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Get Healthy With Chocolate

{written by : Jon Rhodes}

Article word count : 275 -- Article Id : 1788
Article active date : 2009-03-12 -- Article views : 8107

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Article is about :
Here is a message of comfort to many – chocolate can actually be good for your health in moderation!

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Here is a message of comfort to many – chocolate can actually be good for your health in moderation! That really is the key to good health in general – moderation. It is too simple to say that one good is ’good’, and another is ‘bad’. For example salt is considered ‘bad’. That is only because most people eat too much of it. Without salt we would die. Many years ago kitkats were advertised as containing many calories – to keep people going. Now that most people eat too many calories, most products boast about how few calories they have.

Anyway back to chocolate…The more scientists learn about chocolate, the more amazing chocolate seems.

According to recent research, chocolate may provide a mental boost by increasing blood flow to the brain. The effect of this is that chocolate may be good for improving memory and attention, may be helpful for speeding up reaction times.

Chocolate may also be good for the skin. A German study found that women who were given chocolate cocoa every day for a period of three months had skin that was moister and softer, possibly as a result of improved blood circulation.

Chocolate may provide some protection against heart disease. Researchers have found that dark chocolate consumption reduces hypertension, reduces cholesterol levels, and adds protection against blood clots.

Less surprisingly chocolate seems to make people ‘feel good’. Many people resort to chocolate when feeling down, which is ok in moderation. Remember the actual problem must be dealt with at some time.

Chocolate is also known to be an aphrodisiac so enjoy a little chocolate in your life – your health may depend on it!

Author Bio :
Jon currently runs a successful hypnotherapy practice in Lancashire, England. He trained at the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He also works with people suffering from severe mental health problems, and is a semi-professional musician. Jon is very passionate about helping people improve their mental and physical well being, and believes strongly that help should be available to all.

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