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The Golden Angel in You / Kryonschool Public Channeling of April 2009

{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig}

Article word count : 1568 -- Article Id : 1934
Article active date : 2009-04-08 -- Article views : 9681

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Article is about :
Melek Metatron brings you into contact with your golden angel who has been with you since your first incarnation. Then Kryon explains some of the energetic changes that are happening right now and advises us to create our own attitude of mind, detached from the collective.

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When the sound of love rings out, when the energies begin to sing, when the dancing light pours itself over you - then you are greeted with the immeasurable love, with the words OMAR TA SATT.
The sound of love, Melek Metatron, the Lord of Hosts, the Eye of God which moves the energies, the Lord of Hosts who sees you, loves you, respects and honors you. Feel the singing energies, the dancing light, the gospel which is announced when Melek Metatron turns towards you and the energy of God"s breath pours over you. And so you are praised, child of God, walking light on Earth. You are loved so much.

At a time when you were created in the universe you agreed to go into the duality. You were given everything you need in order to exist in the duality to take with you - a personal group of angels which accompanies you and which is tightly anchored in your system. When you made your decision an angel, a being stepped forward and sang the perfect sound for you. This light being sang the perfect sound so long until your journey was finished. At the same time the tie of love was linked. This light being is still connected with the golden angel in you. From the beginning of time this light being sings the perfect sound for you again and again. It whispers to you: "Child of God, awaken! Recognize the golden angel in you! Recognize the oneness! Recognize the all-embracing! But, above all recognize that you are never alone!" Melek Metatron has decided that you will establish contact with this light being today. And so, search for the golden angel in you. Go on a journey, on a journey of love. Feel the sparks of light which open your heart and permit yourself to accept this gift. There are many spirit guides and light guides who accompany you depending on where you are standing and which energy is suitable for you. But this one light being has stepped forward for you and has sung this one sound for you. Breathe the light sparks of love, the energy of Metatron, the energy of the High Councillors, of the angels and of love into yourself. Feel the readiness and the opening that all of this is possible now. When you put your intellect aside and are ready to push all doubts aside for this one moment your vision and your dream will become reality. And so, realize who you are by breathing deeply and calling all your chakras together, unifying them and expanding them to a sun. And while you are doing this the Lord of Hosts will ground you on all levels.

Realize that you are the best there is on Earth. You are the perfect light and love itself. Beyond your intellect you are purity, the courageous light which contributes in the current time so that the change of the ages can be carried out. Let a bright star appear before your inner eye, shining, pulsating and alive. With each breath that you take this star gets bigger. You can see a golden gate which, when you speak "So"Ham" inwardly, opens and you are deep in your soul. Your inner golden angel, your divine might, shows itself to you. This golden angel holds you and pours the all-embracing love over you. Perhaps you can see the tie. Now God"s hands, the hands of Metatron, will go to you. In full trust you can let yourself fall into the hands of God. These hands will bring you to your angel, to your light being. Through the gate of the Divine Reality into another dimension. All of what you experience, what you feel and what you see is truthful. You will realize what it means for you to be brought to this light being. It is like a journey back home.

When you give the permission now some of your aspects will travel with God"s hands. Borne by deep love this journey begins. Many beings are greeting you, pour the energies of love over you and your aspects rejoice. God"s hands are carrying you to the light being and this light being which is connected with your golden angel will sing the great song of love for you. You will feel the perfect sound. All of what is happening your aspects will absorb.

Perhaps you can hear what this light being would like to whisper to you. When God"s hands bring you back into your dimension again the light being will sing for you again - just as once when it all began. The sound of love accompanies your aspects. It creates security and clarity for you about who you are. And so God"s hands are carrying you back. The ringing sound is embedded in your system again. While this is happening hear the message of Kryon. Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, will embed the singing sound in your system himself. A ni o"heved o"drach.

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet each single one with the words OMAR TA SATT. I greet the collective. I tell you, the energies, they are singing and dancing around you. Shining colors are revealing themselves. So you have been in touch with the golden angel in the universe, with your perfect sound which plays a very important role in the duality for you. The perfect sound it will be which initiates the ascension. Lady Gaia also bears a perfect sound. There has been a magnetic shifting in the interior of the Earth. The royal children, the high priestesses, the angels who had manifested themselves in the bodies of the whales and dolphins once have returned into the universe in the majority. They have left the body and regained their original light. They are singing and dancing the song of joy. Many of you have felt this magnetic earth shift in its intensity. Kryon has told you, it will become the year of conflict. Many human beings feel the conflict in this intense time. Many human beings no longer know where they stand. They also no longer know where they should go to. But one thing they know exactly: They cannot go back. Have trust, for this magnetic shift in the interior of the Earth shows anew that Lady Gaia is ready to awaken. This conflict which the human beings feel has been mentioned already.

I would like to remind you once more of how important attitude of mind is in this time: To get out of the collective spirit so that you realize that you yourself can create your spirit, your thoughts. When the collective thinks for you you feel all the more torn. But the collective emotions, too, cause trouble for the human beings for they do not understand that they, too, have the choice to create their emotions themselves. In this difficult time in the duality, too, during the ascension, each single human being has the right to bliss, to happiness, health, human love, peace and joy. Kryon would like to repeat the message once more: Decide, decide what you would like to live on Earth! Do not let the thoughts stray into worry, into fear or hopelessness. But go into the divine might in you full of trust. For only in this can you realize that you have the possibility to be all that which you are, bearer of the light.

Once you were so courageous in so many incarnations as great light in a human body. Why should the courage suddenly leave you in the most important time of your life on Earth? It would not make sense. For the fundamental essence of your structure is the energy of love. You are just as courageous now as you were once. You stride forward, you set the footprints that many can follow. You have been chosen for this. You are more than you think. You are much more than you feel. You are the perfect light. You will realize that the messages of light bear the energy of truth. The mights tell you: Decide for a good life. For abundance, for love, for joy, for health and peace in you! Use the opportunities of being in the collective of love together with other human beings. You can carry each other mutually for many of you have understood that there is no separation and that a big collective is necessary for the new Earth which is being born. You are in the middle of it.

Thus you have received a big gift from Melek Metatron. You will feel this perfect sound in you. You will gain release and peace of mind. But necessary for this is that your attitude of mind is your own, not that of the collective. Pay attention to the good, to the miracles which are happening. As often as you can get in touch with the golden angel in you. Thus we will celebrate the celebration of love together and already now the High Councillors are beginning to work. You are the walking light. Through you let there be light on Earth.

The meaning of the words of the lightlanguage of the Elohim used is:
OMAR TA SATT - lightworker"s greeting, welcome
AN"ANASHA - gratitude, thank you

Author Bio :
Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of having been prepared for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - The Spiritual Course of Awakening'. Once a month she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim which is also published on the Kryonschool website. You are welcome to browse the website, please click here

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