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6th Channeling of the Spring 2009 Kryon Festival - Master Lao Tse

{written by : Sabine Sangitar Wenig, Kryonschule}

Article word count : 2547 -- Article Id : 2195
Article active date : 2009-05-30 -- Article views : 8296

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Article is about :
Master Lao Tse talks about the massive changes that have taken place in us and on Earth. He gives some information about what the spiritual world knows for sure will change after the ascension.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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I am Master Lao Tse and it is such a joy and honor for me to pass the messages to you through Sangitar. Master Lao Tse is a master of love and of light. Master Lao Tse is a master of wisdom and of realization. But above all I am your friend, your companion during the path into the New Age. Master Lao Tse feels devoted to the human beings for I, too, once was a human being in the duality. I would like to tell you how I fared, but Sangitar has admonished me beforehand that I should better let it be. There are more important messages than the ones about how I fared, and of course Sangitar is right. Very much more important is how you are faring and how the human beings are faring in the New Age and in the New Energy.

Many are waiting for the ascension. Ascension, it is like a catchword that has developed at some point. Ascension, ascension… Perhaps we should choose a different word. Adaptation would be a very nice word. But you have got used to the term ascension and so I will keep to it. Many of you are waiting for it, and so many human beings who are aware of themselves have their own idea about how it is going to be when it is going to happen. Suddenly it goes "bang" and then it has happened. This is how many imagine it. But I can tell you with all of the wisdom I bear in me, and the truth always seeks its path, a "bang" alone is not enough. For it is rather the case that the New Age arrives in different waves. And the last wave has already begun. You have been, all of humanity has been embedded in the New Age for a long time already, and still many things are going to change on Earth and for you human beings.

You have to simply imagine that many planets are brought back into the origin of the divine magnetic field at the same time, and basically this is nothing other than a massive vibration increase. For now the Earth still partly bears the vibration and energy of the duality. The planet will be pulled through this duality into the origin of the magnetic energy. When one gives an example, when one says "one pulls something through", then you are in the middle so to speak. And naturally some human beings lose sight of and sometimes also the trust that even if it sometimes seems to come to a standstill, the Earth is being pulled through this duality, the massive vibration increase will take place and, there are so many expressions for it, but Master Lao Tse thinks that the nicest expression that one can find for it is, the new Earth will be born and paradise come into being. For this is intended for you. Do you really believe that this duality - after the great impact of the hail of comets of Lucifer, when the planets left the divine magnetic field and a duality with its own energy came into being, you as great lights accepted a body at some time - do you really believe that this is what God has created? That this is what is intended for you? Intended for you is a paradise. It is like awakening from a nasty nightmare: to realize that all that you seemingly experience in this duality is not true. But until this New Age has developed itself fully, and about this Master Lao Tse will say something more, I would first of all like to go into the massive changes which are taking place on Earth now. But before I go into which massive changes have taken place on Earth I would like to go into which massive changes have taken place in you.

It is not so easy for you in this duality. On the one hand you are getting more and more aware of who you are. Many of you have taken the Steps of the Divine Reality, have expanded themselves to 88%, the cells are programmed to life, to the New Energy. All of you, particularly in a collective like today, absorb a lot of magnetic love energy, the New Energy, and consequently you expand like a sun into all directions. It is something positive and the greatest gift that can be brought to you. But on the other hand, of course, you suffer from Light Body symptoms. How many human beings are there among you who are aware that they are developing themselves, who are aware of who they are and are also awakened, and still feel these Light Body symptoms to be annoying? But I tell you, friend, great light in the human body, I tell you, dear human being, without Light Body symptoms, how do you want to expand? When magnetic energy flows into you you do get tired. If you do not ground yourself enough while your consciousness vibrates higher you get the feeling of dizziness. When your DNA is being decoded you get headaches. It is the Light Body symptoms which carry you higher and higher!

You will still find out much from Sheldrak, how it was in Atlantean times, what the warriors of the light took upon themselves in their deep intention to save lives. You are here in the Golden Age. You have the opportunity, you have the destiny and partly also the task to experience this time of the change of ages and to perceive the changes in you. And, as you have already been told, nothing happens by chance. The subjects that have been chosen for each Festival are no accident. With the changes in you, for example, when you are at odds, when you doubt, when you think that you are not worth it, or do not feel your abilities, or feel resistance with a Step, your system loses its balance. For this harmony is so important. For harmony distinguishes itself from peace in that harmony is something very personal for it has something to do with self love, with love of creation, with divine love. If only you were to realize for one moment what possibilities lie in you and knew that doubting yourself does not move you forward one single step! Believe me, the sun in your heart begins to smile. Namely then you feel the joy and also the harmony.

Yesterday Maris has activated the third Light Body level in a ritual with you which has as consequence that God"s breath moves faster and consequently all energies manifest very much faster.
It is very important to Lao Tse to tell you once more that everything you need, everything you need lies in you. We help you to find this. We can give you instructions, but you must and also should listen to the messages. For again and again recently the divine lights repeat the words "Quit the collective". For what happens in the outside is that the old structures collapse. This is what Kryon has predicted to you many years ago already. That the old system cannot carry itself in the duality, that is the currents of light pouring in, the magnetic energy that is pouring in. Naturally the old structures collapse. How could they possibly remain? But it is important that you realize that this seeming, seeming security which is being taken from you and many human beings holds a new beginning within which is nicer and better than anything you have experienced before. That is why we call you again and again to have the courage as lightworker to go into doing. Not to doubt yourselves, but to simply do it.
For each light bearer, each lightworker is important for this New Age. For in the Golden Age it is also the case that the Earth needs a basic energy, the raising to a certain basic energy so that Lady Gaia can sing the perfect sound and the ascension or the adaptation of the new vibration can take place.

Many ask themselves "How will it be, how will it be when the ascension has taken place? Then at last I will be rid of all my worries. Then everything will change." But I would like to tell you, when the ascension has taken place, it will be for you, for the human beings, no matter which path they have taken, if they have only realized who they are, for you paradise will really develop. For you will be aware of what is happening.

What will change with immediate effect is the vegetation and the temperature. But it is not the case that you will suddenly cease to speak a language. You will retain your language for some time. But all the patterns, and this is so important to understand, all the patterns which stand behind words of our messages are imprinted and embedded in you, and at a certain point in time these patterns will show themselves to you as realizations. Consequently you will master the lightlanguage with immediate effect. You will master telepathy with immediate effect. You will no longer work with your mind, but with your heart and your soul. More and more groups will form. Human beings of similar frequencies will join together in order to develop themselves further again and to raise other human beings again in their consciousness. At the moment the human beings are still by themselves a lot. In the duality it is the case that even though when you meet each other on the street, you are all of you human beings, yet you hardly speak with each other because you think you do not know each other. This will certainly stop. For each human being who meets you, though he may be unknown, he is still your brother or your sister. No matter which skin color, no matter which religion. He is your brother or your sister.

You are being trained and often you have been smiled at. Those human beings have been smiled at who have said: "Yes, we trust! We trust that there is something, a higher power, no matter what one calls it. We trust and we feel that this power exists." You can see how much times have changed by the fact that today those are smiled at who say: "No, something like that doesn"t exist." Sometimes human beings try, even when they are very aware of themselves already, to go into negotiation with the angels. They say: "When I do this now I expect that you do that for me. And if that doesn"t happen, then that"s it." And what do you think the angel does? It is so important to understand that it is not the angel who does this for you, but that it is you, for you yourself are the power and might of God! You yourself carry it within! You yourself can manifest it! That is the basic principle of all, all messages. Once the question was asked: "What happens when somebody turns away from God?" and the answer, and here I would like to mention Sangitar"s teacher who gave the answer: "What does the sun care when somebody is burned? Does it stop shining because of that?"
It is not that we do not feel compassion for you. We love you so immeasurably, each single one of you. But the importance is the great whole, the planetary, for a planetary ascension is taking place and it is up to you how deep you are in this intention, how much you want to be part of it in order to be involved in this phase. Even if you sometimes have the feeling that you are standing still and do not know how to go on. Never make an angel responsible for it! For the might and the power lie in you.

For years we are bringing these messages through our medium and the point in time now, today is to help you so that these patterns which are behind these words imprint themselves deep in your soul. Each pattern is perhaps still locked in itself, but believe me, faster than you imagine the time will come in which these patterns will reveal themselves to you. And what do you want to say some time? "It took too long."? There is no turning back for you. There is no turning back for you. This does not mean now - because I know how important this is for Sangitar - this does not mean that you cannot stop during the Steps or end being a Pioneer. But you are aware of yourself and no matter which path you then choose, there is no turning back. Where should a return path lead you to? There is only the path into the New Age.

Even though it seems that many beings are only energetically in inverted commas, only "energetically" present for you, you will still be the ones who, when the ascension has taken place, look into the eyes of these beings. They will build you arches of colorful lights and they will receive you with the highest sounds of the light. Color rays will be poured over you for for all this that you do courage is required. Courage to go on even though you seem to be stopping. The courage to push the doubt aside. For no matter how strongly you doubt you cannot deny your divinity. You cannot deny your divinity.
And as immeasurably as you are being loved, exactly the same you will be received. And when the New Age has formed itself in its entirety everything will begin anew for you. But do not believe that you can rest then. If you believe that you are doing a lot now, in the New Age there is even more to do. We are not allowed to interfere in the free will, we are not allowed to manipulate. You yourselves make the decision, you have the free choice and Master Lao Tse now permits himself to say this once: if only I was allowed to, I would come immediately and push you. But even if you cannot see me, I see each single one. And when the third Light Body level beginns to be at work in its entirety it is even more important that you get out of the collective of fear and worry for it does not move you forward. Get into the attitude of mind of abundance and love for that is where manifestation takes place and each negative thought and each hurting word from your mouth remains to stick as pattern in yourself. Therefore consider well which words you choose.

Sangitar is sending me impulses that I should stop. So I will do this now. But I would like to go into harmony once more. For harmony is something that you find in yourself, not in the outside, but in you. The energy of peace feels a little more neutral and peace you can only reach when harmony has expanded in you.

AN"ANASHA is the energy of gratitude and balance between giving and taking

Author Bio :
Master Lao Tse is an ascended master and one of the 36 High Councillors of the Light who accompany every Kryonstudent during the 48 Steps. Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - The Spiritual Course of Awakening'. Once a month she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim which is also published on the Kryonschool website. You are welcome to browse the website, please click here

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