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The Law of Attraction and You

{written by : John Culbertson}

Article word count : 1199 -- Article Id : 2244
Article active date : 2009-06-08 -- Article views : 9644

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Article is about :
The Law of Attraction, stated simply, says that like attracts like and you can achieve your dreams by thinking about them positively. However, it goes further than that since were it that simple we would all have whatever we wanted and this is patently not the case.

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The Law of Attraction, stated simply, says that like attracts like and you can achieve your dreams by thinking about them positively. However, it goes further than that since were it that simple we would all have whatever we wanted and this is patently not the case.

So how does the Law of Attraction affect you, and how is it possible to make it work for you? Since you constantly wish that you were rich, and had everything you desire, why has it not yet happened? The answer is amazingly simple, though the remedy is not so easy to achieve. However, more on that later, since we shall concentrate right now on what the Law of Attraction IS rather than on what it IS NOT. You should then be able to begin to understand why it is not working for you.

If you spend all your life wishing for something to happen then that is what you will achieve. A life of wishful thinking. If your dominant thoughts are of the ‘what if’ variety, then your life will be full of ‘what ifs’, if you get my meaning. In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, you must think positively. Positive thoughts will attract positive results, whereas worrying about NOT achieving your dreams will result in you not achieving your dreams. That is the way that most people think. They dwell on the negative aspects of their lives, and so attract these negative aspects.

If you are waiting for a job interview, and see several other candidates in front of, you will likely worry that one of them will get the job rather than you. Do not be surprised, therefore, that they do indeed get the job. Your dominant thoughts have been about the others rather than about yourself. It is important that you think in terms of your consciousness, and of you being at the center of it.

One way of expressing how this law works is in terms of subjective reality. Other people might be within your consciousness, but it is only your own thought that can dictate the way your life will go. They cannot have an influence on you because in terms of your own consciousness they do not truly exist. It is a form of what is known as ‘subjective reality’ in which everybody else is nothing more than a projection of your own thinking, and that you have control over your own world.

If you believe that you will be successful, then you will attract that success to you, because it is your own reality that creates it. Many find it difficult to understand and accept the concept of subjective reality, and find it easier to think of the Law of Attraction in terms of a magnet. This can make it easier to understand since magnets attract, and can also repel. Unlike a magnet, however, in this form of attraction like attracts like, and unlike repels unlike.

Hence, you attract to you that which you are focusing most on in your life. If you focus on success you will attract success and repel failure, but if you dwell on failure that is what you will attract to you. Rather than worrying in case a certain outcome does not happen, forget failure and dwell on your success when it comes. Focus on the positive aspects of your life, and they will become even better. However, if you have doubts, then you will fail.

Let’s take a tangible example.

Let’s say you want promotion in your job. If you think of the benefits that the promotion will bring you, of how more money you will have and the better car you will get with the promotion, then eventually the promotion will come. If, however, you worry in case you might not be up to the job, or think that the other guy has better qualifications than you, you will attract failure, and you won’t get the job.

Why is that most successful people seem brim-full of confidence? They are not confident because they have achieved success, but the other way round. They became successful because of their confidence; their confidence attracted success. They didn’t dwell on ‘what if’, but on ‘when I’. Think in terms of ‘when I succeed, and not ‘what if I succeed’, because in the latter you are still thinking in terms of failure.

Most people find this too simple to believe, and fail because of it. How on earth can I be successful just by visualizing my success, and thinking about that new house I have been longing for finally being mine? It won’t work. Too right it won’t work, if you keep thinking negatively. You can invoke the Law of Attraction by believing that you will have that new home, and how great it would look with that fabulous barbecue unit in the backyard. I can’t wait!

Visualize your success. Creative visualization, as it is called, is an important part of the Law of Attraction because it is a good way for you to focus on what you really want. You must really want what you visualize having, and then allow it come to you. It is the allowing that most people find difficult, since it is very difficult to dispel negative thoughts and a degree of disbelief that the law really works. If you don’t have complete faith in it, then you will not attract your desires.

Of course, you won’t have that Ferrari roll up to the drive of your new home simply by thinking about it, but the way to achieve it will be provided to you. The Law of Attraction works but if you don’t believe it then it will certainly not work for you. It involves faith, belief, and total conviction that you will achieve the success that you desire, and the means will be provided to you. You will attract it like a magnet attracts iron.

You can find out more about the Law of Attraction online or by reading the words of one of the wisest men the world has known: Solomon. His Book of Proverbs contains many elements of the Law of Attraction, and if you read them with that in mind it might become clearer to you.

Other Biblical references include Job 3:25 – “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me”, and several verses in Matthew, including this: “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith” (21:22).

In fact, there are many aspects of the Law of Attraction contained within the Sermon on the Mount, and Jesus himself made many references to getting what you want if you have faith and believe it will happen.

This is not to infer that the Bible is the basis of, or even promotes, the Law of Attraction, only that the concept of belief attracting results is not a new one. If you truly believe that you will achieve success, and have complete faith with no doubts in your mind, then you will attract that success. The Law of Attraction states so.

Author Bio :
Article by John Culbertson,

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