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Feng Shui and the Number 4

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

Article word count : 589 -- Article Id : 1910
Article active date : 2009-04-07 -- Article views : 7799

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Article is about :
There are many superstitions which cloud the integrity of Feng Shui and amisunderstanding regarding the number 4 is just one of them.

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One of the most annoying feng shui myths is that an address containing the number 4 in it is somehow unlucky. This has everything to do with Chinese culture and language and little to do with feng shui. But because the number 4 is a word in Chinese which sounds like “death,” it has negative connotations attached to it that have seeped into the volumes of bad information about feng shui.

The number 4 in feng shui is actually code for the SUN (soon) Trigram. Sun (also written Xun) is associated with “The Wind” or a “Traveler.” This trigram represents the eldest daughter in the family structure and it governs the lower part of the body, especially the low back and legs. As an example, a woman born in 1962 is the SUN trigram and she may be prone to low back or leg problems. Coincidentally, she may be athletic and pursue a sport that strengthens the legs, like running or tennis.

When the 4 energy exists at the entrance to a house, it implies any of the following for the occupants: travel, romance, creativity, artist, musician, actor, writer, academia, public recognition, interest in the metaphysical, and extra-marital affairs.

Of course, every couple who has a “4" combination at their front door, requests a feng shui remedy that can activate the creative aspects of the 4, but NOT the infidelity part. Unfortunately, you cannot separate the aspects. They go together like one complex personality.

When I tell clients that there are certain house types which are very helpful to people in the entertainment industry, I am thinking about those house types which end up having a 4 energy combination in the bedroom, home office, or front door (areas where we spend most of our time.) People in these houses usually do very well in their respective creative fields.

It is not surprising that a fair number of these houses can be found in a very creative section of Los Angeles knwon as West Hollywood. Many of the late 1920"s to early 1940"s houses that face East, West, North, or South will have some combination of 4 energy at the front door and in a back bedroom. When these houses were first built, they were very strong for the most positive aspects of the 4. Now that decades have passed, the negative influences of the 4 are just as strong.

So if the 4 energy in the house doesn’t support the creative juices or inspire those who are talented in design, beauty and fashion, it will incite the scandalous sexual urges instead or cause the heart to get broken over and over again.

Every house has two areas where there is a 4 number combination and this is the area of the house where water is added in order to activate the 4, since 4 resonates wood (and wood is strengthened with water) When a client complains that they have no love life or that they are artistically blocked, if they can SPEND TIME in this area of their house, some of it will rub off on them.

Identifying WHERE the 4 energy is in the house is based on the year of construction factored into the compass direction, so it is not in the same area or direction for every house. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no arbitrary "love corner" or creative area in a house. Each space is unique. This is just one example of how precise and individualistic classical feng shui is...and how unseen influences can easily and mathematically be located in a house without any guesswork or psychic intervention.

Author Bio :
Kartar Diamond is a traditional Feng Shui consultant who has answered thousands of questions regarding what is real feng shui and what is fake feng shui, which unfortunately includes the perpetuation of many myths. Her first book, Feng Shui for Skeptics, addresses some of the more common superstitions and teaches readers very practical solutions to common problems. Visit her website at

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