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Redefining the Masculine and Feminine

{written by : Luminessa Enjara}

Article word count : 489 -- Article Id : 2399
Article active date : 2009-08-06 -- Article views : 7964

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Article is about :
Redefining what it means to be masculine and feminine in our society.

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For thousands of years, we as individuals have accepted a way of living and thinking about who we are as men and women. We have for the most part accepted definitions of what is masculine and feminine based upon the current era’s definitions and adopted role models of ourselves without questioning them until the last several decades.

The differences between the sexes, whatever our sexual preference, has always stemmed from how we have been taught to perceive ourselves as men and women. We have confused being a man or a woman (gender) with being masculine and feminine (qualities of expression) and have allowed this misconception to affect not only our relationship with ourselves, but with our lovers, mates, friends and co-workers. Television, movies and print media, coupled with longstanding social and religious mores, haven’t helped to change these stereotypes from defining what it means to be a ‘real’ man or ‘real’ woman.

To unlock the door to healthy, harmonious and satisfying relationships, ones that do the tantric dance of both energies, we must first understand the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies. We must understand how they relate within the universe and within ourselves, for each of us represents a microcosm of the larger cosmic view of universal energy patterns.

Take a moment now to reflect on what it means to be a man or a woman, masculine and feminine. What words, thoughts or images do you associate with when you think of these terms? Do you associate woman and being feminine as the same thing? When you think of feminine, do you think wearing makeup, dresses, frills and lace, being overemotional, dependent, irrational, or does feminine mean sensitive, trusting, nurturing, creative, spontaneous and intuitive, wild and uncontrollable?

Do the words control, dominant, aggressive, macho, stoic, unable to express feelings, strong and silent define the masculine or does masculine mean focused, directive, action oriented, vast emptiness and stillness? Our current ways of defining masculinity and femininity have become outmoded and outdated for the most part.

Marilyn French, author of Beyond Power, defines how we currently use these terms:

Being masculine refers to qualities which demonstrate control and transcendence. Anything that fixes, makes permanent, creates structure within the seeming flux of nature. Masculinity then often implies physical strength, fearlessness, courage, toughness, aggressiveness, active as opposed to passive, in control, logical, individuality, authority, rank, status, prowess, and physical skill. While being feminine implies, failure, passiveness, nurturing, fluidity, transiency, flexibility, sensitivity, being emotional, sensuality, spontaneity, playfulness and creativity.

Whether this definition sounds outrageous or acceptable to you, I ask you is this really how you want to define yourself? Is this all there is to being a man or a woman, feminine or masculine, or to expressing the fullness of who you are?

If not, I invite you to read my next few articles, in my series on Redefining the Masculine and Feminine, as I continue to explore these questions.

Author Bio :
Luminessa Enjara is a teacher of Tantra,Sacred Relationships and has been a sex educator for over 15 years. She is the founder of The School of Womyn's Mysteries, an on-line mystery school for women. She currently has a private practice for women as a spiritual guide and sexual healer Sonoma County. Luminessa offers tantra coaching and workshops for women and couples throughout the Bay Area and will travel outside this area. Reach her at The School of Womyn's Mysteries

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