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{written by : Robyn M Speed}

Article word count : 666 -- Article Id : 1891
Article active date : 2009-04-03 -- Article views : 7800

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Article is about :
Easter...a time to renew ourselves.

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Easter is a time when people consider my (Jesus) crucifixion and resurrection.

Was it painful to be nailed to a cross? Just for a short while. But the time was, in the true nature of all things, only short, so I ask you not to focus so much on the painful part as on the joyous occasion that occurred three days later: the resurrection.

I appeared in many more places than you might think, after the resurrection. I appeared to those who had heard of me, and to those who had not. I appeared wherever my appearance was of greater value. I appeared to people to encourage them, and to let them know that they are indeed on the right path.

What is that right path?

The task before humanity is a global ascension, a deathless resurrection for all humanity. Many many people are working towards this, and their efforts and commitment deserved at least my thanks. My appearances were accompanied by an unspoken love and gratitude to those people who give without asking for anything in return.

I ask you to recognize the people in your communities who have the loving hearts and the helping hands. Be grateful for their presence in this world.

The smallest child is the greatest teacher. Think on this.

I also ask that this Easter be utilized as a time of renewal for yourselves as well. Whatever you feel you have erred at, forgive yourself, and use this time as the beginning of a cleansed path. You do not walk followed by what you perceive to be your mistakes, you walk upon a path of Light on which there ARE no mistakes, no erring, no judgments, not mistakes at all.

Today you are walking that new path. Today starts a new path for all humankind. And on THIS path your perceived mistakes and errors do not exist, for on this path nothing is judged. A path that is perpetually Light and pure and clean.

No more guilty feelings, no more ‘if only’s. Take your steps in love. Take your steps in Light.

Reach out to others whom come into your life, for a second of your time may be all that they have come for. Do not turn away those who come to you for help and guidance, as the reason they come to you is because YOU are the one who is to help them, you are the one with their answer.

Easter is a time of ‘death and renewal’, of ‘endings and beginnings’ and it is a time of stepping out of illusion and into the Light of truth.

You take that step now, even before you have decided to.

I came into a lifetime as Jesus to do a job, to achieve an outcome. And so did you. You are incarnated because you have a mission, be it something to achieve for yourself, or something to achieve for humankind. Do not hide yourself away, do not run from your dreams and ambitions. And yet there is no judgment should you chose not to follow those dreams and to leave unfulfilled those ambitions. It is okay for you to not do these things. For if you can just live with a loving heart, there is greater magic in that than you might realize.

You all have a gift and a strength, be is something as big as curing a terrible disease, or something as pure and simple as learning how to love unconditionally. You may be here to learn how to trust, you may be here to learn how to live in a material world without being drawn into it. You may be here to learn how to live as a spiritual divine being in a material world.

Today, you take your first step on a new path.

Judge others not. Judge yourself not. For you are your greatest critic. I look upon you and see nothing but perfection.

You are greatly loved and greatly valued.


Author Bio :
Robyn is a writer who specializes in new age approaches to daily living. She is also a channel for loving, enlightened teachers.

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