when you first begin changing your programming, you"re going to be telling your brain things that are not yet true in your physical reality, and your beta thoughts might interrupt you with things like, "That"s not true!" and "This isn"t going to work!" But when you realize that what you are consciously programming for yourself in alpha brain states carries literally more power than these weak, beta thoughts, you can simply let those chatterings go and continue on with your programming.

The faster the brain waves are pulsing, the more chaotic they are, as well. In beta state, there is a lot of static and the waves are kind of all over the place. The more the brain waves slow down, the more harmonious they become. Or in other words, the less static there is to deal with. Deep alpha, or the slowest end of the alpha range, is therefore going to be better for programming than light alpha, where the brain waves are still erratic and cycling in and out of beta range. Deep alpha is where our power resides. And since most of our programming from the outside world happens in light alpha, where there is more static, the programming we replace it with in deep alpha is much more powerful and therefore more able to supercede the negative stuff.

When you master deep alpha, you master the ability to create your own programming, and when you do that, you tap into the awesome creative power of the universe. You have the power to counteract any negative programming you"ve been exposed to, as well as to create programs that will result in any kind of reality you prefer to the one that"s currently being created.

There is one thing I want you to remember as you start this process. Once you begin to really develop this power and realize and prove to yourself that you are in absolute control over your life, it"s important that you don"t beat yourself up if your life is not everything you want it to be right now. After all, we just discussed how much garbage programming goes on constantly, all day every day from every source in your life. If there are things in your life that are other than the way you want them, that just means you"ve had some crappy programs installed that are now running fiercely, freely continuing to create the reality you don"t want. It may take some time to counteract it all, but you can do it, one program at a time, and every single time you do, you"ll see miraculous, wonderful, positive changes.

In fact, you are already changing some of that programming right now, just by sitting here listening to me in a receptive state of mind.

So, now that you understand what the alpha brain state is, the only thing left is to learn how to get your brain there whenever you want, and what to do with it once you get it there.

Let"s work on getting there first.


As I said before, alpha brain waves are produced when you are engaged in a relaxed state of mind where you don"t have to think about what you"re going to do next. They can also be induced by music and other sounds that entrain the brain waves to the frequency we want, as well as visuals such as images, lights, and colors. It"s very important to know what things induce these slower waves, because then you can not only induce them at will, you can also recognize when others are inducing them in you. For example, trance music that is played in the night clubs has a beat that induces alpha to theta brain waves, making people very receptive and taking away their critical or judgement faculties. This leads to high suggestibility, which leads to impaired impulse control as well as to people being easily manipulated by others. Combine that with the often destructive messages in the song lyrics and you have some very questionable programming going on.

Another example is the music played in department and grocery stores. Some stores use knowledge about brain wave frequency to play music that induces a slower brain wave frequency and thus lowered judgement and heightened suggestibility to advertising. And television advertisers certainly know the power of brain wave states. They choose their music, their visuals, their word choices, their colors, and even the placement of their commercials in order to create an environment in your mind that is just ripe to be manipulated into purchasing their products.

Religions also induce lower brain wave frequencies on purpose in order to put people into a more relaxed, less judgemental, and more suggestible state of mind. Sometimes these religious organizations have people"s highest good in mind, and sometimes not. What I find disappointing is that they use the power of alpha but they don"t teach it. In fact, the knowledge you are learning today used to be shared with only the most elite religious initiate after decades of rigorous, disciplined training. And then there are all kinds of other well-intentioned people who use the knowledge in things like guided meditation, singing, praying, chanting, drumming, crystal bowl singing, music, exercises, and all kinds of other alpha-theta-inducing practices without understanding the mechanics behind what they"re doing, or at the least, without explaining it to you. Once you understand the power of alpha, you"ll be able to make much more powerful and conscious use of all of these different options, and choose for yourself which ones will most effectively help you create your ideal life. And you"ll be able to modify and tailor-fit anything you find so that it gets you what you want as quickly and easily as possible, and with the most fun!

There are three critical things you need to know in order to take advantage of the alpha state.

First of all, alpha doesn"t use spoken or written language. The deeper into alpha you go, the further you get away from the state of your brain that deals in things like numbers, math, letters, reading, time, and space. The alpha brain state speaks the language of the five senses, and prefers pictures, symbols, sounds, tactile sensations, tastes, smells, and especially, emotions. Emotions are the strongest language you can speak to alpha, so the more emotion you can inject into your image, the faster and easier your electrical pulses can go out there and create it. And alpha loves symbols. Symbols injected with feelings are perfect, because they tap right into alpha"s love of imagery and bypass the critical judgements of beta. So to tap into the deepest powers of alpha, use emotionally-charged images and symbols to show it what you want in your reality. If you do use words, such as affirmations, you must positively soak them with emotion in order to reach alpha with them.

Secondly, you must remember that alpha doesn"t listen to negatives, such as "not" and "isn"t." Because of this, you must give it messages of what you do want, rather than messages of what you don"t want. If you tell it, "I don"t feel sick," for example, it will only hear "sick" and that"s what it will insert into your programming. And you certainly don"t want that! So now that you know this crucial key to reality creation, whenever you find yourself thinking about what you don"t want, very quickly flip that around and replace it with what you do want. Because your mind is always, always listening. Perhaps when you realize that children and animals function predominantly in alpha state, you"ll understand why you can"t change their behavior by telling them what NOT to do, but you can reach them with requests of what TO do. For example, "No more running in the house!" just registers as "running in the house" to the alpha brain state, and you"ll get more of that. But a request of, "Please walk in the house!" will be received and will more often result in what you want.

The third thing to remember about alpha is it is not rational at all. Which means that whatever you show it, it takes as absolute truth, and it goes right to work pulsing that energy out into your reality. All kinds of researchers have proven this. They"ve had athletes visualize perfect performance and found it was even more effective than physical practice! You can see now how worrying about something is really just programming for the worst outcome. Replace that with images of the outcome you want in order to get that instead.

Now you know the key to using the most powerful force of creation you"ve been blessed with. And you can tap into that power right now and create the kind of life you want to, using any of a myriad of alpha-inducing tools and techniques that exist to help you.

I wish you the absolute best as you use the power of alpha to make your own dreams come true.

Author Bio :
~Satina M. Scott Dharma Work Spiritual Empowerment Services 503-608-7187

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