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The Secret Societies Of The Eagle

{written by : Juraj Sipos}

Article word count : 2107 -- Article Id : 2470
Article active date : 2009-08-29 -- Article views : 9640

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Article is about :
This article will bring readers nearer to secret societies that were behind the Nazi regime at the beginning of the 20th century. A few of these secret societies are: Vril, Thule, and DHvSS.

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And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse from one another. The first was like a LION, and had EAGLE"S wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made to stand upon the feet as a man, and a man"s heart was given to it. Daniel 7:3

No author can responsibly disclose detailed information about the above-mentioned secret societies, as this would require a direct connection with them. Albeit some people believe that these organizations were revived, any detailed knowledge about them would be in opposition of their secrecy - keeping things secret is sometimes important - it is the behavior that protects our privacy. We, too, lock our houses every day when going out. And when we come back we do not want to be disturbed. Like secret societies, we, too, give permission only to friends and closest family.

Beliefs of Nazi occultism

The Germans believed that the Teutons, an ancient European tribe, had been the first proto-Germanic people who had migrated to the present area of Germany somewhere from the north, probably from a mythical Eden-like land such as Hyperborea - the first earthly garden of the Aryan race, which allegedly had had a better genetic code than humans. Quite a number of occultists share this opinion; for example, H. P. Blavatska, Rene Guenon and Julius Evola maintained that Hyperborea was a golden age of a very ancient and advanced civilization. Some esoteric authors go even further with notions that this civilization lives in our Earth. There are proofs that Nazis looked for gateways to the underground in search of the Agartha.

Secret Societies in Nazi Germany


A few esoteric authors associate this organization with secret Nazi UFO programs. Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels in their book Le Matin des Magiciens (1960) first mentioned the alleged Vril society - a sort of inner (female) circle within the Thule Society with a medium, Maria Orsitsch or Orsic (somewhere written differently, as it is a Croatian name) who had allegedly contacted the extraterrestrials.


The Nazi regime had an occult ideology based upon various hypotheses stating, for example, that Germans had stemmed out of the Teutons. The major reason for the Thule Society"s existence was based upon a sincere interest to find out how the German nation had originated. The term Thule is derived from the alleged Hyperborea"s capital - Ultima Thule, which was believed to exist physically somewhere in the Arctic region several thousand years ago. To shed light on terms such as Agartha or Ultima Thule, I must say that Ultima Thule was believed to exist on surface; Agartha, on the other hand, is the capitol city of Hyperborea but in the underground.


"Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein" in German, when translated to English, means "The Men (or Lords) Of The Black Stone", which was (or is?) a secret society in Germany the origin of which goes back to medieval Europe when Templars had first visited the Orient. Their innermost belief centered on the magical black stone Ilu and Goddess Isais.


The name of the Nazi military organization - SS - could hide another meaning, or a secret part of SS within SS, as we can assume from the German abbreviation for the Black Sun - Schwartze Sonne. The argument that may support this notion is the factual existence of Black Sun in the Nazi heraldry (SS symbol was also: two flashes of lightning in the shape of S inside a dark circle).

Other beliefs of Nazism

From among many obscure beliefs I may also highlight Nazis" belief in Super Man (some of it was based on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche), the concept of Hollow Earth, or the one thousand-year Third Reich. They, too, explored many other ancient myths including Shambala. Educated people know that swastika is an ancient symbol still used in some cultures (Buddhism, Hinduism). Hitler used it only because he believed that it had been the symbol of the Aryans. On the basis of those beliefs, the Germans sent a few expeditions to Tibet, South America, as they looked for other ancient connections that might explain how the German nation had originated. The Thule Society (Thule-Gesellschaft in German) was the most famous German secret society that emerged in about the year 1911.

Particularly Himmler (Minister of the Interior) and Rudolf Hess (Adolf Hitler"s Deputy in the Nazi Party) are known for their strong occult inclinations. However, one of the most important roles in the Nazi occultism can be probably attributed to Karl Haushofer, a geographer and geopolitician, who often met with Adolf Hitler. It was Rudolf Hess, one of Haushofer’s closest students, who introduced Haushofer to Hitler. But Haushofer"s thinking was based upon the general revival of Germanic mythology, which had started across Europe some few decades before World War II and which can be also traced in Austria or Bohemia.

The Eagle

The Eagle, the symbol of Germany, is one of the Europe"s oldest symbols. The Eagle symbolizes both death and resurrection and it is also called "Phoenix Symbol". After seeing a big portrait of Hitler in the Documentation Center in Obersalzberg, I noticed that his moustache bears a likeness to this bird - it (the moustache) consists of three parts; the right and the left wing extended from the eagle"s (moustache"s) body in the middle. The Hitler"s Nest is therefore the Eagle"s Nest.

The Eagle"s Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus in German, is a bizarre construction that was built as a Hitler"s teahouse and an unparalleled high-mountain vista at the tip of the Kehlstein Mountain 1834 meters (6148 feet) above the see level and above Berchtesgaden, a cute little German city in Bavaria. Thousands of visitors come here every day to enjoy this captivating Third Reich"s construction, which Adolf Hitler received on the occasion of his 50th birthday (April 20, 1939).

Obersalzberg is a place where top Nazi officials had their superhuman houses and bunkers. It is a mountainous region just a few miles from Berchtesgaden at the foot of the steep Kehlstein Mountain. Specially adjusted buses go from Obersalzberg up the serpentine road through five tunnels and climb up almost at the top of the Kehlstein Mountain.

When you look down out of a window of these special buses, you will see a big precipice and you will know for sure that any collision would bring the bus some few hundred meters down. The road is therefore closed for public access. Falling into the precipice would be your undisputable journey to death. To stand out the pain of such a terrifying road, the buses have specially adapted engines and restructured transmission and breaking systems. All tourists on their way up or down must sit in the bus. The buses therefore do not operate in the winter. However, no accident has occurred since the Kehlsteinhaus was opened to the public.

After the buses ascent the perilous serpentine road, you will find yourself in a mountainous site with a scenic view some 800 meters above Obersalzberg - at the Kehlstein Mountain bus arrival/departure area, or an upper parking place, where you must mark your ticket with the expected return time. If you do not plan to eat anything in the restaurant on the top of the mountain, staying one hour there is enough. Then you must enter the 124-meter long tunnel at the end of which is a special Nazi brass elevator - it will take you up to the top through a 124-meter long shaft that Nazis constructed in the mountain rock.

The lift runs on Nazi technologies - the engine is from World War II. It works surprisingly very well because Nazi ideologists expected that the Third Reich would last one thousand years. Going some 43 seconds up through the rock in the lift is a little chilling experience, but worth the worries if you counterbalance them with the spectacular view from the top where you will see the Untersberg massif and the Watzmann Mountain (the third highest mountain in Germany with 2,713 meters). If you have a nice weather like I had, you will also see Salzburg, a Mozart"s birthplace, and Königsee, a miraculous 200-meter deep lake surrounded by precipitous alpine rocks. You can, too, take a few pictures inside a miniature Kehlsteinhaus Museum inside the teahouse, where you will also find the famous red marble fireplace - a Mussolini"s present to Adolf Hitler.

The Documentation Center (a unique museum of the Nazi history) was established after the year 1995 when the US Administration gave Obersalzberg back to the Bavarian Government. However, Americans gave the Eagle"s Nest to the Bavarian Government much earlier. The allied bombing at the end of World War II did not damage this bizarre creation. The reason why allied air strikes missed this target can be probably attributed to poor visibility due to the Kehlsteinhaus" altitude and frequent occurrence of clouds common in such a height.

In his monologue on February 2, 1942, Hitler said that his residence in Obersalzberg - Berghof, was "Gralsburg". This indicates a certain connection to the Holy Grail and the Templars. Just a few days before the air strikes hit Obersalzberg some local people reported seeing strange SS convoys heading toward the Zillertal Alps (a mountain range on the Austrian and Italian border) where they, on their way to the Schleigeiss Glacier, allegedly buried some boxes deep in the ice. Some esoteric authors write that the Holy Grail is here.

The buses to the Kehlsteinhaus depart from a (lower) parking place near the Obersalzberg"s Documentation Center. The ruins of Berghof, the Hitler"s residence, can be seen after a five minutes walk if you follow the path directed toward the left when coming out of the main entrance of the Documentation Center (take the left turn on the intersection after a few minutes walk away from the Documentation Center, as the path to the right will bring you to a hotel).

The Berchtesgaden"s surroundings conceal many mysteries. A few of them are associated with the Untersberg massif between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg. The Untersberg is a source of many otherworldly legends about underground people and dwarfs. The Templars had allegedly built their secret temple for goddess Isais here and Men of the Black Stone allegedly organized their secret meetings here.

There are many reports of disappearances on the Untersberg and accounts similar to those we hear from the Bermuda Triangle - the time on people"s watches shifts, or people completely disappear.

Some esoteric authors write that the Eagle"s Nest was built with secret societies" knowledge and that its positions are not random. The 124-meter long tunnel and the 124-meter long lift shaft made in the rock must give you a hunch that the number 124 was not randomly chosen. Perhaps we cross here the threshold of theomatics - a science that deals with "numbers of God"s mathematics".

Albeit Nazis totally turned away from God with their heinous deeds, much of their occult beliefs have still remained unexposed to the public. Theomatics works with the numerical interpretation of the Bible. This science is based upon the fact that every letter of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet has its number. In this concept, the number 124 is for Eden.

How to get to the Kehlsteinhaus?

You must first go to Berchtesgaden, a beautiful Bavarian city, which is only a 45 minutes drive from Salzburg. It is also reachable by bus No. 840 and a one-hourly train from Salzburg. All buses in Berchtesgaden depart from the main bus station, which is just a few meters away from the main train station. To go to Obersalzberg, take the bus No. 838 or No. 849. Then you must take one of these unique buses to the Kehlsteinhaus.

These special buses go to the Kehlsteinhaus from a separate bus-parking place in Obersalzberg and their departure time is as follows: 9.20, 9.24, 10.10, 10.35, 11.00, 11.25, 11.50, 12.15, 12.40, 13.05, 13.30, 13.55, 14.20, 14.45, 15.10, 15.35, and 16.00 (the last bus).

You will have a wonderful spectacle of the Untersberg from the Eagle"s Nest. Hitler was obsessed with this massif and always, when on the top of the Kehlstein, watched it with telescope.

If you have a good weather, you can also go back in direction to Salzburg by bus No. 840. A cable car runs from the town of Gartenau to the station at the Geiereck Peak on the Untersberg, where you can go to the Schellenberg ice cave (Schellenberger Eishöhle), the only ice cave in Germany. After seeing it, you will believe that the Untersberg may hide many undiscovered underground places including the Templars" Temple. Do you want to disturb them?

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