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Message from the Sirian High Council - As Gaia Rings

{written by : Patrica Cori}

Article word count : 1001 -- Article Id : 1545
Article active date : 2009-02-11 -- Article views : 7969

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Article is about :
As Gaia strums the chords of her heartstrings, her song ringing throughout the Universe, the music of the spheres resounds with the lights and sounds of your solar deity in transformation. The Earth, your planetary family, your Sun, that brilliance that is the galaxy ...

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As Gaia Rings....As Gaia strums the chords of her heartstrings, her song ringing throughout the Universe, the music of the spheres resounds with the lights and sounds of your solar deity in transformation. The Earth, your planetary family, your Sun, that brilliance that is the galaxy in which you currently appear – all are tuning their instrument to the higher octave in the Universal chorus of life. Your planet is ringing new frequencies into the Cosmic sea and all intelligence is attuning to the cosmometric proportions that are woven into the light strings of love holding us in the Oneness.

Ours is a distant lens upon Earth affairs, yet we are so near to you that we can feel the warmth of your breath and hear the thoughts that delight or torment you. We feel great compassion for those who are drowning in that sense of hopelessness and dread, as all the outer realities that have appeared to be secure are disrobed of the illusion and seen for what they are through the dim light of those who would manipulate events to control you. These controls have always been there. They were simply veiled, awaiting the structures that would hold your race back from a global uprising once the mass mind awakened from the slumber of so many civilizations past to present.

If you will only look back objectively upon the pages of the human story, you will recognize similar epochs of war and destruction, the deceit and omnipotence of the few, the violent chord, the decline of the human spirit – just as you will read of the Enlightenment, the Renaissance, the re-birth – when the cyclical nature of life lifts humankind from the dust and the ash and is reborn.

Those who intend to destroy you simply cannot conquer the human spirit. They cannot kill the light, dim the brilliance, inter you in their darkness. They have tried to ‘unplug you’, to infect you, to numb and silence you...yet still you rise, for within you all is the blueprint of the Cosmic Soul and its primary objective: to be LOVE. Some leap from their sleep, filled with the wonder. Others cling to the comfort of the dream, denying themselves the splendor of the early morning sun – but all rise. All eventually awaken.

Within you is the eternal flame, which cannot be extinguished, no matter how great the force of obstruction would so will it. Within you is the sense of wonder, the beauty, the sensitivity, the trusting child ... the loving nurturer.

What the disempowered are NOT seeing is the enormity of your light emerging, the luminescence that pours the light of the human heart into the Cosmos, for this has never been brighter than now, this moment, this time of untold awakening amongst you. And yet their fear blinds them to it, just as it destroys their will and deters them from joyously walking the path of the soul’s design.

As you walk through the Desert Days of life there upon your Earth, for these have indeed begun, tossed about in the daily whirlwind of emotions, world events, the tether of contrasting forces pulling at your sense of hope, of faith, of vision for what is to come ... you know deep within you that all is in Divine Order as it always has been and forever will be.

You know it. You live it. You are the Divinity and the love and the order in chaos.

The giant waves of Gaia’s rebellion have recently swept over you with an eerie vengeance, calling you to attention. These messages, screaming out from Earth’s core, are coming far more rapidly now, far more powerfully than ever before. All is changing. All is being redefined, updated, attuned to the new that forever awaits you, eternal creation. When you give pause to the contemplation of these upsetting events, we ask you to forever bear in mind that the Earth, great Cosmic Deity, is also the carrier of the flame within – and all is infinite, all is in a constant state of change and evolution.

Your fearing these events creates far more destruction than your acceptance of them – your understanding that the Earth Changes are the manifestation of your Deity in transformation (and all life within the Earth realm) and that She knows exactly what to do. The vibratory patterns of terror and fear amplify the magnitude, altering the manifestations of Earth Changes and this the Power instrumentalizes to exacerbate the emotional disharmony of your world populations.

We hear your doubts and questions regarding the violence of the Earth and the death of the many in the wake of Gaia’s rage and we wish to tell you this:

However difficult it is for you to accept what appears to be meaningless death and destruction, never forget that those who take themselves to the moment of Gaia’s rage, the innocent who swim in the waters; the not-so-innocent who commit to the killing fields of war and violence...all have an appointment and are aware, at the soul level, that they are fulfilling a soul pattern when they elect to leave the Earth School of Karma. Even the children. The age of the soul has no direct reflection in the age of the physical being and many of those who are washed away in the tide or buried in the rubble are old souls who came in for just a moment, serving a higher purpose or completing a contract that is not clear to those who remain, suffering the loss. All is divinely in order in the Cosmos of Soul.

Children of Gaia, if only you will lay your head upon the rich earth and listen you will hear the sighs and whispers, the anger and frustration, the love and the wisdom.... Know that the true Mother would not abandon her young nor obstruct the destiny of the one and the many.
Hold Center now. Steady as She goes, trusting all the way.

Author Bio :
Patrica Cori's books and CD, The Sirian Revelations, have enjoyed worldwide acclaim as wake-up call material for the expanding consciousness of humankind. They have been re-released to a vast international audience this year by North Atlantic Books/Random House Distribution and are also available in several foreign language editions. With her latest project, Where Pharaohs Dwell, Patricia delves into the secrets of immortality and our stellar origins through her beloved Egyptian landscape, exploring the magic of the ancients. The book is scheduled for release in Fall of 2009.

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