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A Deliberate Change of Mind - How to change negative thinking

{written by : Sonya Green}

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Article is about :
An affirmation is a small positive statement which you repeat to yourself, to reinforce or change thinking patterns on a sub-conscious level. It can also be a statement, a chant, a written list or a song.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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An affirmation is a small positive statement which you repeat to yourself, to reinforce or change thinking patterns on a sub-conscious level. It can also be a statement, a chant, a written list or a song.

Our minds generate a constant stream of sub-conscious chatter. Although we are often unaware of the substance of that chatter, it is frequently a stream of negative thoughts. Affirmations are a conscious decision to implant quality thoughts and to repeat those thoughts to such a degree that they become a belief.

Becoming aware of your negative or sabotaging thoughts is the first step. You then need to stop those thoughts as soon as you recognize them. Most importantly, you need to replace those thoughts with positive affirmations.

Affirmations are always stated in the positive.

Replace, I am broke and in debt, with “All of my needs are met and all my desires are fulfilled.”

Affirmations should be stated in the present tense.

Replace I am going to... Is coming… and, Will be… With “I now have…’ ‘I am…’ ‘This is…”

Imagine a negative thought as a ball coming straight at you. An affirmation is like the bat you use to smack that ball right out of the park.

It is best to work with one set of affirmations at a time. Decide your most important issue and focus on that until you have the outcome you desire. It’s too easy to become distracted and scattered if you take on too much too soon. Set yourself a goal for a week. Get creative and write down a few ideas that feel right for you about that issue. You will also find that one affirmation will inspire another and throughout the week you can continue to add to them.

Here are a few examples of affirmations for success:

I am worthy. I am successful, prosperous and happy.
I am filled with quality ideas and the ability to bring them into action.
I love my work and it rewards me financially.
The more successful I am, the more the world will benefit.

These are very basic affirmations but they can be very effective and powerful. An interesting thing about affirmations is that they will often release some very profound insights or make you more aware of habits. You may also find that when you are doing your success affirmations, you start to walk taller, dress with more care, act in a more self-confident manner and become more enthusiastic and creative.

You will find yourself thinking about new money-making ideas and somehow start pursuing new or better ways of doing things.

You may also start thinking ‘outside the box’ or you may take up new creative interests.

New opportunities and people will start showing up in your life. You may become aware that you have become ‘lucky’.


Affirmations are like saving coins in a moneybox. They don’t seem like much at the time, but they add up quickly. Just one dollar a day added to a moneybox may seem insignificant, however, if you save one dollar every day from the time you start working until you retire, you will accumulate enough money to retire very wealthy.

With constant repetition small things become very powerful forces.

One drop of water on a rock will not affect the rock, but water dripping constantly on a rock will wear that rock away.

I am not suggesting that affirmations take ages to work. Usually they work instantly, usually they work powerfully and often they work magically.

When affirmations are repeated over time, they will prove to be immensely powerful.

An affirmation will eliminate an old belief and create a new belief. Life-long habits can be broken down and replaced with new habits. All behavioural habits begin as habits of thought.

When a thought is repeated often enough, it will become a belief.

What you conceive and believe - You will achieve.

Remember that your thoughts create emotions - emotions create actions - and our actions re-create your thoughts.

Opposing Influences

You really do need to be the ‘Thought Police’ to understand what opposing influences are undermining your success. Your opposing influences are the thoughts and beliefs you maintain from your established habits. There are three essential requirements to achieve what you want in life:

1. You need to be clear about what you want.
2. You need to consistently state and imagine what you want and
3. You need to stop thoughts, words and images about what you don’t want.

Now, go back and read that again and keep reading it until you get it. I know it sounds too simple and I’m sure you said, “Yeah, I know that.” But do you?

There is knowing something, but then, there is ‘Knowing Something’.

If you are programming yourself for prosperity, love, happiness or success, then you must at this point, believe that you are lacking in prosperity, love, happiness or success. No one ever obsesses about what they already have. We all obsess over what we are lacking. Let’s face it, we only desire what we want in our lives, not what we already have.

If you lack money now, then you have a scarcity or poverty belief already in place. The very fact that you are broke is proof that your belief system is presently running on a scarcity consciousness.

Going back to the three essentials, you may decide that you are already clear about what you want.

You may also be working on the second law and using affirmations.

Now, consider the third law and jot down a few notes. What can you discover about your habitual thinking that may be working on an opposing level?

Do you think wealth has something to do with greed or selfishness?
Do you feel guilty when you have more than someone else?
Do you think wealth is not spiritual?
Do you think rich people are not happy people?
Will people only want you for your money?

There are many common misconceptions about wealth that can sabotage your ability to achieve your goals.

Consider the following examples:

I’d rather be healthy than wealthy. (Do you think that one rules out the other?)
I fear that I will be robbed or that I may attract bad luck in other areas.
Wealthy people are dishonest or have done unethical things to create their fortunes.
Rich people are lonely and don’t trust people.

Focusing on or believing in these misconceptions will sabotage your ability to achieve prosperity.

Stop thinking about your debt - you need to think about what you want, not what you need or lack. Focusing on what you need is based on the bare minimum requirements – you really need to lift the bar and focus on what you want.

Instead of thinking, “They don’t deserve that”, start thinking, “If they can achieve that, then I can too.” Feelings of jealousy or resentment towards others will negatively impact your ability to achieve your goals. Everyone deserves prosperity. It’s ridiculous for anyone to expect abundance for themselves, but judge others as unworthy. Prosperity is not about money – it is about the exchange of goods and services.

When it comes to prosperity, it is well worth reminding yourself that the more others prosper the greater the flow.

Stop thinking that someone else will have less, if you have more. Start thinking, ‘The more I have - the more I can help others.’

These examples are intended to help you to discover what your inner most thoughts may be. You might find it beneficial to carry a notebook for a week or so and write down your negative thoughts. This will help you to recognize the day-to-day thoughts that are negatively impacting on your success.

Your success depends on the quality of your thoughts, the beliefs you choose and your ability to eliminate those thoughts or beliefs that oppose your desires.

Affirmations are a conscious decision to implant quality thoughts and to repeat those thoughts to such a degree that they become a belief.

Emile Coue is famous for the affirmation, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”.

Affirmations are usually short, positive and stated in the present tense. A few examples are:

I am healthy, wealthy and wise.
Prosperity comes to me easily and effortlessly.
I am lucky, I am a magnet to good fortune.

Life on Hold

Affirmations can be used with deep breathing whenever your life is subjected to the ‘Pause Button.’ Lines in banks, traffic jams, supermarket queues, telephone call centres. Nothing seems to cause as much unnecessary stress as the pause button. Imagine the impact that we could have on road rage if we could convince everyone to do affirmations whenever they are caught in traffic. Compare the difference when you apply affirmations next time you’re put on pause.

Attraction and Resistance

Another interesting benefit is that you will notice a sense of attraction or resistance. An attraction is ‘When your Heart Sings.’ If you are affirming success and you get a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement then your affirmation is attracted to what is right for you. If this is the case, then you will very definitely get what you desire. Your instincts are saying, ‘Yes, bring it on now!’ and you are ready to receive it and run with it.

Any resistance is your inner wisdom saying, NO. If your affirmation makes you feel uncomfortable or silly, then you are off course. You are being instructed to dig a little deeper. This happens because you are not clear about your goal. You have given your desire the wrong name and you are chasing a false desire. An example of this may be that you are working on money, but every time you state your affirmation you feel uncomfortable, bored, distracted or indifferent.

This is because money is not your real desire. The uncomfortable feeling is telling you to find out what money means to you. Money may represent freedom from fear. If this comes up, then all you need to do is change your affirmation to one that releases fear. Money may represent a sense of self-esteem or power. Your affirmation should be changed to one that increases your feelings of self-worth.

Rituals and Lucky Charms

A ritual or a lucky charm will work because you make it so. I do not believe for a minute that a rabbit’s foot has magical power or lighting candles or incense will drive away evil influences. (In fact, I don’t believe in evil influences or bad luck, at all.)

That said, I still think that rituals and lucky charms can be very powerful and effective and can greatly enhance affirmations. If you associate a specific ritual or object with a specific thought, you will sub-consciously reinforce that thought each time you see the object or perform a ritual.

When people pray, they will often close their eyes and hold their hands together. In meditation you will often be instructed to hold your thumb and third finger in a circle. In either case, the ritual of placing your hands in a particular position evokes a specific association. If you hold your hands as instructed every time you meditate or pray, you will find that it becomes a habit. As a habit, you will find you automatically go into a deep state of relaxation every time you hold your hands in this manner.

I used to run meditation courses and used Mike Rowland’s ‘Fairy Ring’ as my background music. Years later I went into a record shop and Fairy Ring was playing on their stereo. I instantly went into a deep relaxed state. That’s how strong association is.

When I worked at the Weight Control Centre, I used to advise my clients to associate red stoplights with isometric exercises. The idea is that every time you stop at a red light you squeeze the cheeks of your bum together, hold it tight and then relax. You do that until the light turns green. At the next red light, you tighten and relax your stomach muscles. At the third set of lights you stretch your neck and shoulders. That was almost 20 years ago and if you ever pull up next to me at a red light you won’t need to wonder what I am doing. I sub-consciously associate red traffic lights with isometric exercises.

Most people have some kind of ritual or lucky charms. They are an excellent idea and work wonders with affirmations. But don’t believe in the power of the item. The power is your power; the ritual or the item is your prompt. If you lose your lucky charm you will not attract bad luck.

Anything can be a ritual or a lucky charm. A lucky charm can be anything (an ornament, piece of jewellery or a crystal). The best charms are things that are easily obtained or daily rituals that are already in place. A ritual can be your daily exercise programme. If you swim laps of a pool you can use each lap with an affirmation, thereby associating swimming with that affirmation. Lighting a candle or an incense, (Smell can be very powerful) may be used for affirmation associations. I have already mentioned red stoplights, showers, eating and music.

Deep breathing, body postures, a certain chair or your own bed can also create associations with affirmations.

Writing affirmations

Writing down an affirmation or writing an affirmation a hundred times can also enhance the affirmation’s power. The repetition locks it in. You are also gaining the advantage of including more senses. Seeing the affirmation, reading it and the act of writing it, all enhance and expand the process. Carry it with you and read it and add to it throughout the day. Place it near your bed or desk or anywhere that you may see it throughout the day. If you work with a computer you can turn it into a screen saver.

Here are some ideas on rituals and lucky charms to enhance your affirmations:

Lucky coins. I once bought some Feng Shui coins which I used to hold and affirm:

Good fortune and financial abundance comes freely and easily
Every cent I spend comes back to me threefold or better
I am a magnetic force, attracting money and success.

By creating an association with the coins, I now automatically think those thoughts every time I open my purse and see coins.

Saying Grace or having a food ritual is excellent for weight loss or health affirmations. Before you eat you may affirm:

This food heals, this food builds and repairs, and this food creates vibrant health.
My body wisdom leads me to desire and choose the perfect foods for optimal health/weight.

Breath Association

Long, deep, slow breaths. I’ve discussed breathing on other pages so you know how powerful I think this is.

This is the one time when I do use a negative statement with affirmations and it really does work well. This technique can be used for many purposes to release any negative influence and relace it with a positive influence. It is excellent for food or smoking addictions.

On the exhalation I state:
I release fear, worry and insecurity and breathe in health, wealth and happiness.

On the exhalation:
I now release all desire for lifeless foods and let go of my weight issues.
Then on the inhalation:
I only desire foods that bring health, vitality and energy into my body - I am light and beautiful.

On the exhalation:
I release all desire to smoke. Cigarettes have lost their power and do not satisfy me.
Then on the inhalation:
Oxygen is more satisfying and enjoyable than cigarettes. The more I breathe, the less I desire cigarettes. I do not smoke now, as a choice, and it is easy and effortless.


When my son was very young, he would sometimes get into an irritating mood that I referred to as ‘Cruising for a Bruising.’ You other mothers know what I mean. They just get out of whack and challenge you to ‘have a go.’ In all honesty, I think I have been there myself, it’s just that sense of wanting to annoy someone because you’re out of sorts.

I once said to him that he must be “Covered in Neggies”. (Mothers come up with this kind of thing.) I explained to him that when he was out in the air he must have walked though some negativity and it hadn’t fallen off yet. I ran a bath and explained that neggies melted in water. I couldn’t believe the difference when he got out of the bath. The mood was totally gone. Because this worked so well, I would often say, “Better have a bath or shower and get those neggies off.” Without realizing it, I had created a very simple ritual for releasing a bad mood. Funnily enough, I sometimes catch myself in the shower imagining neggies dissolving and floating away. I’m sure I probably think this all of the time but am not usually aware of it.

Singing, Rhyming or Chanting

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out? If you sing an affirmation to something simple like ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star,’ you will find yourself humming the tune throughout the day as your sub-conscious will be repeating your affirmation.

The best time to do affirmations is just before you go to sleep. The thoughts you have just prior to falling asleep are most likely the thoughts that will play out in your dreams. This is fabulous, and greatly enhances the power of your affirmations. Imagine how often we go to sleep worrying about things. It"s no wonder that so many people suffer from insomnia, have nightmares or wake up feeling tired.

It’s really easy to make up your own affirmations, but I’ll include a few extras below to give you an idea of how simple they can be:

I am healthy, wealthy and happy

I attract love, luck and laughter

I am a magnetic force - attracting only good into my life
Money comes easily and effortlessly

I am in tune with the wisdom of the Universe

I am wise, insightful and intuitive

I am beauty, I am love, I am all-powerful

My great capacity to love fills the Universe, returns to me and replenishes me.

My eyes project healing light, today I will give healing to all I meet.

Creative ideas and talents are now working through me, my full potential is unfolding.

I am filled with love, light and healing energies
I radiate love, light and healing energies
I attract love, light and healing energies
I am love, light and healing energies

I am safe, secure and protected

I have all the tools, techniques, talents and assistance for all that I need

All that is good comes easily and effortlessly to me now.

Author Bio :
Copyright Sonya Green. Sonya is the author of a book called Reinventing Myself, and also offer some Guided meditation C.D's focusing on Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Healing and Personal Growth, How to get what you really want and need.

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