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Becoming Radiant

{written by : Joseph Schwartzman}

Article word count : 1015 -- Article Id : 1786
Article active date : 2009-03-11 -- Article views : 8102

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Article is about :
Become radiant. Open up the love that hides within. Follow this beautiful meditation to inner healing.

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A guided meditation from the Carriers of Light

These are subjects that come from your heart. When you open your heart to love, you open yourself to the world. Look inside yourself and see the love that is there. You may find limitations. We are here to help you work through them.

Settle back and relax. Let yourself ease into relaxation. Let your body totally let go until there is nothing there at all, until there is nobody there, just a sense of peace. Look inside yourself and see if you can find hope. We want to find the hope inside you. Can you find what you’re looking for in life? When you find what you’re looking for, does it make you happy? Sometimes you find what you had hoped for, and then realize it wasn’t what you wanted. Then you are disappointed with yourself, and inside of yourself is an emptiness, a feeling that you looked and didn’t find, a sense of failure. Then you find that hope has become the enemy, and that you no longer believe in having things you had hoped for. You begin to reject what you want, because you think it won’t be any good when you find it. Self-respect is important for loving yourself. When your hopes seem pointless, your own existence may seem of no use.

The key is to understand the meaning of hope. Become aware of your hopes; identify where they come from, and choose a higher purpose. When you choose from your lower levels – from your ego, for instance – you choose something that will not work out for you, and your self-image becomes tied up in the disappointment you feel when your hopes and dreams don’t work out the way you wished. When you aspire to something, you must aspire to something that comes from the highest levels. You must ask yourself the meaning of what you’re looking for, identify it, see if it comes from above. You must search within yourself, not look elsewhere for the answers or depend on the opinions of others. You must learn to identify the inspirational level. By learning to look upward, you will find real answers to all of your questions; and when you find these real answers, your hopes and dreams are worthwhile.

Now think of something you hope for. If this thing were in your life, would your feeling toward yourself improve? Would you feel better about yourself? In what way would having it improve your self-image?

Now we ask you to consider something else. When you ask yourself, “How much love do I have in myself?” what happens in your mind, what do you see happening? Do you feel a conflict that prevents you from feeling love? We want you to turn your attention to this, give some real attention to this idea, because it is very important for you to love yourself, to increase the love that dwells within you. It is as if you have a body of love as well as a body of flesh. There is joy inside you, too, and this comes out of the love you give to others. First you must draw love to you and fill yourself with it. The universe will fill you up the moment you ask it to. Love is there, waiting for you to call it in. The substance of your being is made of this love, so when you call it to you you’re calling your own substance into life. Through the love within you, you create life where there may not have been life before. This love is a part of you; when you deny yourself this love, you deny the life that dwells inside you. Therefore let yourself flow outward into other dimensions via the carrier, the energy flow, which is this love.

Turn your attention to your heart, feel love filling your heart and opening it up. The love inside you comes directly from your soul – here is where your love meets the world. Your connection to the world through love is here in your heart. Have self-respect through loving yourself and it will flow outward from you; it will radiate from you, and you will give it to the world. Honesty and freedom will be yours, and love and warmth and affection on the highest level will fill all aspects of your being.

When you are in this state of love, all the heavenly beings are at your disposal; all of the highest heaven supports you. For it is the will of God that love will fill your heart, and surround you and others. Instead of being tied to the lower elements, you will align yourself with the highest calling of heaven. You will feel yourself being permeated by the love that comes to meet you, to join you. The energy around you will be filled with the force of this love, and you will respect yourself more now, because you’ve let this in, because you’ve let love fill you.

Go now, and take this with you into the world. Let this love be part of every aspect of your life.

We, the Carriers of Light, say to you: Let yourself rest and find joy and happiness in all that you do.

In a Nutshell

Look inside your heart and feel the love within you.

Are you disappointed by anything that you had hoped for?

Your radiance begins with hoping for things that come from your higher purpose, with loving and respecting yourself.

Let yourself hope for something that you imagine would come from the highest levels.

Notice how this hope elevates you.

Do you restrict the amount of love you can receive? Allow the universe to send you love.

You are made of love, so let it fill your heart.

When your heart is full, let this love flow outward from you.

You are radiating love as the sun radiates heat and light.,

Notice how much more you can respect yourself when you are radiating love.

Author Bio :

Joseph Schwartzman was born and lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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