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Ascension Update - another Phase ends

{written by : Jelaila Starr}

Article word count : 1389 -- Article Id : 2243
Article active date : 2009-06-08 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
After many years working for the ascension of Earth and her people, it appears that things have changed. We are again in a lull. Traffic is down at our web site, product sales are slow along with session requests. Now, normally this isn’t a big deal; the holidays ...

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After many years working for the ascension of Earth and her people, it appears that things have changed. We are again in a lull. Traffic is down at our web site, product sales are slow along with session requests. Now, normally this isn’t a big deal; the holidays are usually a slow time for us, and we use this period to relax, reflect on the year’s work, and plan for the next. Yet, something is different this time. It’s more than a lull; it feels to me like the end of a major phase or project.

Wondering if it is just me who senses this, I got on the phone and talked with other teachers. Doing so usually yields a good view of what’s going on in Earth’s ascension process as we are each working on different, yet complimentary aspects of the work. Across the board, they said that they feel the same as I do. So what’s going on and why is it happening? What does it mean and more importantly, what do we do now? Seeing as how each teacher views events from the perspective of his/her work, I’ll explain what I see occurring from mine. Hopefully other teachers will do the same so that by reading what each of us has to say, you’ll be able to determine how best to proceed.

Back in 1996, I began the work of Project Earth Shift (PSE). PSE was the name given to the plan created by the 9D Nibiruan Council to assist Earth through ascension. This plan consisted of various projects. Each project lasted from 1-3 years. The projects involved either creating electromagnetic grids, making templates, education, emotional clearing, DNA Recoding, or a combination of two or more of these.

The plan was to be carried out in phases, each one lasting about 3 years. In early 1997 I was informed that we had 3 years to complete the first phase. That meant that by the end of 2000 we had to be at a certain point in the work. We accomplished that goal with two months to spare.

I wrote in my journal that I felt set adrift, lost, and abandoned with no idea where to go next. I feel the same way today, only now, having been through it before, I recognize what it is.

As of the end of October of this year, we have come to the end of a major phase, more so than the one in 2000. At that time we had completed creating the Web of Light on the Internet, the Cities of Light I spoke about in the article, The Ingathering Has Begun. This Web of Light brought the Internet up to its full potential as the 5th dimension...the dimension of Light, i.e., information. Through it all knowledge could become known allowing humanity to make truly informed choices. Having created it we were now ready for the major event, which changed the final outcome of how far Earth ascended, that followed the next year. That event was 9/11.

In the three years since 9/11 we have focused on creating the major templates for the new grid that was established at that time. These templates are sets of beliefs that are more integrated; therefore less polarized and resonate at the frequency of compassion. As of October, the last major template is complete. We now have all the major templates filled with higher beliefs for every dysfunctional belief held in the current 3D grid. This means that you can access a more integrated way to clear issues by asking your guides to connect you with one of those templates. In doing so you can clear problems that seem unsolvable, regardless of their nature.

With the end of this phase, we have in essence, entered into a new reality, the one that you and I have been working to create for many years. We have given humanity the means to escape from the Matrix-like programming of the 3D grid. All they need is the willingness to do so and the trust to follow their guides’ suggestions. In essence it means that ascension is now available to anyone who chooses it.

So the infrastructure, the grids are complete; the templates have been installed. The hardest part of our work is done.

What do we do now?

As I mentioned earlier, once a phase is complete, or a project for that matter, we find ourselves in the Void, the lull between projects and phases. The Void is the place where our old reality, our former work, dissolves in order to make way for the new. Back in 2001, at the time the Nibiruans informed me that we had been successful in completing the first phase, they said, “How you proceed into the next phase is up to you. Create your heart’s desire and be detailed in doing so. The details will help us help you.” As we enter the Void again, the guidance is the same. Decide what you want to do next and be specific as possible. Share your vision with your guides, ask them to show you how to implement it and then sit back and wait for the signs. Remember, you don’t have to make it happen, just act on what comes your way.

Tip: Being in the Void can be very frightening for your Inner Child. He/she is terrified of having your world fall apart in order ot make way for the new. To make it easier and to dial down the stress, take time each day to tell him/her that this is normal and that it will end. One day you will awaken to your next step being presented to you.

Where do we go from here?

We’ll come out of the Void in a few months. But during that time we won’t be bored. Our time in the Void and a few months after will be a time of personal clearing and training for the next phase. During the time I was in the Void from November 2000 to February 2001, I went through a lot of emotional clearing, facing fears around money, becoming more public, and owning my right to ask for what I wanted. When I came out of the Void in March, I was much stronger. But, though I was no longer in the Void my next step had not yet emerged. I spent the next 6 months working on clearing ancient wounds with people who came into my life whom I had known in other lifetimes. These clearings also helped to train me for the next phase. On September 9th, nine months after the last phase ended, the plans for that phase were downloaded to me in a dream.

During that nine months I didn’t become destitute; the money ebbed and flowed, getting blocked as each new lesson appeared and then flowing again as I cleared it.

Where do we go from here? Like many of you, I find this time in the Void to be quite challenging. And though I understand its value, the stillness is uncomfortable for me. Oh, and watching my world, my reality start to dissolve isn’t fun either. I’m waiting for my next step to emerge. Will it take nine months as it did last time? Perhaps. Will there be more training to prepare? Most definitely. The bottom line is that this seems to be the pattern for me. Perhaps it is for you, too. And if it is, know that we’ll come through it. And just as before, the best way to endure it is to come together and support each other. It doesn’t have to be as scary as the last time. Back then we didn’t have the experience of there being a tomorrow nor that we’d make it through financially, but we do now.

Though the framework for ascension is complete the work of ascension is not done. There will be another phase. From what I have been able to glean from the Nibiruans, in the next phase we will bridge back to 3D, transforming our work in order to reach the remainder of humanity at their level. Let’s take this time to exhale, relax, and then prepare. The best is yet to come.

Author Bio :
Jelaila Starr is an internationally published writer, speaker, counselor, researcher and author of We Are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered and the Keys of Compassion. Through lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion touches and uplifts the hearts of people around the globe inspiring hope and understanding. Email: - Website:

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