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How to Reconcile the Reality-truth With the Universal Truth That All is Well

{written by : Anisa Aven}

Article word count : 2006 -- Article Id : 2218
Article active date : 2009-06-03 -- Article views : 7966

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Article is about :
Questions and answers about how to come to accept universal truths when the truth of reality seems incongruent.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Dear Anisa,

I read and listen to a ton of material, which is written, and in audio CDs and in Video DVDs, A ton of material. Mostly I am working on trying to change or let go of limiting beliefs. However, I do not feel that me myself writing things down, doing stupid meaningless written exercises, or keeping journals does any good to help me accomplish these goals. I feel these written exercises are for "morons" really, and don"t help me at all.

+++++From Anisa:+++++
It may be that you can find a better way to"re-condition" your mind and release limiting beliefs. It may very well be that for you, journaling, affirmations, etc. are meaningless and just won"t help. I hold the vision of you finding the path that"s right for you.

One of the books that changed my life, Man"s Search for Meaning, was written by Viktor Frankl. His spiritual evolution occurred during his stay at Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps of WWII. He experienced enlightenment through the most horrific means imaginable; losing his entire family, being tortured and literally stripped of every dignity and characteristic that made him human. Never the less, his existential therapy has positively affected millions upon millions of souls. He didn"t consciously intend it to be this way - but it was through his search for meaning that he found Spiritual Truth in the midst of terror.

I cannot count how many other spiritual seekers that I"ve met who exude that peace, love, and harmony that we all seek - but who went through rough, turbulent and difficult life experiences in order to get there.

For example, I know several spiritually advanced people who achieved their transformation after a near-death experience. They certainly didn"t have to do affirmations or keep a victory log, but they did have to come close to death.

As I search my memory for other ways in which seekers have found enlightenment, the only other way I"ve personally witnessed is through the traditional methods that the "gurus" teach: - Meditation - Prayer - Silence - Service - Affirmations/Visualizations and Mental Reconditioning / reprogramming

For me personally, I"d rather do a round of cheesy affirmations than experience returning from "the light". Call me a coward, but I"d prefer the "longer" but more "comfortable" path.

Now, yes... all the products say the same thing because there"s ONLY ONE TRUTH. You are unlimited and what you put your attention upon, you create. That"s it - nothing more.

We read and listen to the same TRUTH over and over again to condition our minds. Our inner guide inspires us to reach for these books, tapes, seminars because we KNOW we want to understand this Truth to the depths of our soul. It"s Divinely Inpsired condtioning - and the reward is a rock"n rich-in-every-way life.

Now, there"s bound to be other pathways to enlightenment. I just don"t know of them. And, if you are seeking and the answer is always the same - what"s the harm in testing your theory? If affirmations, meditation, and journaling work for morons - then surely they can work for you. For most that believe it"s meaningless however, they get to be right.

As you believe it - it becomes true for you. That"s the beauty and the brawn of the unconditional Universal Laws.

*****From Stephen:*****
One problem is that whenever I disagree with a GURU, any GURU, they label it a limiting belief, whether or not that belief is based on a perceived TRUE reality. There is saying: "Do not piss on my back and tell me it"s raining!" This may be my most persistent limiting belief, if in fact it is really a limiting belief.......but it seems nonsense to me for a GURU to tell me that the bad economy, the thefts and bailouts of wall-street crooks, is just my own limiting belief. It IS really raining you see, they are crooks and evil doers, and no amount of belief changing makes it any different. No amount of wishful thinking, pretending about law of attraction, or Esther and Jerry Hicks "Abrahams", will make the horrors of slaughtered and starving children in third world countries any better.

+++++From Anisa:+++++
Ahhh... do I understand what you mean! I"ve been there too. And, I agree that simply putting our head in the sand about the "problems" does not make them any less real. However, I also know that my anger and resentment towards the "evil- doers" does not make them go away either. My anger, does however, disconnect me from the Divine Within that DOES have the power to do something positive about it. When we talk about "limiting beliefs" we are also speaking about limiting emotions that prevent one from aligning with a solution.

For me, there"s only one solution. SEE what is - just long enough to CREATE what I Intend instead.

Get the quote: "You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein

Imagine for a moment if Mother Theresa had "just been angry" about the homeless children in India? Would she have been inspired to serve and contribute with the profound passion that she did?

Okay, so maybe we aren"t "Mother Theresa"! But, what if everyone else just stayed "angry" about the situation and didn"t move to their next level of consciousness?

In 1996, Jeroo Billimoria, witnessed India"s homeless children being systematically abused, kidnapped, sold into slavery, left for dead, denied medical attention, etc. She decided that she couldn"t adopt ALL of them, but maybe she could do something to help. She endeavored to set up Childline - a hotline that destitute children can call when they are in trouble.

Most see the problem and most will feel compassion, anger, and sadness over the situation. However, most never get past the "anger" to do anything about it. From Jeroo"s vantage point, there was no amount of "anger" that would solve the problem but there was enough love to inspire a solution. Now, Childline India has saved thousands of children"s lives and helped millions more.

You say, "No amount of wishful thinking, pretending about law of attraction, or Esther and Jerry Hicks "Abrahams", will make the horrors of slaughtered and starving children in third world countries any better."

Since I know that it"s through focusing upon the "ideal" that humanitarians like Mother Theresa and Jeroo Billimoria have created miracles, I have to disagree with your statement. I"ve personally witnessed full-fledged miracles occur through the use of Intentional Creation. It"s through the attention upon the solution that creates the level of consciousness required to inspire the solution; while the attention upon the problem actually attracts more of the problem.

Are some "gurus" saying Ignore the problem? Yes. And, should you follow their advice? Maybe - If you are going to choose to do nothing about it, then please, by all means ignore it. For anger without Divine Right Action only makes it worse. However, if instead, you can choose to flow intentions toward finding a solution, that"s the very method that has been used since the dawn of man to rock boats, inspire change, and transform lives.

*****From Stephen:*****
Also, I am sick and tired of seeing so MANY, many so called "GURUS" on the internet SELLING, SELLING, SELLING, SELLING, their particular twists and takes on Manifestation techniques. It is all so commercial, and yes, I do NOT see this commercialism as anything good, except for lining the pockets of the sellers. Another so called limiting belief, they would call it. But that call would be tainted and circular, since it is all about making a profit to them. SO THEREFORE, if you can help me with these issues or "perceptions", I would be grateful. Sincerely, STEPHEN

+++++From Anisa:+++++
Yes, I see the plight of commercialism too. Alas, I"ve even tried giving my products away in hopes that somehow I could help others if they could just gain access to it for free. Unfortunately, this compromises the Law of Reciprocity and without an exchange of energy, those I wanted to help received very little benefit.

I used to do "free coaching" too. All geared up to just help as many people as I could. Unfortunately, "free" means cheap and worthless. I was stood up regularly!

You see, folks have to have "skin in the game" to step up and play. That"s the Law of Reciprocity: You must give in order to receive. Perhaps you"ve seen the amazing number of people that are selling the expensive Secret "Scientific" Way to Create Wealth program. It sells for several thousand dollars all day long. (Shhhh! Don"t tell "em I told you - it"s no different than the other programs you belong to). The program is not actually worth thousands more than its competitors. However, when someone spends $2,000 on a program, they have enough "Skin-In-The-Game" to make the commitment required to play hard and finish strong. Thus, it"s not the content that makes that program any more valuable - but the level of commitment that"s required when you make that kind of investment.

Whatever it takes to make it VALUABLE for you!

Let me acknowledge that I too sell my wares online and thus that "ulterior motive" thing may seem to apply to me - drats! But, not selling is not an option for me, either. The wonderful emails that I receive every day suggest I"m making a difference and that"s enough for me.

But, there"s another limiting perception that you may want to consider reviewing. Ponder this...

Take any group of 100 people at the start of their working career and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age and here`s what you`ll find, according to the Social Security Administration: * Only 1 will be wealthy * 4 will be financially secure * 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to * 36 will be dead * 54 will be destitute and living in poverty and/or dependent upon social security, welfare, and charity

It takes courage to do what must be done to land in the 5% that creates enough wealth to live comfortably in their golden years.

From my perspective, there"s plenty of wealth to go around and plenty more where "that abundance" came from and the more YOU prosper the better it is for me. It"s the same for the teachers that push their products. The more they prosper and the more the Truth is shared, listened, to and understood the greater the prosperity for everyone involved.

As for whether or not to "buy" from them - YOU decide according to how it feels when you read their materials. If it "feels" wrong - then it is. If it "feels" aligned, answers your questions and the exchange of energy feels right - give thanks that the Universe is sending you the material you"ve been seeking.

Now... to finish strong... I"ll share an important quote from Wallace Wattles:

"You can act in accordance with these laws or you can disregard them but you can in no way alter them. The laws forever operate and hold you to strict accountability, and there is not the slightest allowance for ignorance...Once a person learns and obeys these laws, he will get rich with mathematical certainty." - Wallace D. Wattles, Science of Getting Rich

It"s important to honor how you feel - but it"s even more important to CHOOSE intentionally how you intend to feel moving forward. Your questions are guiding you and you are on your Divine Right Path. Follow that Divine Inspired Action... it"s calling you (and it"s NOT the voice of a Guru, but YOUR inner guidance that"s talking. Psst... it"s the positive voice that feels confident.)

Author Bio :
Receive Anisa's complimentary “Conscious Creation 101”, a 5-part e-course on the basics of Manifesting, by visiting

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