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Fundamentals of Occultism

{written by : The Circle of Good Will}

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Article active date : 2008-08-18 -- Article views : 9628

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Article is about :
An occultist aims to see beyond the form and to realize the spirit hidden in matter. The formless energy of spirit is working through names and forms. The different occult exercises only tend to keep this essential truth in remembrance: All forms in creation are embodiments of the truth of existence.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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From the Series „The Lunar Messenger“

The Veil of the Form
In the course of time many old words have been wrongly understood and misinterpreted, especially concepts of the subtle worlds. Everybody understands them according to his own degree of purity, and not all are capable of assimilating the occult wisdom. Occult wisdom does not mean that something is being hidden from the general public. Occult means the inner which the veil of the form conceals. Occult denotes something hidden, which cannot be realized by a superficial consideration.
An occultist aims to see beyond the form and to realize the spirit hidden in matter. The formless energy of spirit is working through names and forms. Every form can be regarded as a symbol hinting at the deeper truth. The different occult exercises only tend to keep this essential and basic truth in remembrance: All forms in creation are embodiments of the truth of existence. The recollecting should take place every day. When this identity gets lost, we lose ourselves in the illusions of the world. In the world untruth is often considered to be truth and the truth hides in a corner.
If we only see the forms and do not realize the energy working through it, we remain stuck in outward appearances. If we decide about a person only from the outward appearance, this remains superficial. A schoolchild and a 50-year-old man may read the same sentence in a book, but their insight differs in their sense of comprehension and the depth of their understanding. If we read in the Holy Scriptures or in books coming from the Masters of Wisdom only the apparent, we move in the infant state, in our own imagination. We get only a seeming understanding through the words used.

Occult Study
Many read books about occult topics, because you can buy them in shops, and they are enthusiastic about occult sciences. But the books aren’t obliged to reveal themselves to every casual reader or intellectual. They are denied access to the occult world, the intelligence of the concrete mind doesn’t help here. The teachings only disclose themselves to the one who maintains a certain degree of purity in his life and who dedicates himself to the service for the well-being of the surrounding life. He can understand their message and take advantage of it.
Occult study doesn’t mean to read books, but to apply the occult keys on oneself. It is the Self-study, in which the six keys to wisdom – like the key of time, symbol, number and sound, speech – are applied to the seventh key, ourselves. With this seventh key we enter into our innermost.
Master DK says: “Develop thinking from the heart, not only from the mind.” He wants that we first understand and then study; in this is hidden a great truth. We have to learn to see deeper, to uncover layer after layer the meaning of an expression and to read the meaning between the lines. Not all things can be recorded in books. According to the level of intuition a man touches upon the wisdom keeps on revealing itself anew.
If we assimilate concepts of wisdom – about the seven rays, the sun signs or triangles, about colours, sounds and symbols – these are sciences relating to the subtle worlds, however not to their foundation, to THAT. Therefore the occult sciences are counted among the mundane sciences. We should not follow the individual sciences, but first of all learn to relate to THAT. When we recollect the immortal presence of existence, the different sciences come to us as a support. As souls we have emerged from the pure existence: THAT exists as I AM. I AM is the basis of all our thoughts. We have to call to our mind this truth of our identity, when we study the occult sciences. Then they begin to reveal themselves to us, otherwise they remain closed books.

Searching for the Causes
The occult science sees in all the work of the one vital force. It sees the synthesis underlying the multiplicity of forms. It looks at a cell not only as living matter, but asks what gives rise to the cell division and the growth, which intelligence brings about the activity in the cell. It realizes the tree as a principle existing in the root, trunk, branches and twigs, in the leaves and fruits. No single part is exclusively the tree itself. Our effort to see through the matter, the one existence behind every form is a direct technique to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience.
The roots of what we see are beyond the visible. The way a flower becomes a fruit and like the seed sprouts forth to become a tree is an occult process. The human body also consists of a complex structure of incessantly working subtle forces. Its mechanism has a structural and a functional aspect. The structural body is but a vehicle, an instrument of the inner man. The functional body is qualitative and forms the different planes of man – the vital, mental and Buddhic planes. For a practical dealing with the occult dimension we need a definite knowledge of the physical as well as of the finer vehicles.
The causes for the entire objective world are on the subtler planes. When we see a movie, there is much work of the whole movie team behind the movements, dialogues, colours and music, which aren’t visible on the screen. We normally only perceive the final result of a process, but not the gradual transformations. For an occult understanding we must have a certain awareness of the causes of the appearances.
When we try to deal with subtler forces, we set up chain actions that operate subjectively and objectively. Like the tender folds of petals in the bud stage these forces don’t exist in a perceptible form. A mishandling of the buds spoils the future blossom. If a disorder is already manifest, not much can be changed anymore. Before the disorder makes itself felt, there are however great possibilities of changing something. Thus the causes for diseases are in our way of thinking, in our behaviour, in our attitude towards food, sleep, work, sex or rhythm of life. In an occult work we investigate the causes of phenomena and conduct harmonizing changes from the subtle planes. Before we can work in an occult way, we have to bring purity and balance into our lives and to follow an inner rhythm. A rhythmic living is one of the most important occult tools. We learn to organize our time and thus start realizing what has to be done when, how and where. And while we react less vehemently on likes and dislikes, our intuitive nature slowly unfolds.

Occult Work
We develop abilities and start serving with occult energies in a selfless way. We can help other people and work with healing, imparting right understanding or with giving guidance through astrology or the scriptures. We allow the knowledge to flow through us, with not tinge of a commercial tendency. For our livelihood we maintain a vocation, we don’t live from the occult sciences. From ancientmost times there is an emphasis on neither teaching nor practicing the occult sciences for money. If money pours in, it should be scrupulously used for activities of good will.
When we tune up to the inner, the doors to the subtle worlds open themselves. We start making certain experiences during prayer and meditation or during sleep. The knowledge we need comes to us. We receive ideas how to connect and synthesize certain themes and branches of the occult sciences. We are taught from within. The program for the day is given during morning prayer and we work out the plan from day to day. To listen to, see and manifest the plan, this is the work of an initiate. He follows the Plan of the higher system and doesn’t do anything just by himself. If we turn to the occult side of things, we too can develop the skill of acting according to this Plan.

Author Bio :
Sources used: K.P. Kumar: Hercules / Occult Meditations / notes from seminars / E. Krishnamacharya: Occult Anatomy. The World Teacher Trust - Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India ( )
The Circle of Good Will works for the spiritual synthesis between East and West, on the basis of the teachings of Eternal Wisdom. Monthly newsletter; Publications; E-Cards; Blog; Website in English, German, French and Spanish.

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