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Extending Understanding - Meditations With Lumari

{written by : Lumari}

Article word count : 1034 -- Article Id : 1818
Article active date : 2009-04-06 -- Article views : 9274

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Article is about :
Meditation for deepening understanding and creating peace.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Many of you are feeling or watching the play of a distinct polarization of ideas and actions. As your own life or world events move to a different balance, the need to be right, seems to generate opposition. In the beauty of your being and in deep knowing, you are working to send healing meditations to those in need, or those you assume need your help. You are meditating on peace and hoping to help the world move into a state of peace and abundance for all. Yet, as you can see, this tactic of meditation is not particularly effective.

It is not that your prayers and meditations are not worthy or true. Your prayers and meditations cannot break through the polarity. The need to be right, does not create an opening to receive peace. Peace can only truly be experienced when it is no longer important to be right, to be polarized. Peace can only be generated when there is no struggle to hold onto a position.

The first step in creating the peace that many of us want, is to generate the quality of understanding. When a person or a nation is understood, then they feel that their truth is recognized. The energies begin to relax. They no longer struggle to be right. Instead, they relax into a new experience. Understanding, in this sense, is a recognition of their position and a compassion with all that they feel. It is not an agreement to their position. It is an understanding of their position. Once the qualities of understanding are felt and known to be genuine, then there is an opportunity for peace and the creation of greater harmony.


In this meditation, we are going to participate with and send the vibration and qualities of understanding.

Each of us has felt and received understanding in our lives. As you do this meditation, tune into the feelings of understanding that you have experienced in the past. As you hold this personal level of understanding, the true qualities and properties of understanding will build within you. Understanding is the recognition of all that has unfolded. Understanding is a clear space that holds all of the problems, all of the pains, all of the misunderstandings and polarities in compassion and knowing.

As you extend understanding to all people and beings on our world, their pleas and causes will soften. Their hurt and anger will become more gentle. This is all that you need to do, to begin the process of peace. Extend understanding to all.

Take a slow deep breath and center yourself.

Take another slow deep breath and bring yourself into the quietude of your being.

Gently imagine the qualities of understanding. Feel and remember what it is like to feel and know that someone really understands you. At one time in your life, you have been understood by another person. You could feel their understanding and compassion. Move into this personal experience of understanding and hold it within until you feel it completely.

Imagine and remember a time when you extended understanding to another. Feel the qualities of that instance. Allow this aspect of understanding another to blend with the feelings of being understood. As you do, a greater sense of understanding will grow within you.

Take a slow deep breath, and as these different aspects of understanding merger within you, add the qualities of total compassion. Feel a compassionate understanding fill your beings. Allow these feelings and qualities to build within you.

Now, you are beginning to vibrate with the higher aspects of compassion. You are also becoming a source of compassion and understanding.

Slowly and gently, send these energies out into the world. Imagine that they are a gentle breeze, circling our planet. See and feel this breeze softly and slowly caressing everything and everyone on our beautiful planet. No force, not effort. Just extend the qualities and vibrations of understanding into our world.

You may notice that some people or beings immediately move into resonance with this energy. Others may not. Just allow the energies to circulate and build. Allow this deep sense of understanding to permeate our world. Each person and being will dip into this energy as they need or see fit.

You may feel called to focus on certain areas of the world or certain species of animals and plants. You may feel called tto focus on your family or our global family. Just gracefully send understanding and allow the process to unfold. Be open to receive this understanding in your own being, as well.

There is no need to do more than this. The vibrational patterning of understanding will circulate and travel exactly where it is needed. When you have completed the twenty minute meditation, gently let the energies move into the whole and then relax into your normal day"s events.

If you plan to meditate further at this time, please release the resonance of understanding, extend blessings to the process and break with this stream. Then, move to your next aspect of meditation.

Please do not incorporate any other energies or techniques with this particular meditation. Doing so will confuse and alter this particular vibrational pattern. This meditation is designed to hold the purest essence of understanding. It is important to hold the resonance for this meditation in the exact manner they were designed. Any other global intentions or personal wishes will appear to be a manipulation to those receiving the energies and this will alter the experience of true understanding and compassion.

You may also include the qualities of understanding in your own person disciplines. This resonance, in and of itself, is a remarkable gift and delightful experience. The effortlessness of this energy can truly create miracles in your personal life and the lives of others.

I invite you to share this meditation with your friends, family and other people. Let them know that you appreciate them. Help them open the flow of joy in their lives and their dreams. Let us all spread the gifts of appreciation in our lives and our world.

Shalka Matista - I celebrate the pathways of Divine flow.

© 1997 -2009 Lumari. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Author Bio :
Lumari is an internationally known professional psychic consultant, life coach, author and teacher. Her profound guidance, special gifts and powerful insight will help you achieve new levels of joy, fulfillment and success. Individual and business clients benefit from her in-depth Psychic Readings, Spiritual Consultations, and Life Coaching services. Live Inspired! Receive Psychic and Intuitive Guidance for Your Growth, Awakening, Prosperity & Fulfillment. To learn more about her consultations: For information about Lumari's spiritual & healing workshops:

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