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Message from the Sirian High Council - The Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

{written by : Patricia Cori}

Article word count : 1465 -- Article Id : 2212
Article active date : 2009-06-04 -- Article views : 9752

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Article is about :
Here we wish to address the question of the food supply, which (with genetic manipulation) is becoming poisonous and deadly to human and animal organisms … far more than ever before.

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"The beginning of the new millennium marks a more critical phase of imbalance on your planet, of which many of you are all well aware. The signs surround you, as Gaia storms her rage upon the winds and waters: these are aspects we have dealt with in the first transmissions - The Cosmos of Soul.

Here we wish to address the question of the food supply, which (with genetic manipulation) is becoming poisonous and deadly to human and animal organisms … far more than ever before.

Those of you who choose to ignore this aspect, we believe, are either uninformed or unconcerned for your personal health and that is your free will choice to make. However, we call upon you, units of Earth consciousness, to consider the overall well-being of Planet Earth and the effect genetic mutation of the food supply is having on the living beings of your world. Then, as concerned citizens of many nations (whose governments all serve the greater interests of global industry), you may give more consideration to the issues that we present here, becoming more aware of what is taking place and more consciously involved in what you feed your mental-emotional and physical bodies. You may rebel, taking back the power over your own lives, beginning with what you bring into the physical body as nourishment of the soul.

In The Cosmos of Soul, we have given you a simple structure to follow regarding your foods, bearing in mind that you will need to draw as much light into the body (at the cellular level) as possible, as you prepare for the process of evolving into light body. This has been, until now, best achieved by ingesting a high volume of fresh fruits and vegetables, ideally those of organic agriculture, and the elimination of meat from the diet.

However, given what is being brewed in the laboratories of top level industry, you must now examine with caution the quality and the origins of the PLANT FOODS and their end products now gracing the shelves of your favorite supermarkets.

You need to know that:

The meat supply is becoming ever more infected; the spreading of "mad cow syndrome" has moved out of the restricted areas and across the borders; it is spreading from species to species, from cows to sheep and pigs. What is not infected carries growth hormones, enormous quantities of antibiotics, and adrenal overloads, being fed with genetically modified feed, also treated with toxic pesticides. These you are absorbing into your bodies every time you cut into the juicy steak, or bite into the greasy, flavor-enhanced hamburger. Think about it.

North America leads the world in the cultivation and wide-scale distribution of genetically-modified foods, much of which you are unaware that you are ingesting - for the industry clearly does not wish to stimulate your curiosity or product-resistance. Therefore, beware. Those who have switched from dairy and meat to soy-based alternatives should know that over 50% of commercially available soy products have been genetically modified or chemically-treated, so you are wise to buy only those which are clearly labeled organically grown.

Corn, canola, dairy and potatoes - and their commercial end products - are the most likely foods to have been genetically modified. Awareness of this problem is slowly appearing in the media, but so much is hidden from you. You will have to give more attention to the matter, becoming far more discerning in your approach to food preparation and consumption.
Irradiated foods are proliferating in the supermarkets - particularly in the produce sectors. Trust that you do not want to bring radiation into the digestive track and that such foods do not enhance human health. Have you considered cultivating an organic garden? There, you will bring to your being the nature of the food; its live elements, rather than life prolonged by radiation!

Why must you be concerned?

The meat supply is dying - plain and simple. You hear daily warnings about the tremendous diseases appearing in cows, sheep, pigs and let us not forget the disease carried in poultry; the use of rotting duck meat - considered for the gourmets amongst you. * Aside from the metaphysical aspect of meat in your diets, there is an ever-increasing risk associated with ingesting meat. See if you can let it go … see if you can let yourselves release from the darkness of dead animal flesh once and forever.

Genetically modified foods can cause damage to the organs and most significantly they destroy the immune system.
The governments do not have your best interest at heart. The political bodies serve their "generous" industrial lobbyists by enacting legislation that protects those corporate entities that would poison you in the name of profit. Therefore, do not be complacent, awaiting the official word from you central governments; do not be lulled into a feeling that you are being cared for as a people. The legislation that best serves you is that which you enact as individuals, as families and communities.

Children are particularly vulnerable, due to their consumption of dairy and the often excessive consumption of processed foods - many of which are corn or potato based. Processed cereals should be reduced substantially, if not eliminated and chips and such snack foods are the worst offenders. Do you care enough about the health of your loved ones to remove these poisons from their clutches?

You see the drastic increase of allergic children and adults. Know that genetic manipulation increases (dramatically) the risk that the plant will develop toxic or allergy-causing elements.
One objective of genetic manipulation is to cause the plant to emit its own very high levels of pesticide, with the idea to create an improved form of pest control in agriculture. Know that the levels of toxins being emitted are far beyond those that occur with spraying, and that these are far more damaging to the being. They can cause birth defects and lead to numerous malfunctions of the physical body.

Another objective is to create genetically altered drug producing foods. These are referred to as "functional foods". These are absolutely counter-productive to the health of the human organism but of great potential to the pharmaceutical industry"s profit margins.

Genetic manipulation is devastating to the environment; they are altering not only the corn and soy but the entire ecosystem. The flora of Earth know no boundaries, and the genetically altered crops are crossing over into the others.

What can be done?

The growing resistance to Global Industrialization has begun to demonstrate itself in various parts of the world. Become involved. If your personal circumstances or beliefs do not allow you to be an activist, we do encourage you to be aware of the issues for which your brothers and sisters stand against the Power. These warriors are fighting for humankind, and, although there will always be those who use such stages for their personal agendas, most are there to represent the greater whole. Your support will keep the Voice alive.

Wherever possible, grow your own produce. For those who are without land, you may join together in communal gardening projects; these are "sprouting up" in various places across the globe. Contact your local and regional community offices for information.

Investigate alternative sources of food, such as health food stores, food cooperatives.

Contact your supermarket and express your concerns, letting them know that you are being forced to find an alternative to their store in search of foods that are not genetically-modified or irradiated.

Write to your government representatives; the louder your voice, the sooner the response - for they need you. They need your vote in order to hold the seats of authority.

Educate the children, bearing in mind that they are a highly valuable target group for the advertisers of junk foods. This means, however, that you must create the alternatives by dedicating more time to the selection, harvesting and preparation of truly good food.

Throw away your microwaves; they produce enormous amounts of electromagnetic radiation and, by their nature, encourage the consumption of pre-fabricated, plastic food - food that has NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE WHATSOEVER.

Boycott investing in any company that produces genetically modified crops, such as Monsanto - one of the worst offenders.
Love yourselves and be conscious that what you are creating on the physical plane resounds in the ethers.
There is only so much that can be done at the individual level. We call you to unite as an international force, to reverse industry"s disastrous plan for global genetic manipulation of the produce and meat supplies of your planet.

We call upon you to
stand for yourselves and for each other
for the plants and animals
and all the living beings
for Gaia.
you are precious - lightworkers of Earth
If not you . . . who then?

Author Bio :
"Patrica Cori's books and CD, The Sirian Revelations, have enjoyed worldwide acclaim as wake-up call material for the expanding consciousness of humankind. They have been re-released to a vast international audience this year by North Atlantic Books/Random House Distribution and are also available in several foreign language editions. With her latest project, Where Pharaohs Dwell, Patricia delves into the secrets of immortality and our stellar origins through her beloved Egyptian landscape, exploring the magic of the ancients. The book is scheduled for release in Fall of 2009."

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