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{written by : Stefanie Miller}

Article word count : 1492 -- Article Id : 2251
Article active date : 2009-06-12 -- Article views : 9636

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Article is about :
I see that we get caught up in the day-to-day survival of every day living and we overlook the significant things. We think there will be time tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, if only we can get past this thing or the other, and time quickly slips by.

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Notes to Myself

This year has been challenging beyond belief for me, and I believe for many others as well. It has been a long time since I have had a period of such non-stop intensity. I can barely catch my breath before one set of issues is resolved and the next batch arises! I have had to really pace myself during this fluctuating time. This is a major period of intense growth in our evolutionary process. We are having to pay close attention to our health, finances, and relationships. This is a time to really get clear about the direction we want to go in and take steps in that direction. We can no longer ignore or avoid the things we need to deal with. The Universe is giving us a major wake up call to awaken and be present in our lives. This wake up call may have come in the form of a jolt or a series of jolts to get us really alert!

I see that we get caught up in the day-to-day survival of every day living and we overlook the significant things. We think there will be time tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, if only we can get past this thing or the other, and time quickly slips by. Our security and safety issues are being challenged to give us an opportunity to delve in and discover what our values, needs and desires really are.

Many of us have taken our (and those of our loved ones) good health for granted. We may have put off getting our yearly check up, discounted taking vitamins and supplements, avoided healthy eating or frequent exercising and allowed stress and anxiety to weaken our state of being. Many of us are having issues with our physical, mental and/or emotional bodies where we are being guided to focus on our inner temples by making ourselves a priority. This is a significant time to go inward and listen to what we need. We may have to take time out of our busy schedules and change our habits in order to take better care of ourselves. It is part of the awakening process to be mindful of our health and know what our needs are, and making sure that our needs are met. It is a time for taking conscious care of ourselves and each other.

Finances are another area we must all deal with at this time. Our country/world has gotten into the habit of overspending. We have spent more money than we have. We have gotten into this cycle of unconscious, uncontrollable spending. We are accumulating more things (and debt) than we need. We have had a tendency to buy things in order to present a certain image, shop to fill an emotional void, waste time, or buy things we don"t need or necessarily even use! As we clear out the clutter of all the "stuff" we don"t need or use and make space within and around us, we can see what is useful and purposeful and let go of what isn"t. Once we know who we really are, we won"t be as concerned with projecting a certain image or status.

This is a time of finding our true worth, which doesn"t come in the amount of a dollar sign, bank account balance, size of home, the name brand of your wardrobe or the prestige of your job title and income. It may be nice to have these things. Certainly there is nothing wrong with having any of it, it can be very nice to have, and may make life easier and more comfortable, it just doesn"t need to define who you are. Our culture has placed such a high importance on money that we have lost sight of our true worth and value.

I got rid of all of my credit cards this year. I am only able to spend the money that I have. It"s interesting to find out what you really want and need. When you are charging things you may not think twice about making frivolous purchases. We work hard for our money and need to make conscious choices on how to spend it. I am in the habit of checking in to see if what I am purchasing is beneficial for me. I connect with the energy of the object (whether it be food, clothing or misc.) and see if it serves my highest good. I get an immediate answer as to its value for me. If I don"t get a quick and clear answer, I don"t buy it. It is has come as a relief to simplify my life in this way. I find that money and resources come in many unexpected ways just when or just before I need them. All of my needs, and those of my family are always met.

Our relationships (whether romantic, friendship, work related, family members, etc.) are changing as we grow. As we know our own worth and have a clear understanding of what we want, what we need and have a strong understanding of our values, we attract people into our lives that reflect how we feel about ourselves.

At this time we may have less tolerance for relationships that don"t serve us. We are in a very intense period of growth; we are learning boundaries and speaking up for ourselves more than ever before. It is a time to focus inward and not get caught up in the drama of people and situations that may distract us.

Many of us have put up with relationships that were not healthy or fulfilling for fear of making waves. We have failed to let our needs be known when appropriate or express our thoughts and feelings because we didn"t want to cause a conflict. It is almost impossible or unbearable to suppress what we think and feel at this time. It is better to walk away or set aside a relationship than to minimize, ignore, or concede to a situation that does not serve us just to appease the other person. In this way, we continue to suppress our needs in order to put someone else"s needs first and it is not showing that we value our own worth.

As we are coming from a place of love, filled with a true understanding of the matter and what needs to be said or done, we are being compelled and pushed to express ourselves. Our true and authentic light needs to shine and our wisdom and grace needs to be shared. At first, those whom we are in relationship with may feel shocked and upset that we are speaking out when we haven"t done so before. Once they see we are coming from a place of honesty, integrity, while stating clear and healthy boundaries, and really standing up for what we believe in, value and need, those we are in relationship with will either choose to honor us (and themselves) or will transition from our lives.

The awakening is about coming out of the fog. Many of us have gone through our day to day life taking care of things, our families, doing our job, paying our bills, purchasing things, running errands and completing chores but not really paying attention to what is happening inside or how it is affecting us. We are not mindfully aware of what is occurring around us or to the people we care about. We are living unconsciously and the major things that are happening to us at this time are jolting us out of this dreamstate. We are being guided to make conscious decisions that affect all aspects of our wake up and pay attention. It is time that we live life, rather than go through the motions. Pay attention to our health and well being, spend and save our money wisely and have healthy boundaries in all of our relationships.

This is a time of awakening. We have the ability to make conscious choices and be mindful in all of our relationships. We have the power to heal, love, and nurture/nourish ourselves.


Dear God/Goddess,

I know that there are times when I am so busy that I forget that you are guiding the way. I get caught up in the day to day mundane task of living.

I know there is an easier way.

I choose to slow down and pay attention. I awaken from my unconscious state of being.

I need to focus first on my physical, mental and emotional well being, and that of my loved ones.

Please guide the way to being more mindful of the choices that I make, so that the things I choose are in alignment to my needs.

And so it is.


Copyright © Notes to Myself by Stefanie Miller of A Magical World

Author Bio :
Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive, channeled writer. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and has taught elementary school for over 16 years. Stefanie has been assisting individuals on their spiritual path since 1998. Facilitating private healing sessions, workshops and through her channeled writing, Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self and Source through a heart centered focus. Email :

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