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The End of Fear and Death

{written by : Mystic Life}

Article word count : 1009 -- Article Id : 2094
Article active date : 2009-05-17 -- Article views : 9116

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Article is about :
This article explores the two sources of fear, how they relate to death, and how they can be transcended.

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There are two sources of fear:

1. Loss of physical survival (which drives people to enhance their safety to avoid death).

2. Loss of genetic survival (which perpetuates focus upon sex as a driving force).

I believe that the physical and spiritual realms are blending together, and those who are open to this experience can have it in this lifetime. To allow this, create a positive vision of a life without death, a life in which people can move between the two realms by changing the vibration of their energy composition.

The end of the birth-death cycle doesn"t end sex or self care. It just removes desperation from these acts.

We"ve been taught to ignore or "overcome" our fear of death. But if there is no death, there is nothing to overcome.

Similarly, our socialization to find and possess a mate arises from a misguided attempt to perpetuate self genetically. You may take back your locus of control from your genetic tendencies.

There is no "escaping" relationships through death in a universe in which the physical and spiritual realms have merged. However, until there is a complete absence of ego there will be a need to set boundaries so as to not be energetically drained.

There is no need for grief in reaction to another"s death because it"s not a case of "I"ll never see you again." or "I must die to see you." It"s truly a matter of "I"ll see you in the merge."

There is much beauty in the physical world. There"s no need to end it as some spiritual texts suggest must happen for us to be in a spiritual form. To have to end the physical world is a projection of the family dynamic that (usually subconsciously) asserts one must wait for their parents to die to be an adult. There is not need for the physical world to end for the world of spirit to be experienced. To believe as such perpetuates war and other forms of destruction. In reality, the spiritual and physical realms may coexist in harmony.

Many masters have demonstrated the ability to ascend to the spiritual realm and return to the physical world. It is a function of mastery over one"s vibration. Our composition, according to String Theory, is that of strands of vibrating energy. I believe that we can control that energy with our beliefs. The observer effects the observed...even when the observed is the observer.

Person addiction arises from the two fears. Non-sexual relations relate to resources in cases of inconsistent stability in relation to shelter and food. Sexual relations relate to a desire to bred for genetic survival. Mastery creates liberation from addictive, fear-based behavior.

In other parts of the universe, evolved beings have mastered overcoming death and have mastered ascension as commonplace. Many people on Earth have past life memories of an experience without death. They have chosen to come here and manifest in human form so as to help this planet"s population achieve mastery. The individual challenge of these beings is to remember their true nature, and share this knowledge by demonstrating mastery.

As the current political powers on the planet perpetuate fear related to physical survival, one of the manifestations of fear has been increased obesity...a problem that is effectively resolved with understanding and not dieting. The eating response to physical survival fear unfolds in the following thought process: "I don"t feel safe and relaxed so food will help me survive and comfort me at the same time." Obesity then triggers fears related to genetic survival as follows: "I am becoming fat so no one will want to breed with me." The program for genetic survival is ingrained so deeply that it matters not if you already have children or are incapable of having children.

We are always being guided towards what we need for physical survival. It"s simply a matter of listening to our inner voice and paying attention to the signs. Once we are clear about what we are being guided to do, it is crucial to take action. Anxiety arises when we know what is best for us but refuse to do it out of laziness or stubbornness.

Synchronicity is an everyday mystical event which can not be explained. If it is possible, if it is real, why couldn"t the ability to transcend death be possible? Be real? The answer is that both synchronicity and the end of death are real, and neither is a sign of self-delusion or psychosis (though the ego may try to convince you otherwise).

Many spiritual text resources have hinted around or even spelled out deathlessness as our destiny, but we are only able to absorb concepts that we feel we deserve. As our positive vision of where we are headed becomes more clear, the truth embedded in various spiritual texts becomes more obvious.

Polyamory becomes more relevant to a timeless being than to one who sees life as brief and filled with busy-ness for they will barely have enough time for one deep relationship. When life is viewed as unlimited it will become more clear that love should not be restricted.

To many spiritual seekers, money is seen as bad. Ironically, most who see money as bad believe it is a good thing to give money to the needy. If you care about those who are in need, why give them something that you see as bad? To end this inner schism, know that money represents options, and it is good to have options.

In the areas of money, sexuality, the type of home you live in, and the type of food you eat, you have perhaps come to worship scarcity. Believe in abundance. Scarcity arises from a mentality that is based in death, a mindset that nods when people say "life is short." Embrace a positive vision in which your eternal self is capable of mastery, and of fully enjoying the experiences and lessons of both the spiritual and physical realms.

Author Bio :
Mystic Life is an intuitive channeler and author whose books can be found at He is also the editor of Synchronicity Times Online Magazine at

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