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Did The Queen of Sheba Really Exist?

{written by : Juraj Sipos}

Article word count : 529 -- Article Id : 1569
Article active date : 2009-02-17 -- Article views : 9665

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Article is about :
A brief overview and reflexion on the Queen of Sheba - who she really was?

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Sibyls were originally ancient priestesses of Little Asia that could reveal the will of gods. Some ten important Sibyls may be found throughout history, but their number is often a little higher and differs.

People believed that Sibyls could reveal the future, thus, carefully guarded Sibyl books came to life. In the ancient Rome, the College of Priests and only the Senate was entitled to give consent to peep into the secret rooms, and in extreme emergency only.

We have records about the Libyan Sibyl, Delphic Sybil, Persian Sibyl, Samian Sibyl, Hellespontine Sibyl, Erythraean Sybil, Tiburtine Sybil; and here in the part of former Czechoslovakia we also have our local Sibyls, for example, Libusa, who is mentioned on records in a manuscript from the year 1624 in the Prague"s Public Bibliotheca and the manuscript considers Libusa to be one of the ten Sibyls (source: Slovník náučný, Praha, 1870).

The original Sibyl books are mostly associated with the Cumaean Sibyl, who appeared as an old woman in Rome and visited Tarquinius (the Etruscan king of Rome). She offered him nine prophetic books written in the Greek hexameter, but for an exorbitant price.

Sibyl books were the first important prophetic books of our European history. They were stored in the temple of Jupiter on Capitol Hill. The temple became a prophetic center of the Roman Empire like Greek Delphi. The existence of other Sibyl books is probable, too. But who was the Sibyl - the woman often associated with the name: Queen of Sheba?

Sheba is a territory with great historical significance. It lies south of the region of the historical Solomon Kingdom. The entire 34th Chapter of Qumran is called Sheba. In the tenth chapter of Kings, the Bible gives a record of the Queen of Sheba, as she visited King Solomon (1 Kings 10:1):
"And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to prove him with hard questions."

Unfortunately, the biblical reference is not anything solid for making a statement that the Queen of Sheba had prophetic abilities. Here the Queen of Sheba meets Solomon, who welcomes her by sending an envoy of troops, which implies that she was very important.

Although the Bible is not clear about the characteristics of this woman, there is yet another important record in the New Testament connecting the Queen of Sheba with the said chapter of Kings. In the Gospel of Mathew (Matthew 12:42), it is written: "The Queen of the South shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here."

Today we can find Sibyl sects all over the world. But they will probably hardly answer who was the Queen of the South. The biblical text about her is too obscure for us to understand. We know that she will have some important role in the judgment day, which plainly indicates her divine nature. Queen of the South is a mystery and will continue to be one until the day she comes.

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