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Tantric Love Making 101 - How to Create Sensuality and Fun

{written by : Luminessa Enjara}

Article word count : 534 -- Article Id : 2282
Article active date : 2009-06-24 -- Article views : 9686

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Article is about :
Introduction to how to expand your love play with more sensuality and how to create that.

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To be a connoisseur of the sensual arts requires creativity, presence and imagination. In Tantra all of the five senses are incorporated into whatever you are doing. So whether it is sex or dance or eating a great meal, bringing yourself fully present into whatever you are doing is the first thing you can do to bring your partner and yourself pleasure.

Creativity - Give yourself permission to try something new. Playing with food, sensual foods that is, are really a treat. Begin by getting a tray of amazing goodies like mango, strawberries and sweetened sour cream with brown sugar, chocolate, oranges, bananas and ???? Then arrange the fruit artistically in a visually appealing way. Always have a variety of flavors. Prepare a special drink with juices or even a little sweet wine. Make sure your space is beautiful; if you need suggestions see my last article on Sacred Space.

Imagination - Next dress you and your lover/partner up. Try something different for a change. Women you can use exotic sarongs or a piece of sheer silk, or a beautiful scarf to wrap around your waist, and then find a beautiful top, at least to start with. There are many places you can now go to buy Goddess wear so don’t be shy. And for your man, or if you guys want to go shopping too, silk pants and a robe or vest can change your appearance from everyday to really special. It’s okay for men to look sexy and exotic as well.

You can also trying painting yourself with paints used for bodies. In fact making this a part of your evening play is a great way to start out. And don’t forget to wear some decorative pieces of jewelry that won’t get in the way. Generally speaking creating a more exotic look for both of you will take you out of your ordinary self and bring you into your God and Goddess natures.

Presence - Bring your full self to this evening and all of your attention to your lover. Begin by eye gazing and attuning your energies, and remember there is no rush to do anything except to step out of time and just really connect. Set your intentions for the evening and then let whatever arises in the moment be your guide. Let go of your agendas and flow with what feels good. You may wish to start with feeding each other your wonderful tray of fruits and one of you be blindfolded or maybe dance for each other or ?????? Just remember to breathe, stay connected and relax into the play of being with each other. See if you can come to each other as if for the first time, and take delight in discovering new ways to please your lover.

Drop into your sensual self, if you don’t remember what that side of yourself is like, and then you will soon. Take the time to really be in the moment with your partner and allow for the spontaneity of each moment to be your gentle guide. This is really all you need do to create an amazing evening of fun and deep heartfelt connection.

Author Bio :
Luminessa Enjara is a teacher of Tantra and Sacred Relationships and has been a sex educator for over 15 years. She is the founder of The School of Womyn's Mysteries, an on-line mystery school for women. She currently has a private womens sexual healing and counseling practice in Sonoma County. Luminessa offers tantra coaching and workshops for women and couples throughout the Bay Area. You can read more of her articles at:

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