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Spiritual Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, and the Creative Self

{written by : Neal Ryder}

Article word count : 785 -- Article Id : 2298
Article active date : 2009-06-30 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
It may not be readily apparent what all three of these subjects have to do with each other, but for me, one common denominator they share is consciousness.

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It may not be readily apparent what all three of these subjects have to do with each other, but for me, one common denominator they share is consciousness. While this is a simple interpretation, do not allow past views of "what" these subjects represent to interfere with what I am about to suggest. The use of the terms found within this offering, such as alchemy, geometry, and the Tree of Life, are used by me, in the same sense as I would use the term, blue jeans. There is an image, but there are many model"s. I am offering a different, less complex, interpretation of these terms and images, in the context of consciousness; from a healer"s perspective, my own.

The Mind/Body connection suggests that the cells of our body have a consciousness. Consider that these cells must also be part of the mind-body-spirit triad and the implications expand. When sacred geometry is considered, we have the concept of shapes influencing or inspiring us, our consciousness, with Divine relationships. If we consider alchemy from the perspective of the transformation of consciousness, from limiting truths or consciousness (lead) into expanded truths or consciousness (gold), the relationships between these three subjects suggest practical transformational opportunities and applications.

The Map

Start with the image of a body, I use Michelangelo"s drawing of a man, arms outstretched. Overlay atop the body the Cabalistic Tree of Life. The bottom sephiroth, is placed between the feet and the first paired sephiroth align with the hips. The second paired sephiroth align with the shoulders, and the third pair of sephiroth align with the lobes of the brain.

Place the chakras over the image you now have, only use the image of the caduceus. You can begin to see the suggestion of geometries of energy, within the body and Human Energy Field, begin to take shape. I call them sacred because these geometries within us can inspire us to experience the Divine within.


For simplicities sake, I offer the following suggestions for seeing the Tree of Life. There are three pillars. The right pillar symbolizes compassion; the left pillar, innocence; with the middle pillar signifying balance. I deviate from "traditional" interpretations, but as I mentioned earlier, I am not suggesting a traditional approach.

The relevance of the caduceus is that it suggests, to me, there are two serpents associated with kundalini. As these serpents rise, as the kundalini rises, they move around each chakra, or Celestial Gate, and vibrate that chakra, that Celestial Gate into clarity. The essence of that clarity is an expression of our Divine identity and will be unique with each individual.

Simplicity is the key. It is not my intention to confound a truth that is readily experiential for any willing to invest some time to experience that truth within themselves. The experience of that truth speaks for itself.

The first step in applying what I have offered would be to contemplate the body with the Tree of Life overlaid atop it. Draw it, think about it, get a sense of it. The next step is one I consider important, FEEL the Tree of Life in your body. This takes some time, so simply be patient.

One would then do the same when working with the chakras, working their way to feeling them within the body.

Simultaneously, once can use this simplistic map of consciousness, and "connect the dots".


In my healing practice I view the Heart as the Sacred Gate. Before using any of the more intricate energetic, geometric patterns within the body, concentrate on the heart. The heart should first be opened. One way this is accomplished is by being in the present moment; accepting life and emotions as they are; forgiving yourself or others, as needed; and offering compassion to yourself so that the heart, through forgiveness, love and compassion may deepen. This is best understood as an experiential process.

The heart then attracts, drawing from our "heart"s desire" that which we seek to experience. It may be physical, emotional, or spiritual healing; or it may be, simultaneously creating, from our heart, the life or work we desire and have always imagined was possible for us to experience.

This process may be empowered through the use of the sacred geometries suggested to each individual by the "map" that has been offered.

What occurs is akin to the body becoming "hollow" and the geometric shapes turning within the body and consciousness of each person. The geometries of consciousness move according to the emotions and thoughts each person experiences throughout the day. What occurs is similar to alchemy, in that limiting truths or consciousness (lead), are transformed into expanded truths or consciousness (gold).

Author Bio :
Neal Ryder is the founder of The School of Radiant Healing. His website is a comprehensive composite of truth, beauty and Love in all it's practical applications. Personal sessions, workshops and retreats are available. Please visit Radiant Healing and read my blog on integrating spiritual practices with daily living.

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