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Grounding; beginning to work with your own spiritual energy.

{written by : Erika Ginnis}

Article word count : 2670 -- Article Id : 1657
Article active date : 2009-02-27 -- Article views : 9478

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Article is about :
Grounding is a very simple and very powerful technique that brings your spiritual awareness into your body and connects you into this reality, where you are living and creating.

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My goal in this writing is to put in print some simple energy working techniques that I have learned and taught over the years in my own practice. These techniques are not bound to any one tradition, pantheon or spiritual path. I have seen them used in a number of different circumstances with very positive results. Take them and add them to your tool kit if you like them, or leave them if you don"t. However you respond to them, remember: As with any magical or energy working tools, they will only work for you if you actually practice them.

I am going to present the ideas in a specific order because I have found the techniques work best when they build on one another. Some of these tools will be second nature to many of you, and to some they will be a different twist on an old favorite. There are many, many great techniques out there, and these are just a few that I enjoy.

I will offer possibilities; use them as a springboard. It is my hope that these techniques will become a new doorway to your inner self, and that they will assist you to become more aware and present in your magical and spiritual work.


Grounding is usually the first technique that I teach anyone. It is the foundation upon which everything else is built. It is very simple and very powerful. I also think it is extremely important. I imagine that many of you have heard of grounding or have practiced it in some way. Most of the rituals and events that I have attended use this technique in some form. Since there are various ways to ground, let me start with some explanation about what I mean when I say “grounding.”

Grounding is the act of consciously creating an energy connection as spirit (sometimes visualized as a cord) into and through your body into physical reality/Mother Earth. Grounding brings your spiritual awareness into your body; it connects you into this reality, where you are living and creating. It allows you to have clear access to your own power and energy and your oneness with the Universal source.

You are a spiritual being, and by your nature have a great deal of power and energy. Your vibration is rapid and can be intense. You have a body (yippee!), which is an expression of you that exists in mundane reality, but since it is made of matter, the energy moves at a slower vibratory rate. (Hmm, this sounds like a public television physics program!) When you bring your spiritual energy into the physical body more fully, it can be quite a shock to the system.

Grounding helps keep the body (your sacred temple) a safe place for you to inhabit and experience life through, and prevents it from becoming overly stressed. It helps to keep your energy system safe when you begin to be more fully present in your life. It also helps a great deal when doing any kind of spiritual, meditative or magical working in general. It acts kind of like an electrical ground—it keeps you from getting zapped by an overload of energy. The act of grounding also brings power to your work because it aligns you as spirit with your physical body, so that you can be present and attend to what needs to be done. In addition, it increases spiritual and energetic awareness. It allows you to be senior in your own energy space. Another way to say that is you get to be the executive and make the decisions, responding rather than reacting based on past habits fears or beliefs.

Since grounding brings you present as spirit, you are able to know your own path, feel how you are feeling and be in alignment with your own energy regardless of the activity around you in the world. You can be in the world but not totally affected by it. In this way, grounding is like having a balloon on a string. If the wind blows, your balloon may move around some, but if you are holding the string (your grounding) your balloon isn’t going far. However, if you have a balloon without a string and the wind blows, you may be chasing it down the street!

One of the most important aspects of grounding is that it allows you to release energy.
Have you ever been at an event of spiritual and energetic power, a ritual or workshop, perhaps a concert, and felt slightly nauseated afterward or had a headache? Many times, this is a reaction of the body to more intense energy moving through it and not having a way to shunt off the excess flow.

Grounding is a great way to release energy! When you ground, you release unwanted or excess energy, and it gets transformed within this amazing living planet, our Mother Earth, and returns to you renewed. You can release anything down your grounding: people, places, things, experiences, thoughts, emotions. Everything is energy and can be released. When you let excess energy go down your grounding, you benefit everything. You get your own power back, and the energy released is able to return to where it belongs, renewed and refreshed. It reminds me of recycling in a way; you let go of what you are done with, and you get it back transformed. Also, if you are releasing someone else"s energy that you took on for some reason, that energy gets returned to that person. It works out well all around.

It is my opinion that the whole energy system of Earth (which I see as our larger body, our sacred mother) is set up to run in this way. We may label what we are releasing as “negative energy” but once we release it from ourselves, to the center of the earth, it is simply energy and becomes part of the flow. I believe it to be a connecting web of moving and shifting energy, of which we are meant to be a balanced part. I also feel that as more people remember and use their grounding, it will begin to revitalize the whole system as the energy begins to flow again.

It might be tempting to think that the only energy you would want to release would be tension or something unpleasant. However, letting yourself ground when running enjoyable energy is just as important. It can be just as difficult to be comfortable in your body with an excess of joy as it can be with an excess of anything else. Plus, higher vibrations need even more grounding. Grounding will let you be comfortable and allow more good to flow to you in your life, since you will be able to handle the energy.

Grounding is also not just for when you want to be “here.” I have found grounding to be an essential part of any kind of work, especially that which requires you to journey out of your body, such as path-working, dream work or other kinds of out-of-body work. Grounding in this sense keeps your body safe, comfortable and able to process what you are doing, so it won’t pull at you to come back and attend to it every five minutes.

I have spoken about grounding as it relates to spiritual activities, but I want to emphasize that you can be grounded anytime. I highly recommend grounding while playing, eating, making love, shopping, working, driving and so on, as well as during ritual or while meditating. Grounding brings you more fully present and conscious in your life, so that you can respond to situations rather than reacting from past experiences. It will enhance whatever you are experiencing, assist you to be aware of your path and also assist you to move through uncomfortable times more rapidly.

People sometimes notice when they ground for the first time that they become aware of aches or pains they could swear weren"t there moments before. The reason for this is simple, if you think about it. If you come into the body more fully, you are going to start to become aware of what your body is actually feeling. If you spend most of your time with your mind in fantasy or off in the future somewhere, you aren"t going to be very present to what your body is going through. The minute you ground, though, you align with the body and begin to tune in to what"s actually going on.

You might ask why anyone would want to feel tightness in their shoulders if they didn"t have to. My answer is this: If you know what is happening and know how you feel, you can begin to take steps to release and heal whatever is causing the problem. The body has much wisdom to teach us if we will but listen. If you ignore the body, it will get louder and louder in an effort to get your attention. I see many people who have begun their spiritual work because some physical ailment caused them to stop and pay attention. You do not have to wait; you can begin the process before you are “forced” to by circumstance.

The good news is: When you are grounded, things that are pleasurable are even more pleasurable. You also begin to raise the vibration in the body by grounding it and being more consciously present in it; this will allow an even greater capacity for experiencing the wonders of this planet. It will in turn increase your power and awareness, making you more effective in where you choose to direct your energy.

One of the examples I give my classes is this: Think of all the different books and techniques out there, all the things you can do, as being like a great wall of expensive stereo equipment. It has all the bells and whistles, the CD player and the DVR and the cool speakers. It looks great there on the wall, but none of it will do you a bit of good if you don"t plug it in! It really doesn"t matter how much you acquire, how many components you buy, if you can"t access it. It will just collect dust. Grounding is analogous to taking the power cord and plugging it into the outlet. Then you can use the system. Grounding gives you a way to access your power, because it brings you as spirit (which is the power source) into the picture. None of the techniques will do you much good if you aren"t grounded.

There are many good ways to ground. I will not touch on all of them by any means. I will pass on to you one form of grounding I personally use and enjoy. I hope you enjoy it as well. I teach grounding from the first chakra because that is the energy center that relates to physical reality. The first chakra contains information on how to survive and thrive in this reality, and since this is where we have our physical experience and where we want our healing and magic to manifest, I have found grounding from the first chakra to be a sound practice.

Enjoy your exploration with connecting into this planet by grounding. Remember, as with anything, that the experience will change with time. Bring your willingness to explore and allow yourself to be open to your own deepening awareness.


• Sit comfortably in a straight-backed chair or on the couch (as long as you don"t tend to nod off to sleep). Have your hands and feet apart and feet flat on the floor.

• Close your eyes (this helps you to focus inward).

• Take three nice deep breaths, breathe down into your belly and soften your belly as you breathe. It can be helpful (although it is not essential) to breathe through the nose, while keeping your tongue resting lightly on the roof of your mouth. This practice is from certain yoga traditions and is said to help encourage the flow of energy through your system.

• Relax as you breathe, noticing how you feel, how your body feels.

• Be aware of your first chakra. This is simply an energy center (vortex) that is located in the general area near the base of the spine. For women, the center is usually near the area between the ovaries (the chakra positioning doesn"t change if you have had your ovaries removed for any reason). For men, the location is slightly lower in the body, because the chakra placement is associated with the testicles.

• Be aware of this area, and allow a cord of energy to flow downward from your body, through the chair you are sitting in, through the floor and down through the building you are in, through the foundation and into the deep earth beneath. Allow your grounding to flow down into the earth past all the rocks and layers of the planet, past the water, deep, deep into the earth, into the heart of the Mother, until it reaches the center of the Earth.

• Allow your grounding cord to connect securely into the center of the planet. Be aware of your grounding cord being securely connected also to your first chakra.

• Breathe and relax and experience your grounding, your spiritual connection to this beautiful planet. Give yourself time.

• Notice how your body responds to your grounding and becoming more present in it. Release tension and discomfort down your grounding; allow it to simply drain away.

Your grounding belongs to you, and you can create it in any form you like.

• Change your grounding into a waterfall, flowing and cascading from your first chakra down through all of physical reality to the center of the earth.

• Experience this. Release and relax; breathe. Take your time.

• Next, change your grounding into the supple and strong root of a tree, allowing it to grow from your first chakra to the center of the earth.

• Notice how this changes your experience. Breathe. Enjoy.

• Now shift your grounding so that it is a laser beam of light, shining though everything straight down to the center of the Earth.

• How does this feel? Be with this for a moment or two. (Remember you can use any of these groundings at any time; they are simply different ways to experience this connection.)

• Now change your grounding once again. This time create your own grounding, flowing from your first chakra to the center of the earth. It can be any one of the three you used before, or something completely unique; it’s up to you. This is your very own grounding.

• Breathe, relax and experience.

• Use your breath and release down your grounding cord any tension, distractions or discomfort. Notice how you feel as you do this.

• Be still, as you ground and relax. If you have questions, this is the time to ask and listen for the answers. Or simply allow yourself to be.

When you are done, open your eyes, bend forward and touch your hands to the floor, as you relax your neck, and release any built-up energy around the head and shoulders into the earth. Slowly sit back up. If you journal, this would be a great time to record your experience. If not, then you"re ready to go on to the rest of your day or evening.

It"s useful to update your grounding now and then. To do this, simply release it and recreate it, allowing it to be whatever you need for the present moment. This is amusingly similar to upgrading a computer. As you need to process more energy (which happens as you meditate and work with your energy), you need more processing power (more grounding). It"s very simple. Say to yourself internally, I am letting my grounding be right in present time, right in the here and now, current for all that I need.

Author Bio :
Erika Ginnis, author of Essential Mysteries: A User's Guide for the 21st Century Mystic, has served as a Clairvoyant Reader, Healer, Ordained Minister and Spiritual Teacher since 1982. Combining additional study in New Thought, Theta Healing, Astrology, and Ritual Work as a 3rd degree Sylvan HPS, her private practice draws a variety of energetic traditions, and is open to all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. She is available in person and over the

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