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Vedic Astrology Part III

{written by : G Kumar }

Article word count : 556 -- Article Id : 1693
Article active date : 2009-04-11 -- Article views : 9002

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Article is about :
About Astrology, the Science of Time, an indicative science which indicates events happening in the Four Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, the Eternal Continuum in which we exist, live and breathe.

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The real path of the earth around the Sun is called the Ecliptic.

9 degrees to either side of the Ecliptic is a belt of the Heavens known as the Zodiac. ( Dante called it the Oblique Line that beareth all planets).

First 30 degrees of the Zodiac constitute the sign of Aries.

The next 30 degrees Taurus and so on. The Zodiac counted from the first degree of Aries to the 360th degree of Pisces is called the Tropical Zodiac.

The Limbs of the Tropical Zodiac

Sign Degrees

Aries 00 - 30 Taurus 30 - 60 Gemini 60 - 90 Cancer 90 - 120 Leo 120 -150 Virgo 150 -180 Libra 180 -210 Scorpio 210 -240 Sagittarius 240 -270 Capricorn 270- 300 Aquarius 300 -330 Pisces 330 -360

These 12 signs are the limbs of the Cosmic Man or Time Eternal ( Kalapurusha- The Almighty Self as Time )

Aries is His head, Taurus His face, Gemini His neck, Cancer His heart, Leo the place beneath, Virgo His belly, Libra His generative organs, Scorpio the place beneath, Sagittarius His upper thigh, Capricorn his lower thigh, Aquarius His leg and Pisces His feet !

The Zodiac is tenanted by 27 constellations each of them spread over an arc of 13 degrees 20 minutes. The Zodiac counted from the first degree of Beta Arietis ( Aswini) to the 360th degree of Zeta Piscium ( Revathi) is known as the Sidereal Zodiac.

Western Astrology is based on the Tropical Zodiac and the Vedic on the Sidereal.

The Portfolios of Planets

In the celestial Government of the Almighty, the Sun is the King and Moon is the Queen! Mars, the Defense Minister, Mercury, the Prince, Venus & Jupiter the Ministers and Saturn is the messenger!

The Sun represents the Soul of the Cosmic Man The Moon Mind Mars Physical Strength Mercury Speech Jupiter Happiness Learning & Wisdom Venus The Libido Saturn Sorrow

English Literature & Astrology

Homer referred to the mighty Orion. Cicero assigned divinity to the stars. The great philosopher Origen believed that the stars and the constellations were signs through which the Omnipotent Divine exerted His malevolent or benevolent Will. Dante was an astrologer like Newton, Bacon, Nostradamus, Companus, Paracelsus and others. To Dante, Astrology was the noblest of all sciences. Dante drew a parallel between the seven liberal arts and the seven planets in his Convivio. He gave grammar to the Moon & Dialectic to Mercury. Shakespeare referred to the \"operations of the orbs by whom we doth exist and cease to be \". Christopher Marlowe referred to the place where \"
Mars did mate the Carthiginians\"!

Count Louis Hamon ( Cheiro ) declared that the message boldly blazoned across the heavens ( the positions of the planets ) represented the Universal Will & that the precession of the Equinoxes ( 25,920 years - 360 degrees ) was so beautifully calculated by the Great Geometrician of the Universe & that all biological processes obey the divine order of the celestial bodies and this is expressed in the prayer we were taught long ago \" Thy Will be done, as in Heaven, so on earth\".!

When Pythagorus discoverd the Correspondence between the Nine revolving heavens and the nine numbers, Astro-Numerology was born.

When the Indian Seers discovered the Correspondence between the Nine gems and the Nine planets, Astro_Gemology was born.

Astrology as related to Yoga.

Correspondences - In Dante\"s Cosmology

The Seven cardinal virtues were represented by the seven
planets in Dante\"s Divina Commedia.

Jupiter Justitia Justice
Saturn Temperantia Temperance
Mars Fortitudo Fortitude
Sun Prudentia Prudence
Venus Gnosis Knowledge
Mercury Sophia Wisdom
Moon Understanding

Author Bio :
Article by Govind Kumar, astro scholar, writer and academician of His Google+ Profile is

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