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The Karmic Loop of War

{written by : Lumari}

Article word count : 2487 -- Article Id : 1795
Article active date : 2009-03-15 -- Article views : 9650

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Article is about :
We are ensconced in a karmic loop of war. This system of repeating patterns that lead us into war for all of the same reasons, has been occurring for thousands of years. Is there a way to break this cycle? brings us into a continual

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Understanding the Positions

All of us on the planet are reacting to the direct energy of war taking place on our home. Whether you approve of these wars or disapprove of them, the impact of war is shaking our homes. As you read this article and begin to understand the underlying spiritual and karmic reasons for war in the Middle East, let your insights flow freely. The energies in this article are woven in such a way that it is possible to unravel some of the anger, confusion, sadness, fear, hatred, arrogance, self-righteousness and despair that we are feeling and soften the polarities we are positioned within. Some people feel that this war is appropriate and timely. Others do not. This creates polarity.

Those who agree with this war, feel that the possibility of a massive and indiscriminate destructive force is lying in wait for all of humanity. This horrible destructive force is in the hands of an irresponsible leader who will use that power whenever and wherever he sees fit. If someone does not stop him now, then the destruction that he and his forces create will be so vast that humanity may not recover. They feel that he has been given twelve years to comply with his agreements and if he is not stopped at this point, it will be too late for everyone on this planet. They are concerned with their own lives and their families and they are concerned with the greater well-being of all humanity in the face of a global disaster.

Those who disagree with this war, feel the possibility of a massive and indiscriminate destructive force is very likely, but it is not yet imminent. They feel that humanity can be saved from this terror and destruction by negotiations and aid. A war at this point will make the parties so polarized that no one will be able to create a strong and firm understanding. It will generate an escalation of hatred, an even further indiscriminate use of violence, and everything that was feared to happen, will happen anyway, leaving no chance for amends. They are concerned with their own lives and their families and they are concerned with the greater well-being of all humanity in the face of a global disaster.

Each side feels that this situation should be handled in a certain way because of their concerns about humanity and our world. Wherever you are coming from in this debate, you are concerned with life on this planet and how all of us can live together. You may have differing ideas of how this is to be accomplished, but the underlying feeling is the same. As responsible peoples of the world, it is clear that we must hold the line for appropriate behavior and the well-being of people in our world. It is our responsibility to do this. That responsibility has become exceedingly vocal and violent. But please remember that each person, no matter what their views, is coming from a position that is protective of family, friends and all of humanity.

Now that you can hold the vision that no matter which view is voiced, each person believes they are working in the best interest of all humanity, you can begin to see how this situation began, in its more ancient past.

Recreating the Past

There have been thousands of wars on this planet over the years humanity has lived upon Her. Nearly every single country and culture and tribe has made war against its neighbors on more than one occasion. This particular war has been building for a very long time. It is not simply a war amongst those who disagree. It is a very old anger amongst peoples and beings who have fought each other for thousands of years. Each of you has friends and ancestors who have fought or been killed in many of these wars.

What is very interesting about this particular war, this war in Iraq, is that many of the people who died in the previous wars, have reincarnated for this war. They have returned to this lifetime to fight in or fight against this war. They have returned to witness this war. They have returned to heal this war. They are caught in a loop of Karma that has brought them back to this planet at this time to resolve personal and global issues so they can move on to their higher expression of life.

The Ancient Past Comes into Play

Each of the leaders and significant players directly involved in this war are here because of a karmic agreement. They are working within a karmic experience to help reorganize this present and help us all shift into a higher awareness. Their success is both personal and global. Yet, where did this karmic situation come from?

In my book, "Alawashka" I introduced you to the original players who helped create this world and the system in which we are living. We are in this dilemma because these beings and their lives, dreams and goals infused a polarity into our world. We have this pain and suffering and fear because of the energy they were dealing with and left on our world. As they experienced war, competition and jealousy, they infused it into our world.

This is an extraordinary time. Some of those same beings are participating in this war as well. Some of them have moved into a vast level of enlightenment and are helping us to see new ways of being. They have seen what they generated in their own past and are helping us realize a new perspective and a new opportunity of life. Others, naturally, are fueling the fires of war because this is what they do. Yet, just for this moment, do not judge them. Just for now, consider that they are doing this, fueling war, so we can take the necessary steps to free ourselves from this pattern.

We Return Again

Just as the ancient creators have returned to this time, so have many others. When you look at the faces of those fighting or those protesting, you will see the people who fought in Saladin"s armies and those who fought in the Crusades. Those who fought with Saladin are most often inhabiting bodies of those fighting in uniforms of the West. Those who fought in the Crusades are generally inhabiting uniforms of the East. They are fighting in opposition to the positions they previously held in other lives. If a soldier was a Crusader fighting and conquering in the name of Jesus, now he is fighting and killing in the name of Allah - and the opposite is also true. The situations are reversed. People involved in this war are playing out segments from other lifetimes in order to heal those lifetimes and move onto a higher perspective. Some of those who are soldiers, may have been innocents in the previous wars. They may have been the people killed in their homes, and so now, they take the opposing position. Each participant is experiencing an opposite so they can discover a balance and move into graceful understanding, which creates a release from the pattern.

Another aspect of this war is that other warriors and rulers and aristocrats have also joined this battle. If you look at the faces of the political leaders, you will see political leaders of the past. I am not going to tell you who is who, because it really and truly does not matter. Each person has come back to this lifetime to do it again. They have come back to rectify what they have done in hopes of moving to a greater and more evolved spiritual understanding. Many Caesars and many Pharaohs have reincarnated to this lifetime to experience this war. There are great Celtic chiefs and great Native American chiefs who have come back here. There are many kings and wealthy merchants, some who were victors and profited, some who were vanquished and lost. There are rulers here now, who have ruled in many places and in many capacities, who have come back to see if they can resolve the polarity and pain of wars.

Each of the leaders, rulers and warriors feel that they have always dedicated themselves to what is right and true. Each has tried, in their own way, to hold the highest vibration and bring the greatest truth that they could. Each was concerned with the greater wellbeing of all humanity. Now, they are here to see if they can do it better. They are trying to elevate humanity and their own lives by doing it again, hopefully, differently.

Extending Compassion

Imagine the generosity of these beings, who have come down here, once again, to play out the sagas of war and destruction, so that they could create their own karmic release and help humanity do the same. These beings are still not enlightened, and so they are caught in the same polarity as before, but they are hoping to rectify what has happened in the past. As you understand the great effort it has taken them, feel some compassion for what they are going through at this time. Their choices may be to lead a war, taking a position from the opposite view, to see if that balances out the karma. They may, instead, try to manipulate things economically, so that war itself is less devastating and money is used as the weapon. Yet, each of them is caught in the polarity, a sense of right and wrong, good and bad, war and peace. Unfortunately, either side of a polarity still generates polarity.

Any being who is caught in the polarity is still caught. They are trapped in the revolving door of right and wrong, endlessly circling to get out, but never slowing down enough to catch the exit. So, even though there are people out to destroy what you perceive as the higher good, if you take a position against that, then you are caught in the polarity. Each side must then exert a stronger force to accomplish its goals. As in all aspects of these concerns, we must still hold to the right and true, but we must hold it without being pulled to the right and wrong.

As you extend your compassion to these people for the choices they made in the ancient past and for their choices to reincarnate to this life and see if they can alleviate this war and essence of polarity, extend compassion to yourself. You are here, too. You are here to do something. You are here to heal something. You are here to bring a new way of being into this situation and into this world. As you feel the anger or futility or fear or sadness of this time, remember that you came here to do something special. Have compassion with your own search and your own path.

A New Invitation

The answers from the past do not work. Each being who has come here from the past and is trying to rectify this situation using tools and techniques from the past, is simply going to fail. Why? The tools of the past, the teachings of the past, the techniques of the past and the energies of the past did not and do not work. If war has not created peace in 10,000 years, it is evident that it will not do so this time, no matter how we proceed or what we intend. If prayer and intention have not created peace in 10,000 years, it is evident that they will not do so this time.

I have come here at this time to bring the energies and words of Alawashka to this planet. I have always incarnated on this planet to bring the Alawashka energies, songs and teachings. Alawashka, the Language and Vibrational Source of Creation brings new energies to our lives and our world that will loosen the binds of polarity and awaken us to our higher truths and greater joy. That"s why we"ve come here. We are here to elevate this life into the higher energies, the expanded dimensions. If all of the masters and all of the enlightened ones throughout time have not been able to do it in the past, it is because they did not have the tools and humanity did not have the spiritual energy to accomplish it.

Well, now we do. We have the spiritual energy. We have come here for thousands of incarnations to bring this spiritual energy to a greater force of saturation. We have the spiritual energy to do it. Up until now, we did not have the tools and we did not have the sacred teachings. Tools are expressions of energy that can and do shift energy to raise consciousness and create awakening. Sacred Teachings are the methods and deep wisdom of the tools and ways of life. Now, we have the tools and the sacred teachings.

Alawashka is the tool. Alawashka is the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation. By chanting the words in Alawashka we can create the world we want to live in because Alawashka is the Language of Creation. Her words do create reality. By meditating on the Alawashka images we can shift our vibrational patterns out of polarity. Alawashka"s images can bring you into greater spaces of awareness that will retune you to your own higher expressions of being. By singing the Alawashka songs, we can move into our greater destiny and celebrate the miracle of our lives. Alawashka chants and songs shift us and participate with us to creating the world we dream. The chants and songs gracefully create that shift within each of us. By gathering together, by coming to the Alawashka Gatherings in Santa Fe and learning the teachings and experiencing the sacred community of Wansaka, we can raise our consciousness into the dreams we have for our world. We can create these dreams and materialize them, in real time, in the now. We can create a true global community and cherish and support this gracious planet whose life and breath sustain us all.

We are here to create an exalted life. We are here to release the world from polarity and bring it into harmony. We are here, right now, in this life, to shift the focus of the world. We were all born into this time to bring the heights of being into our world. This is the invitation of our lives. Please RSVP!

Blessings and blessings upon us all. May we receive the endless flow of beauty and harmony. May we create harmony and joy in appreciation for our lives. May each of us be a blessings for each other.

Ranka Shona Ranka (words in Alawashka the language of creation)- May we be filled with Grace ever Emerging in Grace

© 1997 -2009 Lumari. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Author Bio :
Lumari is an internationally known professional psychic consultant, life coach, author and teacher. Her profound guidance, special gifts and powerful insight will help you achieve new levels of joy, fulfillment and success. Individual and business clients benefit from her in-depth Psychic Readings, Spiritual Consultations, and Life Coaching services. Live Inspired! Receive Psychic and Intuitive Guidance for Your Growth, Awakening, Prosperity & Fulfillment. To learn more about her consultations: For information about Lumari's spiritual & healing workshops:

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