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Star Encounters - October 2009

{written by : Aphrodette North}

Article word count : 2191 -- Article Id : 2563
Article active date : 2009-10-10 -- Article views : 7802

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Article is about :
Lunations and monthly predictions for all signs!

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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OCTOBER 2009 Horoscope


FULL MOON occurs on October 4, 2009 at 02:10:11 AM EDST
This Full Moon in Aries opposing the Libra Sun forms a gentle sextile to retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. The potential for us to reach our altruistic aims for the future is still very up in the air. The Lights in opposition can prove to attract or repel each other in the integrity of their position. Will this Aries Full Moon choose to take the stance of the Ram or look to be guided as the Lamb? In either case, the Sun in Libra speaks of the ultimate goal of peace, balance and justice. Balanced thought and focused intuition must be blended in this cycle for the best possible outcome.

NEW MOON occurs on October 18, 2009 at 01:33:05 AM EDST
The Moon and the Sun conjoin in Libra as they square off with the Dragon and form a trine to both Chiron and Neptune retrograde in Aquarius. In this new cycle, we seek to heal what ails our culture but are quite conscious of the fact that unforeseen results can occur as a result of abrupt action. Battles both politically and militarily will need to be chosen with great care. With both Chiron and Neptune retrograde, we will still be clinging to our ideals of a healthier and happier vision on both a personal and global level.


Neptune Retrograde Alert!
Neptune in Aquarius stationed retrograde on May 29th at 12:30 AM EDST and remains so until November 4th at 01:10 AM EST! Remarkable artifacts bathed in antiquity come to the fore! The Discovery Channel will have a field day! Expect even dramas to contain sunken treasure, amazing computations by ancient cultures of celestial spheres and stunning archaeological discoveries! Tributes to man’s imagination and innovation will also be in evidence. This is a provocative and inspirational cycle! As our Earth is changing, what can we learn and apply from the archives of ancient history? Stay tuned!

Chiron Retrograde Alert!
Chiron, the wounded healer, joined Neptune in Aquarius as a retrograde companion at 01:12 AM EDST on May 30th, 2009 and they draw closer to one as the months go by. Chiron remains retrograde until October 30th, 2009! Emphasis is on faith and healing and how we can tap into the cycles of history to better understand the cycles of the Earth and humanity. This can be a deeply emotional time and allows for emotional, spiritual and physical healing on the root level. Often we must return to the point of pain or disappointment to debride our emotional wounds before they can be completely healed. Experts will be delving back into ancient texts regarding famines, floods, prophecy, astrology and miracles as they seek to understand the evolvement of this planet.

Jupiter Retrograde Alert!
Jupiter stationed retrograde in Aquarius at 03:51 AM EDST on June 15, 2009 and stations direct on October 13th at 00:36 AM EDST. Jupiter is the largest planet and it magnifies everything it touches! It speaks of wonder, wealth and abundance. As it retrogrades, we will find ourselves redefining both our inner and outer prosperity. Because Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron were all retrograde and conjunct in Aquarius, many of us will reclaim our faith; seek to return to a previously more inspiring time. As Jupiter roles forward we will be formulating how to open up to a renewed sense of being part of a brighter future for all!

Uranus Retrograde Alert!
Uranus stationed retrograde in Pisces on July 1, 2009 at 03:37AM EDST and will remain so until December 1, 2009 at 03:27PM! This ponderous planet literally appears to stand still for nearly 10 days as it stations! This year, Mercury in Gemini, moves into a square formation with it for several days! This will feel like Mercury retrograde – even though it is not! The energy that emerges from this configuration is one of recollection and a call to re-envision what the labor pains of our ancestors has brought forth. This is a great time to bring freedom and compassion back into our World after strife and cling tenaciously to our ideals!

The Month Ahead For Each Sign!

This Full Moon, your ruler, Mars, is in Cancer and in trine to retrograde Uranus in Pisces as it rides the Dragon’s Tail! Get ready for a wild ride even if you are holding tight to the reins! Working quietly behind the scenes and refusing to get involved in major drama is highly recommended! At New Moon, your ruler has moved into warm and courageous Leo and is forming a sweet trine to Venus in Libra. Romance and passion blend well and even new friendships can form easily. Re-organize your obligations to make a little time to play and enjoy the company of friends and family. Spending some time alone and some quiet relaxing time with someone special serves you. Breathe!

Your ruler, Venus, is in Virgo this Full Moon and is inconjunct retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. This is an excellent time to revisit the blessings you have received from others and even to appreciate some not so comfortable lessons you have learned in relationships. Peering through the retrograde window now gives you a new strength and perspective. At New Moon, your ruler has moved on into Libra and is forming a warm sextile to Mars in Leo as it squares Pluto in Capricorn. You intuitive understanding of others motives is right on target! Romantic relationships and close friendships can increase in intimacy at this time but it is not a good time for a bona fide commitment or to place restrictions on others. Appreciate the tender moments!

This Full Moon, your ruler, Mercury, is in Virgo forming multiple EXACT aspects! Your ruler is in sextile to Mars in Cancer, opposing retrograde Uranus in Pisces and inconjunct retrograde Neptune in Aquarius! Keep your allies close and keep delicate conversations confidential. Do not meet the crises of others head on! Do not forget the lessons you have learned and how well they can serve you now. At New Moon, your ruler is in Libra and forming a beautiful trine to retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius! This is the proverbial rainbow following the storm that you have been waiting for. Blessings loom large! Share the new found peace that fills your heart! Do not let others rain on your parade!

Your ruler, the Moon, is in Aries as it opposed the Libra Sun this Full Moon. No other major aspects are present. Write your own ticket now! Decide what you want to get fired up about! Spiritual and emotional honesty can bring you closer to peace than you can at this moment imagine. At New Moon, the Lights are forming a T-square to the Dragon as they also form trines to Chiron and Neptune, both retrograde in Aquarius. Appreciate each task you tackle and the integrity with which you perform it. Some things on your agenda need to go on the back burner. Join forces with those who speak of solutions as this is the greatest comfort!

LEO JUL 22 - AUG 22
This Full Moon in Aries opposes your ruler, the Sun as it moves through Libra. No other aspects to the planets are in evidence. Be the charming peacemaker as this cycle ends. Befriend those who are very different than yourself for mental refreshment. At New Moon, the Lights are forming a T-square to the Dragon as they also form trines to Chiron and Neptune, both retrograde in Aquarius. Be sure to keep your balance as you take off in new directions with those who share your goals for the future. Much fine tuning of your objectives is seen coming through meetings. The next few weeks help you to get a handle on success! With Mars early in your sign, romance and appreciation by loved ones blooms anew!

Your ruler, Mercury, is in your sign this Full Moon in sextile to Cancerian Mars and in opposition to retrograde Uranus in Pisces as it approaches Saturn – also in your sign. Careful listening and deep study characterizes this cycle for you. You will be gifted with the ability to keep your mental focus while others seem to be losing their heads! At New Moon, your ruler has moved on into Libra and is forming a beautiful trine to retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. If you utilize a great deal of technology in your work it is an excellent time to call in a consultant, upgrade and be certain you have a back-up plan! Document, document, document! Meetings bear fruit now! Enjoy feeling organized again!

Many Happy Solar Returns, Libra! This is your month! This Full Moon, your ruler, Venus, is in Virgo and is forming an uncomfortable quincunx to retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. Exercise great caution if you are dealing with contracts surrounding real estate or partnerships. Facts and figures need to be double checked even if they are computer generated. On the New Moon, your ruler has moved into your sign and is part of a parade of planets that appear as allies in your world. Venus also forms a sweet sextile to Mars in early Leo making interactions with the opposite sex – oh so pleasant! Its simultaneous square to Pluto in Capricorn warns against looking for the bottom line. Coast!

This Full Moon, one of your rulers, Mars, is in its fall in Cancer and is in sextile to Mercury and Saturn in Virgo, inconjunct to both Chiron and Neptune retrograde in Aquarius as it trines retrograde Uranus in Pisces! With all of this, Mars is also riding the Tail of the Dragon!!! Deciding on a path to solution is elusive and quick fixes are all but impossible. Your other ruler, Pluto, is in Capricorn and in square to Saturn in Virgo. Even if you consult experts, it will become clear that many steps will need to be taken to bring projects into alignment. At New Moon, your rulers form a quincunx to one another with each in a sextile and a square to Venus in Libra. This is a not a good time to mix business and pleasure! Tread softly!

Your ruler, Jupiter, is retrograde in Aquarius this Full Moon and forming a trine to the Libra Sun as it inconjuncts Venus in Virgo. If you recently have been introducing new people or opportunities into your life, know that some adjustments may be required for optimal results. There may be moments that you feel you need an interpreter to get your ideas across! At New Moon, your ruler is in trine to the Lights as well as Mercury – all in Libra! Conferences, meeting and even family gatherings can spawn excellent ideas for the future. Enjoy the creative imagination and the diversity in all group settings! Be sure to bring your sense of humor along!

This Full Moon, your ruler, Saturn, is in Virgo and is forming a square to Pluto in Capricorn as it is in trine to the Head of the Dragon. You will be led to close some doors in this cycle and open up to new possibilities for your future. Work and service will take priority over personal responsibilities in this cycle. At New Moon, your ruler tightens its square to Pluto as it forms sextiles to both Mars in early Leo and the Tail of the Dragon. A major awakening is imminent as you now clearly see who is loyal to your personal goals and ongoing happiness. Those that share your integrity and interests are your best allies now. You can accomplish much in your chosen field!

Your ruler, Uranus, is still retrograde in Pisces, this Full Moon and is in trine to Cancerian Mars as it opposed both Mercury and Saturn in Virgo. Working behind the scenes and gathering together much information now will feed the big picture later. Many may seek you out now to help them with complicated issues and brainstorming. At New Moon, your ruler forms a quincunx to the Lights in Libra, trines the Tail of the Dragon and opposes Virgoan Saturn. Many may not find peace with your recommendations at this time as your key focus may be the prevention of a disaster by NOT moving forward too quickly. Know they will thank you later!

This Full Moon, your ruler, Neptune, is kissing Chiron, both retrograde in Aquarius. This conjunction forms quincunxes to both Cancerian Mars and Mercury in Virgo. On a grand scale, this aspect points to the current issues and adjustments of health care reform. On a personal level, this stellar design charges you to evaluate the health and well-being of your lifestyle – body, mind and spirit! On the New Moon, this conjunction forms a startling trine to the Lights and a quincunx to the Tail of the Dragon! At this point it seems you have achieved a balance in lifestyle and your tails not “a-draggin” anymore! Motivations still fluctuate but refreshment to your whole being is seen!

Written by: Aphrodette North

Author Bio :
Aphrodette is the Creatress of Inner Mysteries Profiled and is an ordained metaphysician. Her specialty is astrology and her fascination with this art has people all over the World. She is available for lectures, classes and private session. 540.400.1001

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