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Realizing Your Potential by Understanding Your Energetic “Wiring” featuring Oprah Winfrey

{written by : Galen, }

Article word count : 1834 -- Article Id : 1601
Article active date : 2009-02-23 -- Article views : 7801

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Article is about :
What is it about the “rich and famous” that makes them who they are? Is it blind luck, divine providence, industry connections, family ties, or an unusually strong will? From what I’ve observed, it can be any and all of the above and much more. They’ve discovered their "Zone".

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What is it about the “rich and famous” that makes them who they are? Is it blind luck, divine providence, industry connections, family ties, or an unusually strong will? From what I’ve observed, it can be any and all of the above and much more. They’ve discovered their “Comfort Zone” or passion and prospered, literally finding their “balance point” between thoughts and feelings, and managed to succeed in ways that most of us only dream about. Although some of them may frequently exhibit questionable and erratic behavior, it’s all about the use of energy in the positive or negative.

Each of us possesses a unique "wiring" or “vibe” that compels us to function in a specific manner emotionally, mentally, and physically. This "circuitry" is literally encoded within the sound of our birth name as well as the date of our arrival and represents not only our emotional and mental responses, but also what we have a tendency to attract to us.

You can find your own “Zone” through the use of a unique, little-known numeric system developed over 2600 years ago by writing your complete birth name and a few inches under it, your birth date. Next, place the appropriate number over each vowel (A=1 E=5 I=1 O=7 and U=6). Add the total of each part of the name and place it as shown below. The sum total represents your emotional “frequency”. The following example, international talk show “celebrity super star” Oprah Winfrey, further illustrates how to apply the formula:
Birth name....O P R A H...G A I L...W I N F R E Y
..........................8...............2...............6................(8+2 +6)=16 (1+6)=*7........ Emotions

Birth date....1 / 29 / 1954

Always reduce the total above each name (first, middle, and last) to a single digit underneath with the exception of combination numbers *11 and *22, both considered to be "Master" energies and indicators of more expansive activities.

After you’ve completed the birth name/birth date formula, the next step is to add the totals together to find what your "COMFORT ZONE" is. If you experience any difficulties "formulating", you can go to my interactive website at and press the “Your Zone” button. You’ll also find a plethora of answers to many of life’s annoyingly repetitive and challenging questions.

In the example shown above, Oprah’s Zone is 11 (7+4).

Oprah’s 11 “COMFORT ZONE” is a *MASTER frequency having the potential to place her in “larger than life” scenarios that are in constant need of balance and resolve. Diplomacy is the key, accompanied by accelerated activity and "bigger picture" daily occurrences that are all part of the norm. 11 "burns brightly" and requires high quality "fuel" involving the avoidance of "junk food" while paying close attention to times when rest and emotional recharging (7) are in order.

This is the “zone” of vision and “all things possible”. This is also a combination energy that can be very "drama-driven"...the term "Drama Queen" comes to mind. Fortunately, Oprah appears to have an extremely proficient and loyal crew that does a great job with assisting her in using this demanding frequency in a balanced manner.

The sensitive 7 that “motors” her emotions is very private yet healing and will always attract the injured and needy. Perfection usually accompanies this energy, so if something isn’t working the way she “feels” it should, it bothers her emotionally. The 7 also has potential "trust and betrayal" issues along with a tendency towards reclusivity...probably one of the major reasons she and Steadman have never "tied the knot".

Intellectually, Oprah’s word is her bond and creating structure/stability/reliability is what 4 is all about. It’s also unwise to change plans or format without letting her know in advance. Intellectually, this frequency can be very difficult to "move" once the mind is "set" (4).

The Master 11 “Zone” is the electrified tour guide into the realms of the expansive unknown. 7s leave signposts along the way and 11s illuminate the paths to make sure we get there on time.

The energies as they occur in our emotional, intellectual, and “Comfort Zone” “wiring” play a significant role in how we function. The numeric frequencies are explained in the following paragraphs. Each numeric section is designed to explain how our thoughts, feelings, and “Comfort Zone” operate…hopefully in harmony.

1_ is the energy that provides a great sense of accomplishment doing things that are "off the beaten path", considered the frequency of independence, pioneering, originality, self-employment, and creativity. If there is involvement in the arts, a deep thought/feeling of satisfaction and purpose will accompany your creative efforts. If you"re in a position of leadership, there will be a natural flow and purpose in your ability to lead and influence others

2_ is all about balance and facilitation and a higher level of sensitivity should be your inherent "signature". 2 is the energy of multi-level association and networking. The act of facilitating, sharing, and nurturing partnerships will satisfy the characteristics of this energy but be careful not to lose your emotional or intellectual identity in the process (depending upon where 2 is expressed). 2 is considered to be the "chameleon" known for its ability to "go with the flow".

3_ is the frequency that extends to all aspects of ambition, expression and "spotlight" activities. This is the energy of showmanship, humor, and "hamming it up" designed to share the lighter side of life in its most minute, graphic detail. This is also an energy that especially requires recognition for all of its creative and illuminative efforts. Depending upon where it’s located, lack of recognition can hurt (either) your thoughts, feelings, or both, especially if it’s located as your “passion” (Comfort Zone).

4_ in action may experience times when it seems as though the world that has little or no respect for timing, order, structure, or placement. Your greatest opportunity for finding balance wherever your “4ness” is functioning will involve placing yourself in arenas where you have some aspect of responsibility and control over the outcome. Obviously, this is a favorable energy for working in positions of management ("head of household" falls into this category) and caution must be taken so that order and structure are able to incorporate some flexibility and/or ability to change if the situation requires it.

5_ is usually an indication that there"s "gypsy blood in your veins” and a carnival passing through town looking for a person of your caliber to hire. All kidding aside (not really), if your lifestyle involves change, transition, movement, daily challenges, communication, and some occasional traveling, then life is good and you"re where you need to be, oftentimes, one step ahead of the "love" or job you recently left behind. This is the frequency of the "low threshold for the boring and mundane", and boredom is not only your worst enemy but also most likely the reason why mood-alleviating medications have become so popular in our society.

6_ energy can make life a continuous nurturing experience that entails sharing time, energy and information from the moment you’re able to communicate until you take your final breath and move on to the "Great classroom in the higher dimensions". This is also the frequency of learning, often creating the role of "life long student" that will always place you in positions that involve sharing what you know and "telling it like it is" sometimes to the extremes. 6 carrys with it the by-product of idealism and represents a myriad of challenges that deal with possible major disappointment when expectations fail to be met. If 6 is in your “Comfort Zone”, disappointment can hit you on the emotional and intellectual levels simultaneously.

7_ is all about knowing/sensing the unknown and the majority of your livelihood involves analyzing daily occurrences and looking at life from the "inside out". This is the most thought provoking of all the energies and is designed to share its knowledge (at a safe and calculated distance) and be drawn to finding "truths" that exist behind the many veils of illusion in this realm. This is also the frequency that works well in all related medical and educational fields. Wherever it’s located (thoughts, feelings, “Comfort Zone”) it can be depleted quickly if you’re in the presence of “needy” people. Not to be overly concerned since it is also an energy that recharges rapidly when you separate from the “drain” and find a place of momentary solitude.

8_ can represent a high level of responsibility and there will be issues of the proper usage of power and delegation of authority that will accompany you throughout your lifetime. If you visualize a wheel, 8 is the "hub" that all of the spokes are attached to. This is the energy of business, organization, wealth, and hard work in general. There may be a tendency to see things as polarized...right and wrong, black and white, good and bad, hot and cold, etc. Depending upon where 8 is expressed (thoughts, feelings, “Comfort Zone”), "Gray areas" can present challenges to this particular frequency.

9‘s_ primary theme is to be of service to mankind in more ways than you can ever begin to imagine. The challenges you"ll face will always involve assisting without interfering, giving without expecting anything in return, and not taking things too personally. This can be one of the more demanding frequencies because it’s a natural magnet for people “in need”. Often times there’ll be a tendency to attract “partners” who have unfinished business with either or both parents/ex-mates. This can be one of the more abused energies if caution isn’t exercised. Learning to say “NO” can be a major challenge depending upon where this energy is expressed.

11_ is a MASTER frequency and has the potential to attract you to situations that are in constant need of balance and resolve. Diplomacy is the key with this energy, and drama, accelerated activity, and "bigger picture" daily occurrences are all part of the norm. 11 "burns brightly" and requires high quality "fuel" to avoid "junk food" and pay close attention to times when rest and recharging are in order. This is the energy of extraordinary vision and "all things possible"….very charismatic and what I often refer to as the “EF Hutton” frequency…when 11 enters the room, everyone notices. This is a great energy for media and mass communication. It’s important to be conscious of knowing when to speak and when to listen.

22_ is another MASTER energy (builder, caretaker) and the world is your "constructional playground" (the bigger, the better) that will involve (metaphorically) creating and maintaining the pathways that mankind will be traveling upon. This is the frequency of elevated intuition. Keep in mind that we"re all here to learn from our mistakes and allowing those around you to make their own (and learn from them) is all part of the greater plan. The “knee-jerk” reflex of 22 is usually to push the errant participant aside and complete the project in the manner it deems as correct thus sabotaging the other person’s evolutionary process.

Author Bio :
Galen is a former musician/entertainer, artist, current CBS radio personality (WCCO, Minneapolis), the author of "A Simple Guide To Understanding Children", and a life-long observer and numerical interpreter of human behavior. For appearance schedule or consultation he can be reached at (916) 220-0222 or

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