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Tantra III

{written by : G Kumar }

Article word count : 889 -- Article Id : 1653
Article active date : 2009-03-06 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
About, Tantra, the Science of Transcendence

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Tantra & Vedanta

The Upanishads deal with the Science of the Absolute and Upanishadic philosophy is called Vedanta.

Veda means knowledge and Anta means end. The end of Knowledge is practical transcendental experience.

In the void of Mind involute

The fleeting Universe rises and floats

And sinks back into the current "I" ( Vivekananda - The Hymn of Samadhi )

While Vedanta focusses on Sat, the Existence aspect of Being, Tantra focusses on Chit, the Knowledge aspect of Being. The whole Universe is the play and display of this mighty Consciousness Force known as Chit Shakti in the Tantras. While Yoga talks about five sheaths or koshas, according to Tantra, life is an unfoldment of the Self through six energy centres called chakras. These six energy centres exist in our subtle physical body. The Serpentine Power known as the Kundalini (which lie coiled as a serpent in humans), can be awakened by Meditation. When awakened, She rises from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra to liberate Man.

When She ( Kundalini ), the miscrocosmic power of the macrocosmic Shakti, rises from from the Root Chakra & reaches the other Chakras, siddhis or paranormal powers maniest. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, distant healing, the ability to see Auras & ultimately Trikala-jnana ( the power to know Past, Present & future ) all manifest in the aspirant. The aspirant should not be intoxicated by these siddhis. If he tries to exhibit the siddhis or paranormal powers, he may not reach the Goal of Life. Instead he should ignore these powers of the mind & continue his Tapas till he is liberated.

Once the Golden Serpent rises, your thinking will change.Your perceptions will change. Then you need not rely on books. Then your mind will become your book. This wonderful phenomenon called the mind is a repository of endless knowledge. Once the Kundalini via the Sushumna rises, we reach a transcendental plane. The main aim of the Yogi is to open the Sushumna.

Tantra is inextricably linked with Veda. Tantra is derived from 2 Sanskrit words Thanu Visthare ( to expand one"s Consciousness ) & Thran Rakshane ( to liberate one from darkness ). Veda is derived from the Sanksrit Vid ( to know, particularly one"s Self )

What is the use of knowing everything

If one doesn"t know the Self ?

Is there any substratum for the Universe? Yajnavalkya, the greatest Seer before Buddha, told Maitreyi that it is the Self, for which all Heavens and Nature yearn ! It is not for wealth"s sake that wealth is loved, it is for the sake of the Self. It is not for fame"s sake that fame is loved; it is for the sake of the Self! This Self is to be known; this Self is to be comprehended!

Five types of Vid have been identified

Vid Sathayam ( Knowledge of Being, Ontology )

Vid Vicharena ( Knowledge of Thought, Epistemology)

Vid Labhe ( Knowledge of Self-Gain )

Vid Chetnakhyana Nivaseshu ( Knowledge of Consciousness )

Vid Jnane ( Knowedge of the Self )

Science is derived from the Latin "Scire" which means to know. Scientia means knowledge and Science means organised knowledge. So Science and Veda are synonyms. Tantra is that special knowlege which expands and liberates !

Five branches of Tantra have been identified

1) Sasthra _ Ontology and Epistemology - The Science of Being

2) Kriya _ Techniques for the Centrallisation of the Self

3) Yoga _ Includes Pranayama, Asanas and Kundalini Yoga

4) Charcha _ Standardisation of knowledge through conference of Tantra scholars

4) Vijnana _ Experiential Knowledge of the Absolute Self


Sasthra is the mighty Encyclopaedia of the Seers ( Rishies ) who cognised philosophic verities in higher states of Consciousness. They wrote treatises on the subject and 64 Tantras have been identified. It is true that this Tantric knowledge was lost due to the cycles of Time. Now is the time to redeem it !


These are Tantric techniques and the norms to be followed for making Yantras. Also for centrallising the Self.


" One who knows not Pranayama should not do Puja " averrs Tantra. He who has integrated the Tripod of Life, Body, Mind and Self alone should be a Tantric. Priority is given to Yogic techniques and to Kundalini Yoga, techniques to arouse the Serpent Power which lies dormant at the Root Chakra.


To standardise knowledge, to reach an ideological convergence despite the many systems in Tantra and to develop the Science through practical research and intuitive experience, Charcha ( conference amonst Tantrics ) is needed.


Vijnana is Applied Wisdom. The Fire of the Lamp, which is an external symbol, should be integrated with the Fire within ( the Fire of the Absolute Self ). The aspirant begins with the equation that the Knowledge, Known and Knower are different on the dualistic level. Through Tantric processes, Knowledge, Known & the Knower become One ultimately ( Jnathru Jnana Jneya Abheda Bhavanam Sree Chakra Poojanam ) and the non-dualistic level is achieved.

In Yogic Psychology, red is the color of Rajas, White the color of Satva & Blue is the color of Tamas Rajas is humanity, Satva divinity & Tamas, bestiality. These are the triune attributes of Nature which vex the mind perpetually.

As the bestower of prosperity Thou art as red as Coral

As fair as Luna when Thou grantest Wisdom !

As blue hued when Thou embark on destruction

I take refuge in Thee, O Generatrix of worlds triune !

Tantra is the protecting mother of Astrology. All astrologers are aware of Tantric techniques which remove mortal dross and raise the Serpent Power !

Author Bio :
Article by G Kumar, astrologer, writer & programmer of He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. Stock market investment advice can be got at

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