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Saying What Needs to Be Said

{written by : Dr. Robert V. Gerard }

Article word count : 387 -- Article Id : 2055
Article active date : 2009-05-03 -- Article views : 9104

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Article is about :
Pain instantly occurs when we fail to deal with the issue before us and to properly confront it. We let ourselves down. Sometimes we are abused.

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Why do some people appear to sail through life, swiftly and easily overcoming obstacles, while others get bogged down in problems? The answer lies in the ability to confront verbally. Those who face problem situations head on, quickly and decisively, are simply more effective at the game we call “life.” Those who recoil from confronting situations and other people are less effective at living. While you may think that verbal confrontation skills are primarily business skills, they are, in fact, life skills, applicable from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Pain instantly occurs when we fail to deal with the issue before us and to properly confront it. We let ourselves down. Sometimes we are abused. But the real tragedy occurs when we deny our spirit-driven selves a chance to express our power. This must end.

We must move onward and become masters of our own fate. We must understand the importance of verbal confrontation as a sustaining and fulfilling activity. We must understand that it is our birthright to intuitively explore our world and create relationships in the process.

Hour by hour, day by day, we continue to mature and develop our mental and spiritual lives. We cultivate our lives ceaselessly: consciously and subconsciously. When we find a moment to stop and ponder, we find ourselves in the midst of accomplishments, which once were our very thoughts. The Tao Te Ching expresses this poetically:

The softest of stuff in the world

Penetrates quickly the hardest

Insubstantial, it enters

Where no room is

You must pursue your dreams and move on. You must not falter because of your inhibitions in the way you speak to yourself or to others. Life becomes easier when you build your confidence and improve your ability to confront.

Life is about learning, improving, and honoring oneself and others. Discipline and dedicate yourself to vigorously respond to the challenge of confronting. Maintain the well being of self, of others, and your relationships with them: a “Win-Win-Win” outcome.

Therefore, seek the sharpness of the mind in verbal confrontations. See yourself as a person learning how to verbally confront because of your dedication to sustained self-improvement and build upon the relationships in your life. See change. See confidence. See life! And above all, express your spirit and live your peace.

—      R. V. Gerard

—      Excerpt from the book, Handling Verbal Confrontation

Author Bio :
In 1994, Dr. Gerard founded Oughten House Foundation a worldwide educational and publishing company concentrating on self-empowerment, enlightenment, and philosophical topics. He offers workshops worldwide. Internationally published in 12 languages, Gerard has written 10 books including: Handling Verbal Confrontation, Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!, Lady from Atlantis, Divine Quick-Fix Healings, ICON Power For KIDS, The Health Acceleration Kit for My Pet’s Mind, Body and Soul, Hands of Peace, and has published numerous articles. Private E-mail:;

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