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BECOMING ONE Learning Compassion

{written by : Joseph Schwartzman}

Article word count : 1931 -- Article Id : 2677
Article active date : 2010-01-29 -- Article views : 8109

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Article is about :
Learn compassion by becoming one with another person.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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A guided meditation from Hethball and the Carriers of Light

These exercises will help you learn compassion. You will learn to feel and to be inside someone else, and you will experience an opening that goes far beyond you. You will find that there are places outside you where you can explore and be and feel what it is like to be inside another person, to experience and share their hopes and dreams for themselves. The solitude that is in you – your will – is within them too.

Now relax. Feel yourself floating gently downward, slowly falling, ever so lightly, until you are on the ground. You see the sun shining above you, and you hear voices coming from the sun, and you see that there are bodies moving around inside the sun. These are the people in your life, and they are calling out to you, calling your name. Each time you hear your name, you wonder, “Who is calling to me from the sun?”

You pick out one voice in particular, the voice of someone you’ve known for a long time. You have been distressed about being unable to communicate with this person. There is a resistance to communication. You ask this person to come down from the sun and join you on the ground. A beam of sunlight appears near you, and down the beam slides this person. Here in front of you is someone you have been wanting to talk to, to communicate with at a deeper level than usual. And you wonder out loud to this person, “Where did you come from? How did you get here? How is it that you landed up in a ray of sunshine?” They tell you that they are always with you; they are always around you somewhere, as part of your light, but you’ve never noticed it before. You notice also that they are a part of your psyche: they are in your thoughts from time to time, and you are generally aware of their existence. You recognize that in fact they do make up a part of your life.

And then you remember that there was something you wanted to communicate, and they say they already know what it is because the deepest levels don’t hide any secrets. It’s only on the surface that the two of you are not communicating. You realize that if you were truthful with yourself about what you wanted to say, somehow it would be said. By not saying things out loud, you have been hiding the meaning and purpose of this relationship, and where you want it to go, from yourself.

Become aware that you can say to yourself the things you want to say, and they will somehow be communicated; express them to yourself first, and they will find a way to express themselves outwardly. Let you and this person agree to meet on the inner planes from time to time, and communicate more openly and purposefully. And you are going to admit to yourself what you want to say to this person. Say it to yourself now. Let it rise up within you, a kind of inner ache that oscillates back and forth within you and finds expression in your mouth. Whisper what it is you want to say, and notice the other person’s reaction. See what feelings they express when they respond to your words. Notice your own response to their feelings about what you said: notice if you become tense, or if you experience some undesirable feeling because of their reaction to what you said.

Notice how you sometimes respond to other people with negativity because you are afraid of what they may think. See if you can put limits on your negativity and simply experience what they express to you without reacting to it. You say something and the other person responds, but you don’t respond back again.

Now let this go; release this experience from your mind, and let us move on to another exercise in learning compassion for others.

See if you can imagine what it would be like to have two hearts beating inside your chest. Imagine that one of these hearts is taken out of your body and placed inside someone else’s body. That person’s heart now has the same feelings as yours. What your heart feels, the other’s heart feels too, because it was once part of the person that is you.

Now imagine yourself and this other person sitting across from each other at a table. You tell them how much you like them: “I like you very much,” you say. They respond, “I like you as well,” and there is peace between you. Experience the peace for a time, knowing that your heart is the same as theirs and that you like each other very much. Then imagine that something happens between you, that there is some disturbance. Notice your response; see how you become afraid of the other person, how you fear that something could separate you from the one you love. Notice, too, how hostility arises toward the person you fear.

There is a way to overcome this situation: you must put aside your fear and hostility and recognize that the heart inside that person is identical to your own.

Come back to the fear and hostility for a moment. Let yourself experience these feelings, and then notice yourself letting go of them very slightly, letting go of them just enough to see that there is something wrong with these feelings. Even if there is a problem between you and the other person, there is no reason for you to rise up this way; you respond this way because there is a factor missing in your life. If you could have this factor all the time, you could achieve some distance and awareness, and it is in this distance and awareness that you can overcome all kinds of hostility. The fear happens because of the break between you. The break is the pain you feel. If you could unite long enough, you would see that there is no cause for disunion, because your interests are the same, because your heart is the same heart.

Now let this exercise go; release these ideas from your mind, from your mental space. Imagine that you are walking alone down a quiet street on a lonely night. There is a stillness around you, and you feel very alone. Look inside you and notice that there is a light coming from your heart. See how it shines, and glows brighter and brighter. Notice that there are lights outside your body also, all around you, shining in the distance, shining nearby. These lights are the presence of other people’s souls. They never go away from your presence, because your light and their light are always shining in unison.

See how your loneliness is lifted by this awareness, how your light shines more brightly in response to the lights shining all around you. And admit to them, to these lights around you, that you love their presence in your life. “I love your presence in my life,” you say. Notice how relieved you are to a part of this experience. It’s as if something was missing before, and now you’ve got it. There are hundreds and thousands of lights around you, streaming past you, and each one is someone you know. Some are people you’ve known in other lives, in other experiences; some are people who were in your life but who passed away; some are people who will be in your life at a later time. They are all here now with you. Notice how your light shines brighter when you know they are with you in your life, in your light. Notice how you all shine together, your light and their lights creating radiance as one. You are all part of a star: this star brings you and them together as one light. You can see this star in the distance, as if you were outside yourself looking at it, far away. See how the star shines! It is you and they together in that light in the distance.

Now imagine that you are glowing, that your body is glowing with the light of their presence in your life, and you are all shining at once, you and all the people you have known, all the people who have entered and left your life ; you are all sharing this experience in the here and now.

Stay in this light as long as you can, and do this exercise many times, because with practice you will learn to sustain this light. Remember how alone you felt before; how you gave your heart to another person; how the light from the sun above you shone, how someone came to visit you, and how you spoke to that person and made peace with them. And now your lights are shining together as one light. You are now at one with yourself and with other people. The beginning is here. You are beginning to experience the joy of being as one. We are Hethball and the Carriers of Light together in this exercise.

In a Nutshell

Relax. Let yourself float gently downward.

You see people in your life moving about inside the sun. You hear their voices.

Someone with whom you need to work out your communication problems calls your name.
They slide down a beam of light to join you on the ground.

You wonder how they could slide down a beam of light,
and they tell you that they are always part of your light.

You realize that person is a part of your psyche
but that you need to be more honest with yourself about the problems between you.

So you begin by admitting to yourself the things you need to communicate.

The person says they already know what you wanted to say,
because at the deepest levels there are no secrets.

You see how you hide what you need to communicate even from yourself,
and you realize that if you admit it to yourself, it will be communicated.

Notice the person’s reaction to your words, and your fears about that reaction.
See that you can listen while keeping a distance emotionally.

Imagine that you have two hearts beating inside your chest.

Imagine that one heart is removed and placed in the body of someone you know.

Sitting across from that person, share your heart’s feelings with them.
This gives you a feeling of peace.

Then something goes wrong between you, and you are afraid and in pain;
but the fear and pain don’t last,
because the person has your heart in their chest,
and they feel for you.

You are walking down a lonely street at night.
A light is shining in your heart.

All around you are other lights coming from the souls of people that you know –
all the people who have ever been or will ever be in your life.

You see that you are not alone, and that together
your glowing lights make up a great radiance, like a star in the sky.

Remember your loneliness and how you gave your heart to another person.
Remember how someone came down from the sun to visit you
and how you made peace with them.

You are now at one with yourself and with other people.

This is the beginning of the joy of being one.

Author Bio :
Joseph Schwartmzman is a channeler and artist. He keeps up his website for the love of channeling for people. During the 1990's he was able to produce the book "Creating light, How to illuminate Your life". The book was largely based on channeling he had done as a part of a group of interested friends. His channeling remains his main focus. He has worked very hard to produce the website Channeling Spirit Guides

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