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5th Channeling of the Spring 2009 Kryon Festival - Maris, the Arcturian

{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig, Kryonschule}

Article word count : 1959 -- Article Id : 2194
Article active date : 2009-05-29 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
Maris talks about relationships in the universe (on Venus and Arcturus for example) and at the end of the channeling the Earth energy is raised through the initiation of the third Light Body level of everybody on Earth.

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I am Maris, your friend and companion. I am the Arcturian who studies the human beings in the duality. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. For these are the words of God. It is the lightlanguage and the energetic pattern. What stands behind these words pours into you with the immeasurable love.

It is a great joy and also a great honor for me to pass the messages to you through Sangitar here at this festival. It is about relationships and I would like to tell you about relationships the way they take place in the universe.

But first of all I would like to tell you something that many may not quite understand just yet. But this is the beginning and the start and it comprises the truth. Many human beings think they have a relationship on Earth because they are human beings and have taken on a human body because they are in the duality. Maris tells you, you have a relationship on Earth because you are great light, though in a human shell, but the relationship you have you have because of the origin that you really are.

Not so long ago - and you can believe me, I hear many messages from human beings - it was mentioned that chaos is reigning in the universe. But Maris would like to tell you, and this is of the greatest importance, the only chaos that reigns is here in the duality. In the universe everything is well structured, and many of you can perhaps not imagine that even in the universe there is such a thing as relationships.

But first of all I would like to tell you that the whole universe is a single relationship. The universe lives because of God"s breath. Living in a body means to stand in relationship and thus the relationships in the universe are all-embracing and uniform on the one hand, but sometimes also personal.

Kryon once told you, you think you possess a personality because you are human, but you possess a personality because you are great light. All that you are is light. You stem from the divine Source. You stem from the divine universe. And only because you have taken on a physical shell you think that so much has changed for you. That is only a partial truth. Naturally the relationships as you live them are something else in the duality than in the universe. And still it is so that also in the universe there are personal, wonderful, bearing and beautiful relationships.

The first relationship that you as great light have in the universe is the one with your cosmic parents. And perhaps it is time now before Maris speaks further about relationships, that you connect yourself briefly but very deeply with your cosmic parents.

There are all sorts of relationships in the universe, many, many more than here with you in the duality. There are relationships such as, for example, the Starseed who have an all-embracing, uniform love relationship with one another. They are connected with a grid of love, and still each single light is in relationship with one other.
There is so much life in the universe, and such various planets on which different beings live and also have different relationships. With you in the duality it is a little more difficult. For you have learned and you have been told - and you know how much I have studied the duality - one particular reason it becomes more difficult with you is that you set limits. You judge certain religions or spiritual paths.

The Earth is divided by various people who have their own way of life. Often these are smiled at. Believe me, there is no such thing in the universe. For no matter which forms of relationship are chosen on the planets, we accept and tolerate all relationships that are had. There is no judgment.

Each single light in the universe has come into being. Each single light bears its own task. Each single light bears personal energy, even though it isn"t possible to compare this energy, this personality with your personality. Nevertheless it is a personal energy. And you who are sitting here on your chairs, you are highly conscious. And you can also feel immediately how different the energies are when the great lights convey the messages to you through Sangitar.

In the universe nothing happens by chance. Everything is planned and structured. Each light in the universe needs an opposite for a fusion, for joy, for dancing. Perhaps it lies beyond your mind to understand this. But it is so.

I would like to tell you about the Venusians, for these beings have decided that when they fuse with each other they stay together for the entire lifetime.
It is their decision. And it is two lights that move within each other, and it is a deep, deep love, but above all a divine love. For all beings in the universe know that there are holy relationships, namely the divine, all-embracing love.

The Arcturians, for example, structure their way of life and their relationships completely differently again.
We stay in groups. Most of the time they are very small groups, but still they are groups who are very deeply in relationship with one another. The difficulty here in the duality, when I study and observe this, is this exclusiveness with most of the human beings. There is only the one or the other. There is only this one truth. In the universe everything is fused with each other. It is a big, bearing grid of love. And as you have already noticed your original parents sometimes choose other lights in order to - to use your words to explain it - give birth to lights in turn.

You all of you have your original names and have met your cosmic parents. A good many of you may ask themselves: how is it possible that Raphael fuses with Sherin one time, then again with Lady Amethyst, Aurora… But in the universe this is something completely natural. It cannot be compared to how it happens with you in the duality.

Of course I do not want to plead for you to fuse with different human beings in order to give birth to certain lights. But in the universe, as I am sure you have noticed, there are also cosmic parents who do not fuse with other lights. A few examples are Adamis and Adamea, Uriel and Angelika Lea, Toth and Shakti. Melek Metatron fuses with Shakti, sometimes with Metaline. Shakti, on the other hand, often offers to serve for fusions.

But this is important for through this fusion the light which is born is moulded, receives the task, for no light in the universe is created by chance.

In the New Age - and I really do not know which words I should choose for this - many a thing is going to change with you concerning human love. It is very nice if you have found an opposite, if you live human love and are perfectly happy. But it is also important to realize that there are so many kinds of relationships and loves, and that the one kind is not worse than the other.

But I know, you will all of you get to know this. I can only tell you that you can look forward to it, to the multitude that you will have. Maris has also heard that some of the lightworkers say: "I can clearly feel it, after the ascension somebody will wait for me." One?? I tell you, you have no idea how many you can choose.

In the universe all relationships are characterized by love and by joy. Never forget that the universe is a young universe. The lights like to play so much, they try themselves out and they dance, they sing the sounds of perfection, and they are joy itself.

It will be possible for you - partly it is possible for you already, at the moment with some aspects of your self - to travel to various planets. But the time will come when you can move with your merkabah, from planet to planet. Oh I know, the doubters among you, they say: "No, never is this going to be possible!"

But imagine, if at a time not so very long ago somebody had told you to get into a flying object and fly all the way around the globe. This, too, has become possible. I can only keep saying, you have so many abilities in you, but unfortunately the memory of it is not in your consciousness so much.

You have lived so many relationships, whether in earlier incarnations or when you returned into the universe. The relationships that you live here in the duality is only a small range. Much, much more is possible and it will fill you with joy. Often in the universe you have had, when you returned after an incarnation, a very personal, deep realtionship. And often it is the case that exactly then, when you here, of the golden-blue frequency, feel and hear the 36 High Councillors when they pass the messages on to you through the medium, you suddenly feel such a great love and connectedness. Perhaps you have had a relationship with exactly this being. Perhaps also with me, Maris.

You know how much I love the human beings, even if it is difficult for me to understand the duality for it is really complicated, I love you human beings so much.

We Arcturians, we have accomplished great work on Earth. We have connected the planetary grid between all planets, we have softened archaic structures, I have studied you and we have initiated the third Light Body level.

The Earth energy, the sound that Lady Gaia is singing, has given us permission that the Earth energy is raised into the third Light Body level. And consequently the pattern of third Light Body level can be initiated and activated with each human being on Earth. This means that all energies manifest very much faster, that all that which you think will show itself in the outside. It also means, however, and this is the most important thing, that God will change the rhythm of his breathing. Through the activation of the third Light Body level God breathes faster, and this means that more light flooding can be brought between the dimensions.

Sangitar has told you that I have a surprise for you. It is less a surprise, but it is a great, great honor. For you of the golden-blue frequency, you, the old souls who have already incarnated in Lemuria, are being called now to initiate the third Light Body level in this collective together with the beings of the universe. This is something so magnificent, and we thought that this moment in time is suitable. When this process is concluded God"s breath will spin faster and the light flooding on Earth be far greater. It will bring change, which Lao Tse will convey to you tomorrow.

Now it is very important first of all that you are grounded on all levels.
I, Maris, the Arcturian, call the light beings now in order to be part of it here.
I call you to be part of it when the third Light Body level is initiated.
For this we need sounds which touch your soul. Make yourself aware once more what this means in the now-present.
The collective and each single one of you will contribute. And so Maris also asks you, rise once more.

OMAR TA SATT is the lightworkers" greeting, the energy of welcome

Author Bio :
Maris is one of 1400 Arcturians who came to Earth in 2005 to help prepare the Earth for the ascension. They will stay here until then. Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - The Spiritual Course of Awakening'. Once a month she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim which is also published on the Kryonschool website. You are welcome to browse the website, please click here

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