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DNA 12 Strand Activation

{written by : Zannie Rose}

Article word count : 341 -- Article Id : 2067
Article active date : 2009-05-02 -- Article views : 8292

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Article is about :
How many strands of DNA do we have, and what does it all mean anyway?

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We know from a scientific perspective that we have 2 strands of DNA, however, from a metaphysical perspective it is said that we have 12 strands of DNA

Ten of these strands are latent, waiting to be activated, like Sleeping Beauty waiting for a kiss from the Prince.

Many books have been written exploring this concept of DNA 12 Strand activation including ‘The Power of Twelve’ by Anne Brewer.

In this book she shares a long and quite complicated process that she went through to awaken her DNA, and makes that procedure available to her readers.

Dr Joshua David Stone also writes about DNA Activation in his series of books on Ascension. His process is simpler, he said that we can ask our Spiritual guides and Ascended Masters to do the activation on our behalf..

You may be asking yourself why anyone would want to experience this anyway.
Well, what if each of the newly awakened 10 strands were seen to be a key to open a door to new or expanded states of awareness, to open up opportunities of experiencing new levels of consciousness?

It cannot have escaped your notice that many ancient prophecies have highlighted the year 2012 as being an important time for humanity. The earth is moving towards an alignment with the Galactic Core, and is at this moment, moving more and more into the Photon Belt that carries new light and new information for us to raise our consciousness to new levels. If each of our 12 strands of DNA are activated, and if they truly are keys, then we can make the most of this galactic alignment and open ourselves to this new light and information as it pours down into our planetary and human systems.

A blend of meditation, study, service and intention will, I believe, activate our DNA, however there are several methods to accelerate the process and speed up our spiritual journey. Certain musical frequencies can support the process, and simple, highly focused techniques can be used.

Is the time right for you to experience this for yourself?

Author Bio :
Zannie Rose is a DNA Activation expert. She sees clients for 1:1 sessions in her London practice and works internationally by telephone.

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