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The power of symbols

{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

Article word count : 1008 -- Article Id : 26
Article active date : 2008-04-01 -- Article views : 9643

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Article is about :
Keeping this in mind, symbols are used by most philosophies in one way or another even today, either with iconic or capability value, and usually with very surprising results. It is interesting that few ever really consider the reason for these amazing results.

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Symbols have been used since man can remember, with great success for a number of things and in various situations. This especially so in religious and philosophical genres and very pronounced in most philosophies across centuries. Essentially almost every philosophy and religion have embedded symbols and symbolism that are used widely and without question to the powers held by these symbols and symbolism.

Keeping this in mind, symbols are used by most philosophies in one way or another even today, either with iconic or capability value, and usually with very surprising results. It is interesting that few ever really consider the reason for these amazing results.

It is then when one considers this, that there is little choice but to pay attention to the use of symbols, and what their significant power can do for anyone who use or wield these symbols. And considering this, one cannot but wonder where these symbols get their power from, and how they work. Even why they work.. This since they do work (just a little picture that holds so much power, hmm…)

Beginning with why humankind have created symbols?…

Unfortunately the creation of symbols by man have stemmed from a rather sad psychological shortcoming. Of course not a shortcoming which we often consider, but rather a shortcoming which has subconsciously, and since the beginning of time, plagued us. Fear and insecurity. As a species we have never truly been able to develop the ability to believe in our own ability of creationism. Our insecurity, and fear, almost always leaves us wondering about the success of our actions, and thereby reducing the success.

Fortunately, as a species, we have been able to come up with a way to reduce and in some instances completely eliminate the impact of these shortcomings. And that is through the use of symbols. Essentially by externalizing what we want, we have been able to wield our own power through these symbols without projecting our shortcomings. I.e. since the symbol has no insecure mind of it's own, it simply has the power value assigned to it, and therefore the interference of the human condition has little to no impact on the success of the symbol. In fact not only does the use of symbols make it possible to eliminate this human shortcoming, but in fact the shortcoming can be utilized to empower the symbol even more. (seems like a contradiction?.. maybe….)

To reiterate this, by externalizing our own power we have been able to create a proverbial crutch for our own power. One which we have become very reliant on for the success of our actions (wielding of symbols with affect)

Of course this is not a bad thing. In fact this has made it possible for us to increase our ability so significantly (and without much additional effort on our part) that the uses for these symbols have expanded to an extent where there are multiple symbols for almost anything one wishes to achieve. To consider this there are simple symbols used by pagans on their talisman, and then there are very complex symbols used as religious icons. A very prominent example of this would be the multitude of god figures used in Paganism and Wicca. Each of which having been assigned specific abilities and powers, which can be called upon by practitioners for the purpose of achieving specific magical objectives. And usually with incredible results.

Another interesting benefit that arises from this expanded ability is that it enhances not only our power, but that of the symbols themselves. Essentially as we use the symbols, we empower the symbols to perform certain things. This of course increases the success of our desire, and this increases our belief in the symbols even more, making the symbols more and more powerful. Because the symbol works, we believe in it more. And because we believe in it more, the symbol works better, and so on… And round and round we go…

Of course I have often wondered if knowing the mechanics of symbols reduces their power, and I have found that this comes with a definitive no. In fact this has for me increased the power of these symbols hundred fold, and I now make use of symbols more than ever.

An important point of consideration I would like to also pass comment on, is the use of existing symbols versus newly self created symbols. Whilst new symbols without a doubt have the ability to be as powerful as any existing / older symbol. Wielding these with success normally requires a degree of self belief, which for most are difficult. Older existing symbols, have already been used with great success, and usually for centuries. This makes it psychologically easier for us to accept the power of the symbols without question, which increases the power of the symbols.

Of course there is also the "power of agreement" factor that plays a role in this, as this tends to give the symbol life of its own. (the more (higher number of) people believe in the symbol the more powerful the symbol becomes.) And age of symbol tends to empower the symbol more as a result of this fact. When deciding on symbols to use however, do not forget that even the old symbols had to start somewhere, and this does not detract from their power at all.

So when I decide to use symbols I usually take symbols old and new from various disciplines, until I get a mix which I believe will create the desired result, and then apply them. They all do work after all.

In conclusion, it can only be deducted that from a philosophical perspective the use of symbols work, and usually without question. Considering the other side, when the use of symbols and symbolism are considered in context of the human psyche, it still retains the same power and benefit, and even a more scientific approach to understanding this, empowers the symbols..

So I can only wish you successful wielding, as it will probably be that…..

Author Bio :
The author, Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master who maintains both sites Learn how to meditate as well as The Order of Perfect. In both instances the sites are dedicated to enlightenment and the spread of knowledge to all who wish to learn.

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