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Angel Whispers

{written by : Jenny Smedley}

Article word count : 785 -- Article Id : 2507
Article active date : 2009-09-08 -- Article views : 9719

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Article is about :
A new insight into angel communication

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I often get woken in the night by angels giving me messages, so I’ve learned to keep a pencil and paper beside the bed to take notes. However much you think you’re going to recall something, quite often the mists of sleep cloud your memory. More than once I’ve woken in the morning knowing that in the night I was told something incredible, only to have it fade as fast as sand through your fingers.

This time though, I really didn’t need notes. I already knew from a previous angel encounter that my role in this life is to plant seeds of spirituality, and I’d been given the tools to do that already. However, I’d also come to realise that this also involved helping people in distress. The best way to do this was to help them connect with their own angels, which is why Hay House had me write Angel Whispers – how to get closer to your angel, but the angels are also aware that some people are just too distressed to be able to follow instructions or persevere enough to get through to angelic realms. So, this night I was woken to something rather special, a tool to help people with by own angel inspired energy.

I realised that there was something sparkling above my head. This was very odd because the bedroom was in total darkness – there was nothing there to provide light. I looked up and saw the most beautiful star-shaped crystal floating in the darkness. It wasn’t like a Christmas tree star, with just five points. It had multiple points, and reminded me of something that might have been at home on that beautiful spaceship in the Close Encounters movie. The star also shone and scintillated with rainbow colours that flashed off the points as the star slowly turned in the air.

After I while I knew what I had to do and I reached up to grasp it. As soon as my hand closed around it, the visual impression vanished, but the star hadn’t gone, I could feel it pulsing gently in my hand, even though I couldn’t see it. As I settled back down cradling the star against me in my hand I started to be told what the crystal was for. I would be able to transfer one, energetically, to people who needed help, and were judged by the angels to be in the right place in time to receive help. I’d be able to enter the person’s energy field on a quantum level, as I did when I was doing readings for them, and hand them over the star, which they would then be able to hold, even though they’d never see it. The star would transfer its angel power to them when the need arose.

The next morning I was quite excited, and just as I expected, I got an email almost immediately from someone who needed the help of the angel star crystal. This woman, Lynn, was petrified at approaching back surgery. She was convinced she would die under the anaesthetic, or not recover well and be crippled. I wrote back to her and told her about the star. I told her she could expect to receive it momentarily and that it would help calm her. She was ecstatic feeling the energy immediately, and over the next few days any time she panicked she would open her hand and feel the star alight there. She would calm immediately. What neither of us expected though, was that within a few days her pain had eased so much that she was able to go shopping for the first time in months, and wondered if she still needed surgery. Of course I told her she must talk to her doctor before making any decisions. She found out that her pain had been caused by a bony spur on her spine. It seemed that the spur had gone. However, she will still have some surgery to prevent the condition recurring. The op will be much less traumatic now though, because she has total faith in the star protecting her, and as it has already vastly improved her condition, she knows it will help her make a full recovery.

I next gave the star to a young woman who was carrying dark energy with her, making her have suicidal thoughts. Immediately she got the star she started to feel better about herself.

I’m told that I must be judicious about who I give a star to, and ask my angels first if the person is ready to receive it, but I hope to help many people!

Author Bio :
Read more about how to connect with angels yourself in my books.

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