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Eternal Being

{written by : Mystic Life}

Article word count : 1765 -- Article Id : 2097
Article active date : 2009-05-20 -- Article views : 9697

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Article is about :
Mystic Life shares his perspectives on physical immortality from the section "Reflections on Physical Immortality" in his book Unification.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Human beings can live as long as we would like to live. This has always been true, but it is now easier than ever due to our higher levels of awareness. We are born with the vague recollection of this truth and know that we need not settle for a life in which death against our will is a necessity. Nevertheless, the ego resists, and we have lived as if this life was a depressing process of decay.

We resist the idea that we can live forever and the core of this resistance is guilt. Therefore, we believe we should die. On some subtle level we may feel guilty for driving a car which pollutes the air, or not rinsing out a can that could be recycled. We know how the planet works as a closed system; we know what helps it and what hurts it. Because we have this knowledge, not doing what we think we "should" do may lead to conscious or semiconscious guilt. We know we could live without a car, yet we enjoy long road trips. We may feel we should recycle, yet sometimes throw a can away while in public instead of carrying it around so we may take it to a recycling bin.

We need not be guilty. Guilt is self-destructive and does nothing to help the planet, another person, or ourselves. Air quality in major cities is poor, but our bodies are strong enough to endure until efficient vehicles become more widely utilized. Our landfills can handle the waste that they are accumulating. Not everything is perfect but it is okay. Our only challenge is to accept that we are safe.

Feeling safe is a difficult accomplishment for many of us who were raised by the mass media. A constant barrage of images of violence and despair has literally brainwashed the masses into seeing the world as a terrifying place. This negative intake becomes a form of addiction so severe that enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon without drama becomes difficult for many people. We walk around with an underlying feeling of impending disaster and utilize distractions to escape the overwhelming horror of impending death.

Humans are capable of creating a world in which life is indefinitely sustainable. This is difficult to accept because death has been so fully accepted as a necessary outcome of life. Nevertheless, our souls have experienced enough death and we are ready for a beautiful manifestation of a life filled with love and abundance. Sensing this possibility makes what we see around us more painful than ever to accept. As we remember more fully our potential (by tapping into our subconscious pre-birth memory of limitless manifesting), our behavior will reflect that which we know.

Our behavior will change easily when we recognize that eternal life is ours if we allow ourselves to believe it is real. First, let me mention a possible outcome. The Celestine Prophecy describes what will eventually happen...the end of the cycle of birth and death. We will continue to gain more control over our ability to manifest as we choose, and we will become unbound by the current limitations of the physical body in time and space. We will be able to transport ourselves with our minds, and travel between dimensions without the restrictions of the current system of dying and being reborn. Collectively, our souls have received enough lessons in the insanity of violence, death, and self-destruction. We will continue to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies until we are able to attain the freedom of light. It is important to visualize the outcome of becoming immortal so that we have some idea as to where we are headed.

A question some may have is "What is so great about living?" This comes from the current malaise that is associated with the current "Great Undoing." Our levels of vibration are increasing and we are shaking off behaviors that no longer work. We have less tolerance for incompatible jobs and relationships. We have the desire to be our true selves and recognize that this particular cycle is qualitatively different from any others we have experienced. Our evolution is exponentially increasing as we turn from organized religion and embrace individual paths. This growth and change takes an incredible amount of responsibility, which has been avoided in previous generations. Our history has been one of blaming others, resulting in interpersonal chaos, wars, and attempted genocide.

We are now beginning to recognize that we are all one, and that we create our own reality with the power of our thoughts and attention. Though war continues, we are more sensitive to violence and less tolerant of brutality. We are tired of hurting each other; we are ready to heal on both individual and global levels.

As our behavior reflects that which we are remembering, we will see around us a world of miracles, allowing ourselves to be guided by synchronicity, and finding that a spiritual path requires living a life of joy. We will no longer let fear and restriction guide our relationships, or work at jobs that are not a full expression of who we are. We will not allow ourselves to settle for less than we deserve, resulting in a world that we will not want to leave via death. We will want to continue to explore as we always have, but it will be through physical and spiritual exploration of the cosmos. The Universe is boundless without, boundless within. We may feel bored sometimes, however, that is only because we are not taking on or taking in new lessons. The lessons are boundless, though infinity confounds the ego. Yet, before the ego can begin to minimize its role in one’s path it must be confused. Confusion is good because this leads to questioning the mainstream lessons we have absorbed. Many forms of spiritual philosophy glorify death. Our spirit after death is unbounded and free; we experience no pain and we are supposedly more connected with God in this form.

Nevertheless, we are free here on Earth, and pain is only a result of the undoing of past lessons. We wanted these lessons in pain so a future of freedom could contrast with that which it is not. In other words, we do not appreciate day without night, or warmth without cold. Some people use this same logic to justify the necessity of death. They state that without death we would not appreciate life. Nevertheless, our souls know death so well that we no longer need to experience it to appreciate or understand life. There are greater lessons ahead. We are tired of continued lessons in love over fear and understanding over ignorance because we already know it is true. We are ready to create a world founded in love. It need not feel like tedious work; simple awareness of these concepts will lead to a natural behavioral implementation.

We will begin to experience love without conditions. To experience this most healing, powerful experience, we will practice giving unconditional love to each other. We will replace jealousy with its opposite, compersion, the experience of pleasure when a loved one loves another. We will stop seeing sexual ownership as a natural expression of love, and in doing so, feel less of a compulsion to have "affairs." Affairs are a natural outcome of the concept that what you resist, persists. Anything that we are told is inherently wrong becomes appealing to the inquisitive souls of this manifestation because we know there is no objective right or wrong. Our deepest tendency is towards truth. Our socialization has taught us to misrepresent our sexual feelings, not allowing our love partners to know who we truly are. We have been more likely to experience unconditional love with friends than with lovers because friends have been better able to accept all aspects of each other, while lovers have been limited by the fear associated with ownership. Often, jealousy is viewed as an outcome of loving, yet love and fear are not compatible.

If we are spending energy on the fear of losing love we are not experiencing the love that is present in the moment. Unconditional love is actually a redundant phrase. There is no "conditional love" because a condition arises from fear. Unconditional love enables physical immortality because the soul craves limitless expression of its true essence. On a core level we would rather die than have to compromise who we are in order to receive what is described as love. Nevertheless, we have hung on because of our ability to sense the potential of unconditional love. In giving it to others, we experience it ourselves.

We must be able to visualize a life without limits to manifest it in our personal reality. Overcoming the guilt that makes us believe we don"t deserve to live is a necessity. We are all here to manifest love. Our challenge is to clean up all our unfinished business to make way for a more beautiful future. We are already vibrating at a higher frequency and find it more difficult to settle for less than love, less than personal congruence. We are becoming more aware of synchronicity as a guide. We are becoming more aware of our innate psychic abilities as a source of understanding others and ourselves. We may be likened to babies with complex tools that we have yet to understand. Nevertheless, the information is available. The great influx of spiritual literature contains threads of wisdom. When you sort through the hyperbole, listen to your body. What fits for you? You will begin to see threads of understanding that all stem from the following simple wisdom:

Love is the answer. At one point in our past our ego chose fear. We can choose love again.

When we understand this underlying truth, all else begins to make sense. Life is ultimately limitless; although the ego can create limitations, we sense that we want nothing less than to be as powerful as God. Again, we may convince ourselves that this is wrong, that this is disrespectful to God, but remember this: a true master always wants his or her student to surpass him or her. This enables evolution. God wants to give us the freedom to expand the concept of God. If God were to create us to be inherently incapable of creative abilities, God"s experience would be limited. God would simply be splitting God’s essence into familiar components. The Universe is limitless, as is God. There is no limitation to how powerful we may become.

Author Bio :
Mystic Life is an intuitive channeler and author whose books can be found at He is also the editor of Immortality Magazine at

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