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The Practicality Of Vedic Astrology - Take Charge Of Your Own Destiny Using Vedic Astrology

{written by : Howard Beckman}

Article word count : 1130 -- Article Id : 2409
Article active date : 2009-08-09 -- Article views : 9675

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Article is about :
Another year is drawing to a close and most of us find ourselves looking back over the past twelve months, reminiscing what might have happened if we had had the courage to start that new job or had the foresight to have seen what a terrible year ...

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Another year is drawing to a close and most of us find ourselves looking back over the past twelve months, reminiscing what might have happened if we had had the courage to start that new job or had the foresight to have seen what a terrible year it had been financially. What to speak of that awful relationship, that you just knew was going to be the love of your life! If we are always worrying about the past, thinking it to have made the present not fulfilling, it will do just that.

A good Vedic astrologer could have foreseen all of these things. The use of an astrological horoscope is meant to be practical, not something that is mystical and obscure. The astrologer gives you a tool, an invaluable map that will help you to make those important decisions. It will help you to make fewer mistakes and better choices, in all areas of your life. We can make plans and set goals to achieve success in all spheres of our lives. An astrological chart gives us a cosmic prognosis, which can be obtained with an accurate birth time, place of birth and date. Just as a physician comes to the conclusion of the likely course and outcome of a disease, the astrologer can predict how aspects of our lives will develop, give us the timing to sit things out and wait or strike while the iron is hot.

The Vedic birth chart should cover all aspects of life:


∑ Vedic astrology can foresee probable ailments and weaknesses in an individual’s chart. To be forewarned is to be prepared and allows the situation to be avoided or reduced. For instance you may have a weak chest or lungs, so smoking would not be a good idea.

∑ By looking at the astrological chart we can determine what metabolic type you are (eg. Vata, Pitta or Kapha) as is often used in Ayurveda.

∑ Mental and emotional health, are often a cause of frustration for those that practice allopathic medicine. Badly placed planets can sometimes cause severe depression and remedial measures unique to Vedic astrology are often used.

∑ It can empower us. and stress can be alleviated just by knowing what you are dealing with.


∑ Before getting into a serious relationship, compatibility charts can be done to ensure good compatibility before committing. Do you have the same goals and aspirations? Will you be best friends as well as lovers?

∑ For those who have been in a long-term relationship that is growing sour, the astrologer can interpret the qualities and attributes each partner has and what buttons not to push. With adequate counseling a relationship can be saved. Alternatively, if the partnership is doomed, having the charts read can give the individuals confidence to move on with their lives.

∑ We often think of compatibility charts being done for marriage, but they are also done for potential business partners, as well.

Choosing the right career

∑ A Vedic astrological chart will indicate strengths, weaknesses, and propensities when deciding on what career to follow.

∑ Parents can have a child’s chart done and see their talents before they even start school. If the child is very artistic, they may feel lost if pushed into mathematics or science and vice-versa.

∑ All is not lost if you are 30 something and wished you were doing something else. The horoscope will indicate what you would be happy doing, it is just up to you to take the leap of faith! Emphasis is put on “happy”, for what is the point of being in a well paid job if you are miserable?

Why Vedic Astrology?

India is the birthplace of Vedic astrology, where in the ancient Indian scriptures it is considered an Absolute Science, which is proved by the movements and actions of the Sun, Moon and the other planets within our solar system. Astrology is a combination of science and metaphysics, brought together to make a cosmic map that involves planets, mathematics, skill and considerable expertise.

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish (Science of Light) uses the Sidereal Zodiac, which is using the fixed constellation of stars called Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc., as a backdrop to calculate the positions and movements of the planets. This is also what astronomers use in their calculations.

Western Astrology on the other hand, uses the Tropical zodiac, which is based on the premise that the Sun will be at zero degrees Aries annually on the 21st of March. The Tropical system was created (based on the equinox), about 1900 years ago, when the Sun was actually at zero degrees Aries. The assumption was made that the Sun would return to this position every year on the spring equinox.

The Earth takes approximately 365 and 1/4 days to orbit the Sun. It is astronomically impossible for the Sun to be at zero degrees Aries every year at the time of the Spring equinox. Therefore, after many years of discrepancy there is about a twenty-three degree difference between the constellations and the signs of the same names. This makes the Tropical system completely inaccurate for predictive purposes from a natal horoscope.

The Vedic system, said to be over five thousand years old, takes into account a phenomenon called (in Sanskrit) the Ayanamsha. This is the gradual rotation of the Earth’s axis over thousands of years. Called the precession of the equinox, it is central to modern astronomy, as well as to Vedic Astrology. This means that the actual positions of the planets are constantly getting further behind the “imaginary” tropical placements. Vedic Astrology is based on a very old, unbroken tradition since time immemorial whereas Western Astrology has had a very checkered history.

Astrology virtually disappeared in the West during the Dark Ages (circa 500-1000AD); it resurfaced during the Renaissance, only to fall out of favor during the so-called Age of Reason. In fact, it totally disappeared from the European continent until the late 19th century. It had been kept barely alive in England during that time. Western Astrology as we know it today has existed for about 130 years only when it began a resurgence. The point is that the Vedic tradition is very strong and vibrant, with the heritage of many millennia of accumulated knowledge, whereas Western Astrology does not have the advantage of an unbroken tradition and is based on false mathematical assumptions, not scientific/astronomical facts.

The birth-map, or horoscope, is also a symbolic representation of the Earth, planets, and stars at the time of one"s birth. It is a divine language, a mystic cryptogram by which the Creator has communicated what a person"s destiny will be in the present span of life. To understand one’s destiny is to be able to direct oneself towards success in all areas of life.

Author Bio :
Written by Howard Beckman of the Vedic Cultural Fellowship, where you can study or apply the sciences of natural Ayurvedic Medicine, Hatha Yoga (including the 8 steps of ashtanga), and gem therapy to achieve spiritual well-being. You can also learn to meditate, obtain your horoscope based on Vedic astrology signs, or practice other arts that have their origin in the Vedas. Balaji Natural Gems

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