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Love and the Craft of the Wise

{written by : Tristanwitch}

Article word count : 391 -- Article Id : 2254
Article active date : 2009-06-15 -- Article views : 9618

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Article is about :
What is Wicca all about REALLY ....??????????

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What is the Craft of the Wise, Witchcraft, Wicca? There seem to be as many answers as practitioners..Every new book on the subject seems to lay down new “rules” which supposedly are as ancient as the moon and stars. In our birth into The Craft and growth through The craft we all eventually reach places where the conflicting ideologies confuse us. This appears to be a natural rhythym to our learning. In my personal experience with these crisis plateaus, I believe my most profound and deep-reaching lessons have been learned and changes made through them. They have forced me inside myself to that point where conscious contact with my Source, Higher Power, Deity is more easily facilitated. My “path” has woven between coven working and solitary practice over and over. I have found strengths and weaknesses in both, as in most things in life.Neither way have I found to be “right” or “wrong”, as with different traditions and faiths.

The never-changing constant rock core within all the beliefs, traditions, faiths, and peoples is Love. It is Love which forgives everything and never stops reaching its arms out to help others, no matter how weary or frustrated. It is Love that ignores what the world “owes” us, instead remembering what we owe the world. It is Love that puts our “rights” in the background, our duties in the middle ground, and our chance to do more than our “duty’ in the foreground. It is Love that sees that others are just as real as us. It is Love that cares enough to search underneath other’s masks to their hearts which are as hungry for joy as our own. It is Love that realizes the reason for our existence is not what we will get out of life but what we will give to life. It is Love that stops making complaints against the management of the Universe and instead seeks places to sow the seeds of happiness.

For me this is what the Craft of the Wise is all about. This is the Law that I know in my heart of hearts to be absolutely true. If I can stay aware of this more often and increase my practice of it in my life, then I will feel that I am truly one of The Wise.

August 1, 1999

Author Bio :
Written by Tristanwitch,

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