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EFT For Allergy Relief

{written by : Rhonda Sandmoen}

Article word count : 826 -- Article Id : 2077
Article active date : 2009-05-05 -- Article views : 7968

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Article is about :
Emotional Freedom Techniques is a phenomenal meridian based procedure that balances the energy system of the body by releasing the emotional root-cause of the allergy, thus allowing the body to heal itself.

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How Do You Spell Relief...EFT

Flowers blooming, trees budding, dust swirling...allergens are in the air everywhere. Sneezing, wheezing, itching, and aching, are just a few of the many symptoms these allergens cause for millions of people everyday.

Before reaching for over the counter or prescription drugs which have uncomfortable and often dangerous side effects, consider getting relief from a safe, painless alternative.
How do you spell relief? EFT...Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Are Stress and Allergy Related?

An allergy is described as the overreaction of the immune system to a foreign substance or allergen that is eaten, injected, touched, or inhaled into the lungs. Conventional medicine considers allergies to be manageable with drug use, yet incurable. Despite the findings of a Harvard Medical School study linking allergic reactions to stress and negative emotions, medical research continues to focus on yet more drugs that treat only the symptoms of the allergy without addressing the cause of allergy.

The Drug Free Approach To Allergy Relief

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a phenomenal meridian based procedure that balances the energy system of the body by releasing the emotional root-cause of the allergy, thus allowing the body to heal itself. EFT can reprogram your body’s reaction to the offending allergen quickly, often in just a matter of minutes. Even the most severe and complex allergic reactions can be eliminated by finding the emotional trigger that is activating the allergic response.

In many cases the problem is simply the body’s misconception that the “flowers and trees” are attacking it, this then causes the body to launch a counterattack. By reprogramming the body with the belief that the flowers and trees are it’s friend, the body calms and moves out of attack mode.

In other cases there may be a related trauma or event causing the allergic reaction. For these problems a more sophisticated approach is needed that first addresses and neutralizes the emotions of the trauma. Eliminating the effects of that related event often eliminates the allergy. Think back to when your allergy first began and see if there was a related event. For example, choking on a food could cause your body to see this food as “unsafe” or being forced to eat something could cause your body to reject it.

I have a friend with a teenage son that resented having to mow the lawn. Every week he would try getting out of the chore and would goof around and procrastinate so much that it took him all day to get the job done. This behavior continued until midsummer when he developed asthma and was unable to mow the yard without having an attack. Now I think anyone can see the obvious correlation here, his deep resentment of cutting the grass, attributed to the creation of a physical reaction to cutting the grass.

How Does EFT Work?

The EFT tapping procedure itself is very easy, anyone can learn it in just minutes. Each point tapped on is an acupressure point...and each point is connected to an organ. By stimulating these points while you are thinking about your problem (pain, disease, unresolved emotion) the emotional charge around the problem is neutralized. Removing the emotional component of the problem usually allows the manifestation of the problem (pain, disease, emotional upset) to then fade away.

Muscle testing is a key component in this process. You can muscle test to find out what you are allergic to, and you can test to see if the allergy has been released. It is also important to tap for your fear of the allergy. If you break out in hives whenever you eat onions, this fear my prohibit you from ever eating onions again even if the allergy has been released. The fear of the allergen can be just as devastating as the reaction.

There are often two or more aspects to allergies. The bodies reaction to the substance, the reason behind this reaction, your own fear of the reaction to the substance, and sometimes there will even be resistance to letting go of the allergy. It is important to release ALL aspects of the allergy. Clearing all the aspects of the allergy can eliminate the allergy permanently.

Last year I developed an allergy to peanut butter. I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention because it took me several weeks of feeling nauseous and lethargic after eating to realize that peanut butter was the culprit. It only took 10 minutes of tapping to completely eliminate this problem and I was safely eating peanut butter again. I did however have to tap for my fear that eating it would make me sick before I could bring myself to try it.

We all have the power to heal ourselves. Using EFT and an open mind, you can take control of that power and literally tap away your allergy as you tap into your body’s own energy and release it’s healing power.

Author Bio :
Rhonda Sandmoen is a very eclectic energy healer, teacher and ordained minister. She works with and teaches many different types of energy techniques for people AND their pets including Reiki, EFT, Sacred Geometry, Fifth Dimensional healing, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Dolphin energy, and Soul Language. For information about her In person and Distance Healing Sessions and classes visit her website This article is an excerpt from the original at

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