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Unfulfilled desires

{written by : tina morrison}

Article word count : 1140 -- Article Id : 1787
Article active date : 2009-03-12 -- Article views : 8305

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Article is about :
(How to take and give. Importance of balancing your energy and controlling the intensity of emotions)

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Everyone has them. And the list can be very long. Average life span on earth is not long enough to fulfil most of your dreams. Majority of people are happy to accept a tiny friction of what is called ’happiness and prosperity’. Some are not even that lucky. They strive their whole existence here in order to achieve a dream which is always just out of their reach. And why is that? To answer that question it’s important to realize that on every level of existence there are different energy forces in charge. Here on earth, where dense physical energy rules everything, certain environment is established to support it’s existence.

Saying that, there are also intelligent forces, possessing a knowledge of how to manipulate this very energy for their own benefit. And I’m not talking here about beings occupying the physical plane. Those entities are demonic entities of lower Astral plane. Well, despite widely spread popular belief that they feed on our sorrows and sufferings, this is entirely not true. What they are after, is our joy and happiness. Anything that makes you feel happy creates light, high quality energy, which heals and gives you strength. Energy of Light, equals power. And demonic entities know that very well. Have you ever noticed that in the middle of great joy the tragedy often strikes? Look around, listen and observe. And perhaps, have a good look at you own life, and you’ll be surprised what you’ll notice. I’m not talking here about some random guesses either.

What really happens is, that once you experiencing joy and enough ’good’ energy is created, it tends to be snatched away ruthlessly. Once this is done, the good feeling and joy stops. Why? Because you become ‘empty‘. But of course, those entities will need ’feeding’ again, so they let you ’get up and lick your wounds’, and the whole process of building up ’good quality energy’ starts yet again. In fact, earthly existence equals endless cycle of this ’ups and downs’. This is a giant and rather macabre manufactory of energy which is constantly stolen from us. And I must emphasize, that although it happens to almost everyone, it doesn"t happen to everybody. There are those who literally ‘get away with murder’ and manage to live very well, often above the law. But I’ll come back to it later, in my other chapters.

For now, I would like to talk about unfulfilled desires. So, it’s obvious that happiness does not last on earth plane. Most of us try many times over to achieve something, and yes, each time you just get to the top, you never manage to stay there for too long. The fact is also, that we try every day, and are always on the outlook for an opportunity to get the hearts desire. You’re never too old to experience great love or serious money. Ask around, who for example doesn’t want to win a lottery? We hope every single day that this very day is going to be when the dream of some sort will come true. Such is human nature.

And this is good. However, one must remember where we are, and be aware of constant manipulation we’re exposed to. To survive here, is to learn how to play safe. It requires to develop a tactic of ’neutral thinking’, and eliminate the intensity of some emotions. Positive thinking is great, but it can very easily backfire if you are not careful. I can almost hear some people telling me off, and arguing, that you can never go wrong with positive thinking. Sure, as long, as the intensity is not taking over. Why? Because the high vibration of intense positive emotions are not in sink with low energy of earth plane. Remember, if you start to create very intense, highly valuable energy, it attracts all sorts of low entities to feed on it. Imagine being in dark forest at night and lighting some sort of lamp. The light is positive, helping you to see where you’re going, but it also gives you away, telling predators where you are, making you vulnerable. We live in predator world, which is reflecting the situation of lower dimensions of Astral world.

Subtle energy-operating is the key to ‘play safe‘. But it is also an art. To practice constant restrain, balance and control of your own emotions is not easy. Of course, the benefits can be enormous. What is peace of mind? Above all, a fine skill of neutral thinking. This alone is our greatest protection. Have you noticed how tiring intensity can be? Not only on mental level, but physically too. It can give you headache, effect digestive system, disturb sleep, and cause muscles pain. Intensity takes away the balance of your emotions. It makes you stand out, exposed.

So, one has to be vigilant. Avoid being over- positive or over-negative, and stay on neutral territory as much as possible. If your desires are vibrating along subtly controlled emotional expressions, there is more chance to get what you want and keep it longer. That way, you also learn to cope better if for some reason your plans aren’t working. You also have to remember, that the moment you deal with other people in order to get something, you’re also dealing with their free-will, and they may choose to say no. Therefore, whenever you can, avoid putting yourself in the situation which is beyond your control. Never rely on anybody to do something, which you’re capable of doing yourself, and only offer your help when necessary. Every deed and favour creates a debt of some sort where energy balancing must take place. I’ve known people who helped others over and over, determined not to accept anything in return. And guess what? They hardly ever got anything.

Then, all of a sudden, the good feeling of helping was gone, and instead the bitterness set in. Why? Because while doing a ’favour’, the good-willing person was also empting their own energy which is necessary to sustain a balance and wellbeing. Running ’on empty’ can make you very ill.

Bitterness often turns into anger, and then, depression. All that can happen when there is lack of appreciation for giving too much of our time and energy away. What chance have you got then to fulfil your own desires? The popular belief that ‘what you give is what you get’ is not always true. It’s very much a hit and miss game, depending on many factors. Every dealing and every situation is unique, as it takes place in different settings and time.

Therefore ’giving’ cannot be automatically equalled with what will be ’taken’, because the will of others cannot be manipulated into desired outcome.

Author Bio :
Written by Tina Morrison.

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